Flash Grenade

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The '''Flash Grenade''' is a weapon cut from ''Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha.html">Half-Life''.Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha (version .61) Notes (Half Life Main v6.doc) (August 26, 1998)

The Flash Grenade was to be used by the player to temporarily blind opponents. It was to be found in a desk drawer in the chapter ''The Security Complex''. There is also an unused Flash Grenade model in ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' in the files (as "w_fgrenade.mdl"). The same grenade can be seen attached to the belts of male Black Ops assassins, but is never used.


FileMale black ops grenades.jpg|Black Ops variant.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{1st}} {{Gf}} {{Nc}}


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