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'''Greg''' is a scientist in ''Portal 2'' whose muffled voice may be heard during the ''Perpetual Testing Initiative''. 

== ''PeTI'' DLC ==

In the ''Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative'' DLC, Greg can be heard acting as an assistant to Cave Johnson. He is voiced only through unintelligible mumbles in the background.

== Behind the scenes==

Greg was originally intended to be in the main game. When the developers realized that they would need a character to play off of Cave Johnson during his recordings, they created a scientist character named Greg. However, they found it a waste of money to hire a new voice actor for only a couple of lines. They instead economized by cutting Greg and adding Caroline. This allowed them to use Ellen McLain as a voice actor and provided an origin story for ''Portal 2.html">GLaDOS.''Portal 2'' commentary According to a line from Cave Johnson cut from the game, Greg once fought a bear.

==List of appearances==

*''Portal 2'' {{1st}} {{Co}}
*''Perpetual Testing Initiative''

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