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|image=FileHecu medic white.png|250px
|name=HECU Medic
|affiliation=Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
|type=WikipediaCombat medic|Combat medic
|weapons=*9mm Pistol (Half-Life)|9mm Pistol
*Desert Eagle
|equipment=*Hypodermic Needle
|designer=Stephen Bahlhttp//www.valvetime.net/threads/marc-laidlaw-vault.114535/page-5 Stephen Bahl as quoted on ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the ValveTime.net Forums{{IA|20020809101006/http//www.gearboxsoftware.com/stephenb.html|Stephen Bahl's Profile|the official Gearbox Software website}}
|voice=Jon St. John
{{Quote|Keeping you in one piece is proving to be quite a challenge.|HECU Medic|Half-Life Opposing Force|FileOnepiece.ogg}}

The '''HECU Medic''' is an HECU class formally introduced as an ally in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. He is trained in first aid and emergency surgery and has the ability to heal wounded soldiers in the field.''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual 

*Much like the Black Mesa Science Team|Black Mesa scientist, the player can use the Medic to be healed by standing in front of him and pressing the Use key. He will give 1 health point with his syringe when pressing the Use key once, and will recharge the player's health as long as the Use key is held or until the health is full, much like a Health Charger. While doing so, he will say sentences like ''"This might sting a bit"'' or ''"Keeping you in one piece is proving to be quite a challenge!"''. The Medic can also heal other squad members. 
*During combat, other soldiers may call for a Medic and he will run to their aid if he can hear them.''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual However, he will only heal them if he is not already following the player.''Half-Life Opposing Force'' readme file
*The Medic carries limited supplies. If used repeatedly, he will no longer be able to heal the player or the rest of the squad.''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual
*The Medic is equipped with a Desert Eagle and is best kept safely behind the front lines.''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual
*The ''Opposing Force'' Medic is first introduced during the training chapter, ''Boot Camp'', during the "Squad Training" exercise.

==Behind the scenes==
The Medic healing other soldiers who call him only if he has not been commanded to follow the player was added in case the player did not want the Medic using his valuable supplies on NPCs or to interrupt his alert combat mode. This feature was added after the manual had been written, and had to be addressed in the game's readme file instead.

The HECU marines sometimes call for a medic when injured in the original game, even though they are never seen in the game, or mentioned in the source code for the game. According to a blog post (from July 9, 1997) on Steve Bond and John Guthrie's personal website, the player could piss off the soldiers by killing their medic.http//valvesoftware.com/hocopus/halflife.htm Steve Bond and John Guthrie's personal website (July 9, 1997) It is unknown if they were implemented into the game. The medics are also mentioned in the instruction manual for the German version of the game.


FileEarly medics OppForc.jpg|Early screenshot.
FileHecu medic black.png|Unused head model.
FileHd hecu medic white.png|Half-Life High Definition Pack|High Definition version.
FileHd hecu medic black.png|Unused head model.
FileOpfor goose7group.jpg|Unnamed Medic on Osprey Heliplane|Goose 7.
FileOpfor engineerwounded.jpg|A Medic heals a wounded Engineer.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1stm}}
*''Half-Life'' {{Mo}}
*http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB-fZ9dL5U0 ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' Teaser {{1st}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' {{Mo}}
*''Half-Life Decay'' {{Mo}}


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