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| type=WikipediaFragmentation (weaponry)|Fragmentation WikipediaHand grenade|hand grenade
| damage=100
| magazine=1
| maxammo=10 (25 in ''Half-Life Day One'')
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| operation=
| rate of fire=Slow
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| range=Medium
| usedby=*Gordon Freeman
*Adrian Shephard
*Barney Calhoun
*Gina Cross
*Colette Green
*Black Ops
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*Stephen Bahl (HD version)http// Stephen Bahl as quoted on ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the Forums

The '''Fragmentation Grenade''' is a weapon featured in ''Half-Life'' and Half-Life expansions (disambiguation)|its expansions.

The Fragmentation Grenade is a timed explosive that detonates five seconds after its pin is pulled. The explosion has a medium-sized radius, and the closer to the explosion an enemy is, the more damage they will suffer. Enemies killed by it might explode into pieces, depending on how much damage they suffer. Weak enemies (such as the Bullsquid and smaller) will always be gibbed if they are in the epicenter of the blast.

The grenade is used by the HECU and the Black Ops to flush out enemies. There are a few grenades scattered throughout the Black Mesa Research Facility, mostly in locations untouched by the HECU.

*In ''Half-Life'', the player can first obtain grenades in a semi-secret cache during the chapter ''Half-Life_storyline Consequences''. If not acquired there, they can be found scattered throughout the chapter ''Half-Life_storyline Complex'' and subsequent ones. However, after the chapter ''Half-Life_storyline'', they become much rarer and are partially replaced by the Satchel Charge. They can be acquired for the second time in the Topside Motorpool Armory.
*In ''Half-Life Blue Shift'', grenades can be obtained for the first time at the beginning of the chapter ''Half-Life_Blue_Shift_storyline Freight'' from a M44 cargo truck.
*In ''Half-Life Opposing Force'', grenades can first be found at the end of the chapter ''Half-Life_Opposing_Force_storyline to Black Mesa'', in the level featuring the Loader.
*In ''Half-Life Decay'', grenades are given to the players at the beginning of the chapter ''Half-Life_Decay_storyline''. They can be found for the first time in the next chapter, ''Half-Life_Decay_storyline Violence''.


*Grenades can be used to flush out enemies from behind cover. When a grenade is thrown, the enemy will run into the player's sight. This works on any intelligent enemy.

*When the grenade is released, it does not move after hitting the ground, forcing the player to be as close as possible to the target, so that the grenade lands in the proper spot.

*A grenade exploding right next to a Classic Zombie, Vortigaunt or HECU soldier will kill it in one shot, so grenades should be saved for those enemies. If one of them survives a grenade blast, a few shots from the 9mm Pistol|Pistol or Submachine Gun (Half-Life)|Submachine Gun should be sufficient to finish them off.

*The grenade is not very efficient and therefore not advised against more powerful enemies such as the Alien Grunt or the Bullsquid, the whole operation taking too long. Powerful weapons such as the Shotgun (Half-Life)|shotgun are better suited.

*Theoretically, the grenade can be used to perform a "Grenade Jump"

*To do this, the player must jump right before the grenade explodes - for example, jumping right before releasing a cooked grenade. However, this can be very difficult to do, as again lack of audible and visual timer make it very hard to time a jump correctly. In addition, a point-blank explosion does a significant amount of damage to the player, and can kill them in one hit if they have little to no HEV Suit|armor points.

*However, the height of this jump will be directly proportional to damage done to the player's health, ignoring the amount absorbed by the HEV Suit. This means that if one wants to perform a very high "grenade boosted" jump, they generally would want to have as little armor as possible, which makes this trick even more dangerous.http// ''Half-Life'' speedruns on the Speed Demos Archive.


*While flushing out enemies with a grenade is easy, actually damaging them with it is harder. Enemies run as soon as a grenade is thrown, which usually put them out of the damage radius before it explodes. To damage enemies with the grenade, the player must "cook" it by holding down the fire key instead of immediately releasing it. While the fire key is held down but not released, the grenade's timer will be ticking.

*Cooking the grenade can be tricky, as it lacks an audible/visual timer, forcing the player to count down in his head as soon as the pin is pulled. The grenade should be released after three seconds have passed, so as to give it time to fly to the target.

*The grenade is one of the few weapons that can damage a Gargantua, so those that intend to kill one manually should practice cooking grenades.

==Behind the scenes==
The grenade's appearance is based on the WikipediaMk 2 grenade|Mk 2 grenade. Its green color was originally brigther, as seen in the ''Half-Life SDK'' files.

In ''Half-Life Day One|Day One'', the player can hold up to 25 frag grenades, reduced to 10 in the final game. This explains why there are 15 grenades in certain areas, such as the weapons stash in the chapter ''Unforeseen Consequences''. It is also possible to throw grenades further.


FileGrenadeb 1.png|Early worldmodel, with a brighter green.
FileGrenade1.png|Early texture.
FileGrenade2.png|Another early texture.
FileHl1 grenade hud.png|HUD icon.
FileGrenade 1.png|Worldmodel.
FileGrenade2 hd.png|High Definition version.
FileGrenadeheld 1.png|''Half-Life'' viewmodel.
FileGrenadeheld hd.png|HD version.
FileGrenade view op4.jpg|''Opposing Force'' viewmodel.
FileGrenade view op4 hd.jpg|High Definition version.
FileGrenade view bs.jpg|''Blue Shift'' viewmodel.
FileGrenade view bs hd.jpg|High Definition version.
FileHl assassin.png|Female Black Op with grenades attached to her belt.
FilePenguin worldmodel.png|Penguin with a grenade attached to its back.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Uplink'' {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''
*''Half-Life Decay''


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