Future of the Half-Life series

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FileBorealis Advisors.jpg|Combine Advisors around the ''Borealis'' in the third ''Episode Three'' concept art image, created in 2007 and released in 2008.|right|thumb|250px 

Since the release of ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' within the ''The Orange Box'' on October 9, 2007, little news regarding the fate of the subsequent third and concluding chapter in the episodic trilogy has been revealed. The following is a timeline of known information pertaining to the future of the ''Half-Life and Portal universe|Half-Life'' franchise.

==Timeline of released information==

===Before 2006===

On June 28, 1999, the domain http//www.half-life3.com/ half-life3.com is registered under the same details as http//www.half-life2.com/ half-life2.com with Valve cited as the contact.http//whois.domaintools.com/half-life3.com Whois record for Half-Life3.com The URL simply redirected to the ''The Orange Box|Orange Box'' website for several years until the domain lapsed in early 2014.


*In May, ''Episode Three'' is announced for a tentative Christmas 2007 release.{{IA|20110805064750/http//www.gamespot.com/pc/action/halflife2episode2ob/news/6151796/half-life-2-episode-one-gold-two-dated-three-announced|''Half-Life 2 Episode One'' gold, ''Two'' dated, ''Three'' announced|Gamespot}}

*The same month, it is revealed that a new episode will be released every six to eight months and will take four to six hours to complete. Two teams inside Valve will develop the series the first team will work on ''Episode One'', and once it has finished work on the game, it will move to develop ''Episode Three''. The second will develop ''Episode Two'' concurrently to both projects. An ''Episode Four'', developed outside of Valve and with a stand-alone plot, is also mentioned.http//i.imgur.com/9pbdReG.jpg The World According to Gabe - PC Gamer, May 2006{{LG|news/other/concept-art-leaked-for-hl2-episode-four|Concept Art Leaked For Cancelled ''HL2 Episode Four''?}}

*In June, Gabe Newell refers to the three ''Half-Life 2'' episodes as ''Half-Life 3''. ''Episode Two'' is announced for Q4 2006 and ''Three'' for 2007. Newell states that all the episodes are "worked out" and that each release will move farther beyond the Eastern European and City 17 sensibilities. He also states that the G-Man plays a pivotal role in the episodes what happens when he loses control of Gordon Freeman, when Gordon is not available to him as a tool, how he responds to that, and what the consequences of that are. Gordon is also confirmed to be the main protagonist of all three episodes. Newell adds that expansions similar to that of ''Half-Life'' may also be made at some point.http//www.eurogamer.net/articles/i_valve_060606 Opening the Valve at EuroGamer.net


FileHalf Life 2 Episode Three concept 2.jpg|Combine Advisors following a humanoid figure into the ''Borealis'' in the first ''Episode Three'' concept art image.|right|thumb|200px 

*In a May interview given by David Speyrer and Doug Lombardi about the development of ''Episode Three'', it is stated that a lot of work has gone into creating a natural progress of topography and climate between ''Two'' and ''Three'', and that the player will not head back to City 17, at least not in this game. Furthermore, Speyrer does not want to comment about speculation started by PC Gamer UK on the game's climax being a battle set at an Kraken Base|Arctic research station.http//www.eurogamer.net/articles/valve-comments-on-episode-three-progress Valve comments on Episode Three progress at EuroGamer.net

*In October, ''Episode Two'' is released. At the conclusion of the game, Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance are about to leave to Arctic locations in search of Judith Mossman and the newly recovered ''Borealis (Aperture Science ship)|Borealis'', the Aperture Science icebreaker.

*In a November interview, David Speyrer explains that an ''Episode Three'' teaser at the end of ''Episode Two'' was deliberately omitted to avoid ruining the mood of the final scene by having it followed with a high action trailer. Another reason was to give them more creative freedom and avoid being committed to anything seen in the potential trailer, stating they are trying to do "something pretty ambitious". He also states they did not want to make the same mistake as with the ''Episode Two'' trailer featured at the end of ''Episode One'', as it was radically different from the finished game.http//www.rockpapershotgun.com/2007/11/08/rps-interview-episode-ones-david-speyrer/ RPS Interview Episode Two’s David Speyrer on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

*In November as well, the first concept art for ''Episode Three'' is released by GamesRadar.http//www.gamesradar.com/pc/half-life-2-episode-three/preview/the-first-concept-art-from-half-life-2-episode-three/a-20080710155756131049/g-20080710154921839018 The first concept art from ''Half-Life 2 Episode Three'' on GamesRadar

*In December, ''Episode Three'' is said to be the end of only the current ''Half-Life 2'' story arc, not the end of the overall ''Half-Life'' series.http//www.stuffwelike.com/2007/12/12/half-life-3-world-exclusive/ Half-Life 3 on StuffWeLike.com.


FileAdvisor Intothepixel.jpg|Gordon Freeman face to face with an Advisor in the second ''Episode Three'' concept art image.|right|thumb|200px 

*In early 2008, Valve artist Andrea Wicklund uploads 33 pieces of concept art she made for ''Episode Three'' on her Picasa account. They would only be discovered by the community over four years later in  of 2012.http//picasaweb.google.com/aewicklund/Art ''Episode Three'' concept art album at Andrea Wicklund's Picasa (deleted)http//www.valvetime.net/threads/exclusive-half-life-2-episode-3-concept-art.206815/ EXCLUSIVE ''Half-Life 2 Episode 3'' Concept Art at ValveTime.net

*In April, source code for three entities is released in the Source SDK in a folder named "Episode3" shortly before being removed thereafter. They include "npc_combine_armored" (a heavily armored Combine soldier with separate shields for each part of his body), "npc_wpnscanner" (a scanner shooting bolts), and "weapon_proto1" (appearing in the Source Particle Benchmark and ''Episode Two'' as a test weapon). However, it is later stated by Valve's Tony Sergi that the code is a leftover from old material.http//forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=7533035&postcount=3 Tony Sergi answer on the Steam Users' Forums

*In July, the second piece of ''Episode Three'' concept art is released through the winner list of the http//www.intothepixel.com/ Into the Pixel contest of that year, depicting Gordon Freeman with a crowbar face-to-face with a Combine Advisor. This artwork was illustrated by Valve artists Ted Backman, Jeremy Bennett, and Tristan Reidford.http//www.intothepixel.com/artwork/2008_contest_winners.asp 2008 contest winners at Into the Pixel The same month, a third piece of concept art is revealed by GamesRadar, although it was created in 2007.

*In an October interview, Doug Lombardi states that news or an announcement of ''Episode Three'' might be revealed near the end of the year. In that interview, Lombardi also states that the distance between ''Episode Two'' and its sequel will be longer than the distance between the three current ''Half-Life 2'' games.http//archive.videogamesdaily.com/features/valve-doug-lombardi-left-4-dead-interview-p3.asp Interview Valve's Doug Lombardi on Video Games Daily


*In an August video involving Gabe Newell and two interpreters discussing deafness and video games with a small audience of hearing-impaired people, the inclusion of an unidentified deaf character in a future game set in the ''Half-Life'' and ''Portal'' universe is said to be tested by Valve as a new gameplay and Source engine feature aimed at providing better support for hearing-impaired players. Newell suggests that before Alyx met Gordon, she had a crush on a hearing-impaired Resistance member, so she programmed Dog with knowledge of WikipediaAmerican Sign Language|sign language so she could practice and easily communicate with him. Then this person went elsewhere to fight the Combine, but Alyx and Dog continued signing with each other when they wanted to communicate without making noise or without other people knowing.{{YouTube|url=Np5KTAm7kac|text=Gabe Newell w/ Deaf Character - Part Two}}

*The same month, Newell explains in an interview that Valve is experimenting with many techniques on their games, including ''Episode Three''. He adds he has currently nothing to say about the game, and that the community will be notified as soon as they have material they are ready to share.http//docs.google.com/View?id=d8qf5wx_27fxhvfwjs Steamcast Episode #9 "Exclusive interview with Gabe Newell"

FileEp3hints.png|List of the hint nodes found in the ''Alien Swarm'' SDK.|right|thumb|200px 

*In a March interview, Newell hints that Valve intends to return the ''Half-Life'' franchise to its psychological horror roots by exploiting the fans' deepest fears, which he sums up as "the death of their children" and "the fading of their own abilities".http//www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=240672?cid=OTC-RSS&attr=CVG-News-RSS Gabe Newell Next Half-Life needs to scare on ComputerAndVideoGames.com

*In an April interview, Gabe Newell states that Gordon Freeman will be unchanged in the next ''Half-Life'' game. He wants him to "largely remain an arm and a crowbar." There also are no plans to make him a talking character, as Newell considers making the player's companions more interesting and compelling seems a more fruitful avenue to explore.http//www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=241221 Gabe Newell Next Half-Life won't change Gordon Freeman on ComputerAndVideoGames.com

*Shortly after ''WikipediaAlien Swarm|Alien Swarm'' is released in July, unused http//developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hint_nodes hint nodes are found in its SDK with the prefix "Ep3" and one mention of "Aperture Science|Aperture". These hint nodes are "Ep3 Blob Shake Position", "Ep3 Fire Cover Position", "Ep3 Brain Cover Position", "Ep3 Brain Regenerate Position", "Ep3 Spit Position", "Ep3 Spawn Generator Position", and "Aperture Nest".http//forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1372475 ''Half Life 2 Episode 3'' found in the Alien Swarm SDK! on the Steam Users' Forums

*In an August interview, Doug Lombardi states they hate to make the community wait but have no announcements regarding Gordon Freeman or his ongoing adventures at that time.http//www.computerandvideogames.com/258751/features/how-valve-will-change-ps3/ How Valve will change PS3 on ComputerAndVideoGames.com

FileFan pickets HL3 gabe.jpg|The two ''Half-Life'' fans picketing outside of Valve met by Gabe Newell in August 2011.|right|thumb|200px 
FileHL3 t-shirt.jpg|right|thumb|200px|The ''Half-Life 3'' T-shirt as photographed on December 1, 2011.

*In February, Chet Faliszek states that Valve is "not prepared to talk about ''Episode Three'' at the moment".http//www.news.com.au/technology/gaming/valve-writers-crack-jokes-about-g-man-but-refuse-to-answer-questions-about-half-life-2-episode-3/story-e6frfrt9-1226009308880 'When is ''Half-Life 2 Episode 3'' coming out?' 'What? Sorry, we can't hear you...' at News.com.au

*When asked about the future of the ''Half-Life'' series in a March interview, Doug Lombardi states that they are not done with Gordon Freeman's adventures and advises the community to "hang in there" with them without further detail.http//www.ausgamers.com/features/read/3037280 Valve Software 2011 Video Interview at AusGamers.com

*On April 19, ''Portal 2'' is released. The same day, ''The Final Hours of Portal 2'' is released. In it, author WikipediaGeoff Keighley|Geoff Keighley states that ''Portal 2'' is probably Valve's last game with an isolated single-player experience. This is construed by many members of the community to mean the end of singleplayer games made by Valve. Gabe Newell refutes this idea in a May interview, stating that Valve is not done with singleplayer games, but rather wants to transform them into "single-player plus" games, thus singleplayer games with social components added to them. He remarks that entertainment is inherently increased in value by having it be social, letting people play with their friends and recognizing that they are connected with other people, a concept they wish to add to their singleplayer titles.http//www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/109850-Newell-Valve-to-Replace-Single-Player-With-Single-Player-Plus Newell Valve to Replace Single-Player With "Single-Player Plus" at The Escapist

*In another May interview, Newell states that Valve is done with the episodic model as we know it, now rather updating the same game as much as they want through WikipediaSteam (software)|Steam, an approach they were now taking with ''http//wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Team_Fortress_2 Team Fortress 2''.http//www.develop-online.net/features/1184/The-Valve-manifesto The Valve manifesto at Develop

*The same month, the ''Portal 2'' SDK is released. In the files, code for an NPC named "Combine Advisor - Roaming" is found by users. It is quickly removed in a subsequent update.{{LG|news/other/half-life-code-found-inside-portal-2-sdk|''Half-Life'' Code Found Inside Portal 2 SDK}}

*In May again, several .vcd choreography files labeled "magnuss" are found in ''Portal 2'''s VPK cache. They are named "magnuss_get_going.vcd", "magnuss_idle.vcd", "magnuss_nopoint.vcd", "magnuss_shakehead.vcd", and "magnuss_wave.vcd", and appear to be for the model "magnusson.mdl", Arne Magnusson|Dr. Magnusson's model. They don't exist in the ''Episode Two'' files, where Magnusson's animations are prefixed "mag", suggesting they may be either old discarded animations or from a different project altogether.{{LG|news/other/new-half-life-choreography-files-for-doctor-magnusson-found-in-portal-2|New ''Half-Life'' Choreography Files For Doctor Magnusson, Found In Portal 2}}{{YouTube|atpwi2ExtZA|''Half-Life 2 EP3'' - Magnusson animations}}

*In June at the ''Games for Change'' festival in New York, Gabe Newell delivers a keynote focusing largely on the educational benefits of games. When Newell asks the audience for any questions, someone asks when ''Episode Three'' is going to be released. Newell's answers "''If you know enough to ask the question, you know enough what the answer is.''"http//www.1up.com/news/when-half-life-episode-3-coming-answer-you-know-answer When is ''Half-Life Episode 3'' Coming? You Know the Answer at 1UP

*On August 11 and 12, three fans picket outside of the Valve headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, requesting information about ''Episode Three'' / ''Half-Life 3''. Gabe Newell comes out to speak with them in person. However, upon being asked when a new ''Half-Life'' was coming out, Newell merely answered "''I can't tell you.''". Following the "protest", Kotaku also asked Newell if he had anything to say about a new game, to which he simply replied "''I got nothing for you.''".http//www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/jg2t1/day_2_of_the_valve_protest_still_holding_strong Day 2 of the Valve protest - Still holding strong. on Reddithttp//kotaku.com/5831805/what-did-gabe-newell-say-to-the-half+life-3-protesters What Did Gabe Newell Say to the ''Half-Life 3'' Protesters? on Kotaku

*Around September 19, a Vietnamese beta tester leaks ''Dota 2''’s entire game client, as well as all of its files, to the Internet. Among the various files can be found code referring to a folder named "ep3", pointing at what appears to be weapons "weapon_icegun", "weaponizer_concrete", "weaponizer_liquid", "weaponizer_metal", and "weapon_flamethrower.{{LG|news/other/dota-2-client-leaked-including-actual-hl2-episode-three-code|Dota 2 Client Leaked – Including Actual HL2 Episode Three Code}} However, on September 23, Chet Faliszek states that the code doesn't mean anything and shouldn't be taken as fact.http//attackofthefanboy.com/news/half-life-2-episode-3-same-old-story/ ''Half Life 2 Episode 3'' Same Old Story at Attack of the Fanboy

*December 2011 sees several rumors about a ''Half-Life'' ARG, and that Gabe Newell has given the go-ahead to those in the know to drop ''Half-Life'' hints. Fans see what may be hints in Wheatley's "Character of the Year" award acceptance video for the Spike TV 2011 Video Game Awards, several fake official e-mails are shared, cryptic information is revealed through an unofficial Twitter account for Doug Rattmann, and an unofficial website, http//black-aperture.com/ Black-Aperture.com, reveals other cryptic messages. All is debunked by Valve through Gabe Newell, Marc Laidlaw and Chet Faliszek.{{LG|news/other/informant-close-to-valve-tells-valve-arg-network-admin-and-steamcast-co-host-gabe-has-given-the-go-ahead-for-half-life-hints|Informant Close To Valve Tells Valve ARG Network Admin, And Steamcast Co-Host “Gabe Has Given The Go-Ahead For ''Half-Life'' Hints”}}{{LG|news/other/lets-debunk-some-fake-half-life-3-rumors-with-vic-fake-e-mails-fake-twitter-accounts-and-more/|Let’s Debunk Some Fake ''Half-Life 3'' Rumors With Vic Fake E-Mails, Fake Twitter Accounts, And More}}{{LG|news/other/marc-laidlaw-confirms-that-there-is-no-half-life-3-arg|Marc Laidlaw Confirms That There Is No ''Half-Life 3'' ARG}}http//forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=27654778&postcount=30 Chet Faliszek's reaction to the rumors and the ARG on the Steam Users' Forums

*On December 1, Chandana Ekanayake, part of Seattle-based game developer Uber Entertainment, sees what he believes to be a Valve employee wearing what appears to be a ''Half-Life 3'' T-shirt at a local developer event and asks his permission to take a photo of the T-shirt as he is a huge fan of the series. Upon being asked if he knows anything about ''Half-Life 3'', he appears to know nothing.http//twitter.com/Ekanaut/status/142476850931834880 Tweet on the T-shirt at Chandana Ekanayake's Twitterhttp//kotaku.com/5864573/half+life-3-t+shirt-confirmed-but-that-is-all ''Half-Life 3'' T-Shirt Confirmed, But That is All on Kotaku On December 1, a fan asks series' writer Marc Laidlaw about the validity of the T-shirt. Laidlaw confirms its existence but has nothing else to elaborate on.{{LG|news/other/marc-laidlaw-confirms-that-there-is-a-half-life-3-shirt-out-there|Marc Laidlaw Confirms That There Is A ''Half-Life 3'' Shirt Out There… With A Vague And Suspicious Non-Answer}}

*On December 9, an anonymous US-based voice actor reveals that Valve has recorded lines for "''Half Life Episode 3''" (''sic''). This leads to rumors that the next ''Half-Life'' game will be unveiled at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards on December 10.http//www.oxm.co.uk/36708/valve-voice-actor-working-on-half-life-episode-3 Valve voice actor working on "Half Life Episode 3" at Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine However, this doesn't occur.

*On December 23, voice actor John Patrick Lowrie debunks on his personal blog the words of the anonymous voice actor from December 9. He states in the comments on a post about his wife Ellen McLain being nominated for a VGA award that he hasn't heard anything yet about a new ''Half-Life'' game and thus has not recorded anything yet. He states, among other things "''No Half Life 3 stuff yet. Haven’t heard anything.''" and "''Ellen and I haven’t heard anything about a new Half Life episode''."http//lowrie.camelpress.com/?p=306 Ellen gets nominated for a VGA award, Part 3 Into the belly of the beast. at John Patrick Lowrie's Blog

FileEp3 xen advisor.jpg|Advisor cornering an individual in Xen.|right|thumb|200px

*On January 13, Marc Laidlaw confirms the rumor that a fourth and canceled ''Half-Life 2'' episode, ''Return to Ravenholm'', was being developed by WikipediaArkane Studios|Arkane Studios from 2006 to 2009.{{LG|news/other/marc-laidlaw-on-the-cancelled-half-life-spin-offs-return-to-ravenholm-and-episode-four|Marc Laidlaw On The Canceled ''Half-Life'' Spin-offs Return To Ravenholm And “Episode Four”}}

*On February 19, Gabe Newell states in an interview that Valve is aware of how much they annoy the fanbase with their lack of communication about the future of their several series and that it is frustrating to them to put the fanbase in that situation. He adds they don't want to happen again what happened for ''Half-Life 2'', i.e. delaying the game after promoting it and giving a precise release date, to avoid exciting gamers then disappointing them. He concludes that they now prefer to be sure of themselves before officially announcing anything.{{IA|20130419130204/http//penny-arcade.com/report/article/valves-gabe-newell-talks-wearable-computers-rewarding-players-and-whether-w/all|Valve’s Gabe Newell talks wearable computers, why consoles should open up, and game ownership|Penny Arcade}}

*On April 23, as part of an online audio interview, Gabe Newell discusses Valve's total silence concerning the next ''Half-Life'' game yet again, this time using the codeword "''Ricochet 2''" to talk about it more covertly. He states that the game's development has undergone many changes, twists and turns since it first began and thus it is fairer and more reasonable to the fanbase to maintain radio silence rather than having to put them through the many changes, transformations, twists and turns as well. As stated in earlier interviews, they prefer to wait so that they can be as sure as possible about how the project will manifest before making any formal announcement or reveal. In their story on the subject, Develop Magazine reveals that in 2011, they were "reliably informed that 'unexpected concept changes' were central to the delay to the ''Half-Life 3'' project".http//www.develop-online.net/news/40575/Newell-opens-up-on-Half-Life-3-dev-issues Newell opens up on ''Half-Life 3'' dev issues at Develop

*On June 27, 33 pieces of concept art for ''Episode Three'' uploaded by Andrea Wicklund on her Picasa account in 2008 are discovered by the community.http//www.valvetime.net/threads/exclusive-half-life-2-episode-3-concept-art.206815/ EXCLUSIVE ''Half-Life 2 Episode 3'' Concept Art at ValveTime.net The images depict an Arctic regions|Arctic setting and include several redesigned outfit variants for Alyx Vance (two depicting her wearing Eli Vance|her father's jacket, one her father's Harvard sweater), several outfit variants of additional unknown characters wearing fur hooded winter coats most of the time, several renditions of the Mil Mi-8 crashed into the ice, and several images of a reimagined Xen (clearly identified as "ep3_xen#.jpg" by Wicklund herself), including an unknown entity, redesigned islands, an individual with a fur hooded winter coat, and a Combine Advisor cornering a similar individual. The next day, Wicklund's portfolio was deleted.http//picasaweb.google.com/aewicklund/Art ''Episode Three'' concept art album at Andrea Wicklund's Picasa (deleted)


*On June 18, several internal Valve projects are discovered from a mailing list found within the company's project management and bug tracking software, JIRA. This list includes mentions of ''Half-Life 3'', ''Left 4 Dead 3'', and Source 2. The ''Half-Life 3'' mailing group contains 42 employees, which is known to have been updated fairly recently as it includes Paul Pepera who had only joined Valve in March of the same year. However, it is noted that only one group pertained to ''Half-Life 3'' while the similarly unannounced ''Left 4 Dead 3'' already had multiple groups dedicated to it, indicating it was at a more active development stage than the former.http//www.valvetime.net/threads/half-life-3-left-4-dead-3-and-source-2-mailing-lists-found-on-valve-project-tracker.243580/ ''Half-Life 3'', ''Left 4 Dead 3'' and Source 2 Mailing Lists Found on Valve Project Tracker at ValveTime.net

*On August 13 and 14, John Patrick Lowrie remarks on his blog that he has had a recent conversation with some Valve employees who told him that implementing motion capture animation in an interactive manner is "the biggest challenge with bringing out HL3." He also states that, as far as he knows, "HL3 is not being worked on at this time" for additional unspecified reasons.http//www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-08-15-valve-voice-actor-says-half-life-3-is-not-in-development Valve voice actor says ''Half-Life 3'' is not in development at eurogamer.net These comments were soon deleted in the following days, and Lowrie posted an explanation claiming that he "misspoke" earlier and stated that, as a voice actor, he would only be informed of a game's status after being hired late into its development cycle.http//www.computerandvideogames.com/425089/voice-actor-misspoke-about-half-life-3-freeze/ Voice actor 'misspoke' about ''Half-Life 3'' freeze at ComputerAndVideoGames.com

*On October 1, Valve's JIRA database became publicly viewable for a short time again. It is noted that some employees have been added to the previously known ''Half-Life 3'' group, now coming to a total of 46 people, while a new group known as ''Half-Life 3 Core'' has since been created containing a smaller subset of the former group, including former Valve designer Kelly Bailey and Adam Foster, among others.http//www.valvetime.net/threads/valve-jira-database-accessed-once-more-hl3-l4d3-source-2-groups-expand.243965/ Valve Jira Database Accessed Once More - ''HL3''/''L4D3''/Source 2 Groups Expand at ValveTime.net

On May 15, WikipediaMinh Le|Minh Le, a former Valve employee and the co-creator of ''WikipediaCounter-Strike|Counter-Strike'', states during an interview with http//www.twitch.tv/gorgntv goRGNtv that he "did see something that looked kinda like in the ''Half-Life'' universe" and "it wouldn't surprise anyone" if he said "they're working on it." He also stated that he "did see some concept art for ''Half-Life 3''," although he did not specify as to when this occurred.http//www.twitch.tv/gorgntv/c/4263036?t=33m55s Minh "Gooseman" Le Interview - The Creator of ''Counter-Strike'' on Twitch

*On February 10, a single reference to "hl3" is reported to be found within the http//developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dota_2_Workshop_Tools ''Dota 2'' Workshop Tools. Inside the file model_editor.dll, the command line parameter "physics_testbed.exe -game hl3 -open" is present. However, it is not known how old this piece of code is.http//www.valvetime.net/threads/minor-half-life-3-reference-found-within-dota-2-workshop-tools.245732/ Minor ''Half-Life 3'' Reference Found Within ''Dota 2'' Workshop Tools at ValveTime.net

*On October 9, a day before the eighth anniversary of ''The Orange Box'''s release in 2007, Valve released, possibly unintentionally, four help files used by the Source 2 version of Hammer, the level editor.http//twitter.com/SteamDB/status/652584292422406148 Steam Database tweet (October 9, 2015) These files instruct the level designers on how to use the entities defined in the "Game Definition Files". In Source, these game definitions are stored as .fgd files. hl3.txt and ai_basenpc.txt appear to contain information related to ''Half-Life''. The other help files were lights.txt, a file that explains how light characteristics work in Source 2 and rpg.txt, a base for a role-playing game prototype. rpg.txt is known to be an unrelated and independent project since it has its own map properties.
A vast portion of the hl3.txt file consists of ''Half-Life 2'' code ported over to Source 2 with some changes and additions. It includes the Base AI functions (such as companions, squad following, scripted sequences) from ''Half-Life 2'', a possible quest system, virtual reality settings in the map properties (enable VR Chaperone, VR Movement), and many other features. The listed entities include npc_quest_citizen, npc_hunter_invincible, npc_turret_ceiling_pulse (Combine Pulse Ceiling Turret, a new enemy), and props_zipline, item_generic.
The quest system is referenced by several entities, such as info_quest_dialog, and point_quest_goal. Moreover, a variation of the npc_citizen entity, called npc_quest_citizen, is apparently able to become a "Quest Member".{{Abbr3|i|Attribute.npc_quest_citizen.is_quest_member}} When this option is enabled, the character becomes friendly/neutral towards to Combine units and doesn't take any damage from their attacks. Other new Citizen attributes include beckon_approach_enabled,{{Abbr3|i|Beckon and approach the player}} beckon_radius,{{Abbr3|i|Beckon the player if they come within this radius}} approach_radius,{{Abbr3|i|Approach the player if they come within this radius}} and combat_enabled.{{Abbr3|i|Allow this citizen to participate in combat}}
A possible ''Left 4 Dead''-style AI Director for procedurally generated enemy placements, similar to the version used in ''Left 4 Dead 2''. The level designers have more control over the spawns. There are hints of a possible game mode with multiple players referenced in the attributes of item_generic. These include Associated PlayerCounter Name (HL3 only){{abbr3|i|Attribute.item_generic.associated_player_counter}}, Pickup prevents respawning (HL3 only){{abbr3|i|Attribute.item_generic.pickup_prevents_respawning}}.



==Concept art gallery==


FileHalf Life 2 Episode Three concept 2.jpg|Combine Advisors following a humanoid figure into the ''Borealis''.
FileBorealis Advisors.jpg|Combine Advisors around the ''Borealis''.


FileAdvisor Intothepixel.jpg|Gordon Freeman face-to-face with an Advisor.
FileEp3 alyx bust.jpg|Bust of Alyx.
FileEp3 alyx bust ushanka.jpg|Bust of Alyx wearing a reused Soviet army officer ushanka, with "hammer and sickle" cap badge.
FileEp3 alyx bust chullo.jpg|Bust of Alyx wearing a chullo and her father's Harvard sweater.
FileEp3 alyx bust eli's jacket.jpg|Bust of Alyx wearing her father's jacket.
FileEp3 alyx bust side1.jpg|Bust of Alyx with her ears protected.
FileEp3 alyx bust side2.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 alyx1.jpg|Full-size Alyx in a weapon holding position.
FileEp3 alyx2.jpg|Ditto (with long hair).
FileEp3 alyx3.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 alyx4.jpg|Full-size Alyx with goggles and jacket.
FileEp3 alyx5.jpg|Full-size Alyx with goggles and vest.
FileEp3 alyx6.jpg|Full-size Alyx, with a "pirate"-ish style.
FileEp3 alyx7.jpg|Full-size Alyx with ushanka.
FileEp3 alyx8.jpg|Full-size Alyx wearing her father's jacket and a sweater similar to that of Mossman.
FileEp3 char arms1.jpg|Unknown character.
FileEp3 char arms2.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 char jacket goggles1.jpg|Unknown character with goggles and ice axe.
FileEp3 char jacket goggles2.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 char overalls.jpg|Unknown character.
FileEp3 char jacket1.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 char jacket2.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 char suit.jpg|Character in a suit.
FileEp3 chopper crashed1.jpg|The crashed Mil Mi-8 with unidentified structures in the background.
FileEp3 chopper crashed2.jpg|Ditto, with a large installation in the background.
FileEp3 chopper crashed3.jpg|Ditto, with two figures overlooking the horizon.
FileEp3 xen islands.jpg|Xen islands.
FileEp3 xen advisor.jpg|Advisor cornering an individual in Xen.
FileEp3 xen bubble1.jpg|Unknown entity in Xen with a figure trapped in a bubble of some sort.
FileEp3 xen bubble2.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 xen thing1.jpg|Unknown entity.
FileEp3 xen thing2.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 xen thing3.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp3 xen thing4.jpg|Ditto.


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