Griggs and Sheckley

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* Resistance Medic (Griggs)
* Resistance Member (Sheckley)
|weapons=*Submachine Gun (Half-Life 2)|Submachine Gun
*Combine Sentry Guns
|equipment=Antlion Detector
Brown (Griggs)

Grey (Sheckley) |eyes= Brown |cyber= |era=Combine occupation of Earth|Combine occupation |types= |notable= |affiliation=The Resistance |voice= * John Patrick Lowrie (Griggs) * Adam Baldwin (Sheckley) |model= * Sandro Consi (Griggs) * Joe Cairo (Sheckley) |designer=* Marc Laidlaw * Moby Francke |hideb= |hidep= |hidec= |hideg= |entity=npc_citizen
(List of Citizen models|male 6, type 3m Griggs)
(List of Citizen models|male 8, type 3 Sheckley) |voicesample=Filegriggs_followed01to03.ogg|220px(Griggs)Filesheckley_theory02and03.ogg|220px(Sheckley) }} {{Dialogue3|Griggs|Okay, Freeman! Be adequate!|Sheckley|What the hell does that mean, anyway?|Griggs|Ah, I dunno, sounds like something the Vorts would say.|Griggs and Sheckley in the Victory Mine|Half-Life 2 Episode Two|Griggs and Sheckley/Quotes}} '''Griggs and Sheckley''', nicknamed respectively ''Griggsy'' and ''Sheck'', are Resistance|Rebels who appear in the ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' chapter ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two storyline Vortal Coil''. ==Biography== ===Background=== Griggs and Sheckley station at the main junction of the Victory Mine. Valiantly defending the area from Antlions for a time long enough to have created elaborate Combine Sentry Gun|turret designs, they seem to have established a mutual companionship. ===Appearances=== ====''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''==== File2013-02-14 00001.jpg|Sheckley standing next to a reprogrammed Sentry Gun.|thumb|left|200px Digging deeper through the Victory Mine, Gordon Freeman discovers a Resistance outpost. He is briefly mistaken for an Antlion by Griggs, due to the Antlion Detector lighting up, but after a short time he is shown supplies and the fatally wounded Alyx Vance being taken care of by a Vortigaunt; both were apparently given shelter by the Resistance fighters. Soon, Antlions approach in great numbers. Griggs and Sheckley, having Hoppers, their last two turrets, and Submachine Gun (Half-Life 2)|Submachine Guns at their disposal, and accompanied by Gordon, have to deal with progressively more and more creatures until help arrives in the form of several Vortigaunts. After eliminating the threat, Griggs and Sheckley stay to help protect Alyx, while Freeman and the Victory Mine Vortigaunt go deeper inside the mine to retrieve an essence from the Antlion hive that would heal Eli's daughter. Gordon soon returns, bringing the extract with him. With Alyx conscious and accompanied by the Vortigaunt, he leaves the Victory Mine, while Griggs and Sheckley bid the team farewell. ===Personality and skills=== Despite being quite experienced, Griggs is rather naïve, and, seemingly, a little thick - he’s not afraid to state the obvious, ask dumb questions or just annoy his companion. He often panics during Antlion assaults. As opposed to his colleague, Sheckley is stoic and professional. He has infinite patience when it comes to his partner.''The Orange Box Prima Guide'' ==Behind the scenes== Griggs and Sheckley were inspired by ''WikipediaAbbott and Costello|Abbott and Costello''. According to ''Half-Life 2'' writer Erik Wolpaw, Sheckley was named after the science-fiction author http// Robert Sheckly.http// The NYU Game Center Lecture Series Erik Wolpaw on Vimeo Originally, both were only minor characters who informed Gordon how to defend the Vortigaunts from the Antlions, before getting killed fairly quickly, leaving the player alone to kill the Antlions. However, the developers discovered that this led to the players being unsure of how to fight the battle, and would often make them use the wrong strategies. This led to the team deciding to keep Griggs and Sheckley, making them constantly informing the player of how to fight the battle, and even suggesting which tunnels to defend. This gave the team the idea of making the two funny characters, whose in-game conversations could serve as a comical relief during the battle.''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' commentary Griggs and Sheckley's comment about not stepping on the Antlion Grub|Grubs was originally intended for comedic effect. However, the developers discovered that some players took this comment too literally, and would spend the rest of the level avoiding grubs in fear of spawning more Antlions. Griggs was apparently originally voiced by Earl Alexander, who voiced Louis in the ''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead|Left 4 Dead'' series.http// "Resume" section on Earl Alexander's personal website ==Trivia== Unlike other medics, Griggs can actually throw medkits to Freeman instead of having to be next to him to heal him. ==Gallery== FileGriggs.jpg|Griggs. FileSheckley.jpg|Sheckley. FileTurret victory mine.jpg|Griggs and Sheckley defending the Vortigaunt. FileTurret victory mine3.jpg|Reprogrammed Sentry Guns firing at Antlions, with Griggs on the right. ==List of appearances== *Source Particle Benchmark {{1st}} {{Gf}} {{Nc}} *''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' == References == {{Quotecat|Griggs and Sheckley}} {{Reflist}} {{Characters}} {{Resistance}} CategoryHalf-Life 2 Episode Two CategoryResistance personnel CategoryMales CategoryAllies