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A '''Force Field''', often attached to a Combine interface, prevents from passing through it any living thing that is not recognized. It is used prolifically by the Combine to control Citizen movements and prevent unauthorized access to areas that are out-of-bounds.


*The Force Field consists of two pylon-shaped generators, each one on either side of the path it is intended to protect. Invisible from a distance (though it may be related to the Source|game engine's worldmodel treatment), the Force Field preventing entry is generated between the two pylons. 

*When an unregistered individual attempts to go through it, it will emit a humming sound when physical contact is made. However, other than vehicles driven by non-recognized personnel, the system will not block inanimate objects. 

*Some of the Force Field are seen in-game being powered off standard human power supply sockets, Combine Power Generators, or from APC batteries. They are placed at regular intervals along railway tracks in City 17. Force Fields can also be found along the Coast, in the Citadel, in the Outlands, or any Combine-controlled area.

*It is worth noting that while the player is merely stopped from moving into a Force Field, going closer will actually cause a discharge to other unauthorized persons, as seen in the ''Half-Life 2'' chapter ''Entanglement'' where Alyx Vance attempts futilely to stop Judith Mossman making off with Eli Vance. In fact, being caught inside a Force Field when it is activated will result in instant death.

*A smaller type of Force Field is used in Combine Bunkers to protect the soldiers inside while they man the Emplacement Guns.

*The Depot teleport is closed by a Force Field barrier which gets open when a subject gets inside.

*Combine Prisoner Pod sterilizers in the Citadel are also surrounded by cylindric Force Fields.

*The Combine Barricade features another type of Force Field with a liquid-like appearance.

*Alyx is able to deactivate a Force Field with her EMP Tool by short-circuiting one of the pylons.

==Behind the scenes==

The Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill from the ''Portal'' series reuses the idea of the Force Field, with several differences. It is unknown whether they are canonically related or not.


FileD2 coast 070020.JPG|Force Field blocking the Bridge Point bridge.
FileD2 coast 070099.JPG|Razor Train passing through a force field at Bridge Point.
FileD2 coast 080041.JPG|Protecting a Combine interface under the Bridge Point bridge. Note the power cable.
FileD3 c17 070004.JPG|Force Field during the City 17 uprising.
FileNexus cell.jpg|Rebels imprisoned behind a Force Field in the Overwatch Nexus.
FileD3 breen 0100225.JPG|Breen talking to an Advisor in the Citadel, with the supercharged Gravity Gun and Alyx about to disable the Force Field with her EMP Tool.
FileD3 breen 010026.JPG|Alyx disabling the Force Field.
FileEmplacement Gun NP bunker idle 1.jpg|Force Field variant seen from inside a Combine Bunker.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life 2 {{1st}}
*''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch'' {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One''
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''

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