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|image=FileGatling Gun Survivor.png|250px
|name=Gatling Gun
|type=WikipediaMachine gun|Rotary machine gun
|damage=*5/bullet (primary attack)
*4/hit (secondary attack)
|magazine=1000 rounds
|rate of fire=2000 rpm
|recoil=Very high
|range=Close to medium
|usedby=*Resistance Soldier (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Soldier ({{SCU}})
*Combine Soldier (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Soldier ({{SIE}})
The '''Gatling Gun''' is a weapon in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor''. It is a part of the initial equipment for the Combine Soldier (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Soldier, and can be Battle Points|unlocked for the Resistance Soldier by reaching D-Class.

The Gatling Gun features an extremely high firing speed, being able to use up all of its thousand bullets in just 30 seconds. The secondary fire performs a spin attack, during which the player performs a 360° turn and hits everything in melee range. Both attack modes have a high knockback and will push away the hit players, thus disorienting them and making it difficult to fight back. The screen shake caused by its attacks is also very strong, surpassed only by that of the Laser Rifle.battle.cfg

On the downside, the strong recoil of the Gatling Gun will not only make it difficult to hit anything over longer ranges, but will also hurt the player who uses it at a rate of two health points per second. Being an extremely heavy weapon, it will also greatly reduce the player's movement speed and remove the ability to jump when deployed. Since it is a rotary machine gun, it can not begin to fire immediately, requiring the primary attack to be held for about 0.3 seconds before it starts firing.

*The spin attack consists of multiple fast melee attacks. This is most obvious when it is used while looking down, as the impact decals will draw a circle pattern on the ground. There is a total of 56 melee hits in a single spin attack.
*Even though the players can not jump while this weapon is selected, the ability to swim up is not affected. It is also still possible to jump while moving downwards on a sloped surface.


FileGatling Gun HUD.png|HUD icon.
FileHL2S Gatling.png|Loadout icon.
FileGatling Gun Survivor.png|Worldmodel.
FileGatling Gun Viewmodel.jpg|Viewmodel (blue team).
FileGatling Gun Spin.jpg|Visual effect of the spin attack.
FileGatling Gun Circles.jpg|Circles drawn on the ground by the spin attack.

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