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'''Gate 5''' is a name of a floodgate located in the Canals near a Combine outpost, as well as the location itself. It is visited by Gordon Freeman during his journey to Black Mesa East.

== Overview ==
The facility, which appears to be a storage depot, is manned by a large amount of Civil Protection officers, capable of calling air support from a Hunter-Chopper. It also contains the controls for a floodgate nearby.

== Features == 
Gate 5 is accessed from the Canals through a small maintenance room in the lower levels containing many supplies, including a .357 Magnum. A large outside open area, where Northern Petrol containers are placed, is located above the Canal level, separated only with chain link fences.

The large warehouse, containing a number of supply crates, can be accessed via a garage gate. A Cyrillic sign that reads "Техника" (translates as "equipment") is mounted on the top of this depot. Small catwalks are located on each side of the warehouse; one of them is used to access a storage room, as well as a stairwell leading back to the container area. A watchtower above the Canals contains the controls for the nearby floodgate. This building is defended by Civil Protection officers manning powerful mounted Emplacement Gun|pulse weapons.

== Appearances ==

=== ''Half-Life 2'' ===
During his journey to Black Mesa East, Gordon Freeman comes across Gate 5. Immediately as he arrives with his Airboat, the gate is closed by Civil Protection officers, and one of them opens fire towards him with an Submachine Gun (Half-Life 2)|Submachine Gun.

Gordon enters the maintenance room, and battles his way through the warehouse, while evading a Hunter-Chopper. He defeats the Civil Protection personnel, and, after using the mounted weapons to fend off the chopper, opens the gate allowing to proceed. After Freeman leaves, Civil Protection apparently regains control of the area, as the gate closes behind him after driving off.

== Gallery ==

FileGate 5.png|Gate 5 sign.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 18-37-30-02.jpg|The floodgate, being closed by the Combine as Gordon Freeman arrives.
File2012-02-12 00004.jpg|The watchtower.
File2012-02-12 00005.jpg|A waste discharge pipe.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 18-46-22-14.jpg|A ship stuck in the Canals, with Gate 5 in the background.
File2012-02-12 00009.jpg|The Gate 5 area.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 18-44-45-29.jpg|Ditto.
File2012-02-12 00010.jpg|Ditto.
File2012-02-12 00007.jpg|A .357 Magnum with other items on a table in a small maintenance room.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 18-42-48-53.jpg|Metrocops inside Gate 5's main warehouse, waiting for Freeman.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 20-45-24-18.jpg|Hunter-Chopper firing at Freeman.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 19-01-14-55.jpg|A Metrocop stationing near an entrance to the control room.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 19-04-09-49.jpg|CPs ambushing Freeman inside Gate 5's watchtower.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 19-06-42-23.jpg|A canal following the gate.
FileHl2 2012-02-14 19-07-44-56.jpg|Stopped freight train on tracks behind Gate 5.

== List of appearances ==
*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}

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