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'''Greg Coomer''' is a designer working at Valve.


Greg has worked on a variety of graphic design, multimedia, and web projects for WikipediaNintendo|Nintendo and WikipediaMicrosoft|Microsoft. He worked with Gabe Newell at Microsoft, and he was one of the first employees of Valve. He helped to name the company Valve, designed the company's website, and then led Valve's first cancelled video game project, ''Prospero''.{{IA|20031207053608/http//|Biography|Valve's official website (December 7, 2003)}} He left Valve to work as a freelancer some time after they shipped ''Half-Life'', but still worked with them on several occasions. He later rejoined Valve. He studied at the WikipediaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign|University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign where he graduated with a degree in Visual Communication.{{IA|20120416012424/http//|Seattle Interactive Conference 2012 Speakers}} Greg's sister, Christen Coomer, is also a designer at Valve.


Greg was in charge of the alien world, Xen, for ''Half-Life''.{{IA|19981202094706/http//|Interview with Lisa Mennet| (July 1998)}} He did art direction prototypes of a few levels, mostly for Xen levels. He designed the heads-up display, done the visual design for the launcher/menu application, helped to art direct and produce marketing materials, product packaging with Lisa Mennett,{{IA|19981205233123/http//|Interview with Gabe Newell|The Gaming Nexus (March 16, 1998)}} also spent some time on texture decisions in the game with Karen Laur.{{IA|19990421022144/http//|Interview with Greg Coomer| (February 7, 1998)}}

He created the heads-up display elements for ''Half-Life 2''.

Greg worked on an early concept for the Valve intro that runs in-game with Steve Theodore, and Doug Wood.{{IA|20000417122646/http//|The Lost Valve Intro|Half-Life Editing Resource Center (November 19, 1999)}}

Greg's List of minor Black Mesa employees appears in ''Half-Life'' as an Easter egg in the Sector C|Anomalous Materials laboratory on a locker and can be heard in announcements. His face was one of the several to be used for the head model of Gordon Freeman for ''Half-Life 2'', which was used for marketing materials and packaging.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

==Selected gameography==
*''Half-Life'' (1998)
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (1999)
*''Half-Life 2'' (2004)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One'' (2006)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' (2007)
*''Portal'' (2007)
*''Portal 2'' (2011)


FileHl hud 640 01.png|''Half-Life'' heads-up display.
FileAleph 1.jpg|Concept art for Aleph/The Librarian from Prospero.
FileAleph 2.jpg|Ditto.
FileGreg coomer.jpg|Coomer's face used for the head model of Gordon Freeman.

==Official biographies==
{{CollapsedBio|20031207053608/http//|December 7, 2003|Greg Coomer - Product Design / Communications|Prior to joining Valve, Greg helped Microsoft design various software products. Before that, he worked with Nintendo, started and ran a user interface design company, and spent several years as a freelance product designer. Greg helped to name the company "Valve", and then led the first game project that Valve ever cancelled. His secret dream is to create a game called 'Akzidenz-Grotesk'. You know, for kids.}}

{{CollapsedBio|19980111062524/http//|January 11, 1998|Gregg Coomer - Game Designer/Art Director|Gregg has worked on a variety of graphic design, multimedia, and web projects for Nintendo and Microsoft. Resident art-boy, he'll critique your shoes, interior decoration, and interface design, in that order. His secret dream is to create a game called 'Aksidenz Grotesk'. You know, for kids.}}


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