Gun Yard

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|name=Gun Yard
|designer=Matthew Armstrong''Opposing Force CTF'' credits (op4ctf_credits.txt)
|game=''Half-Life Opposing Force''
|mode=Capture The Flag

'''''Gun Yard''''' is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It was added in the ''Opposing Force CTF'' update.


{{QuoteRefInline|Since Black Mesa Research Facility was built upon a retired nuclear missile center, there are many long abandoned storehouses and weapons caches scattered around the area. The civilians, fighting for survival, planned to sneak through the gunyard into one of the storage areas in hopes of arming themselves.  However, the soldiers had anticipated this move and stationed a platoon at one side of the gunyard.  The civilian force was strong and quick enough to enter the storehouse and gather the weapons, but the battle has yet to be won.|''Opposing Force CTF'' Description}}


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