Flare Gun

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|name=Flare Gun
*Resistance (cut)
|manufacturer=http//orionsignals.com/Marine/QandP/signals_table.html Orion Safety Products (cut)
|model=WikipediaFlare gun|Orion 12 Gauge Flare Gun (cut)
|damage=*12/flare (cut)
*0/flare (retail)
|maxammo=*20 (cut)
*Infinite (retail)
|fire= *Semi-Automatic
|rate of fire=
|accuracy= *Low (cut)
*Perfect (retail)
|range=*Short (cut)
*Long (retail)
*Overwatch Soldiers
*Nova Prospekt Prison Guards
*Gordon Freeman (cut)
|counterpart=*Incendiary Rifle
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The '''Flare Gun''' is a weapon used by Metrocops, Overwatch Soldiers and Nova Prospekt Prison Guards in ''Half-Life 2''. Apart from the flare itself, it has no model.

Sometime after Freeman has left Kleiner's Lab, a Metrocop fires a flare in the Canals to summon his colleagues. Another Metrocop fires one when Freeman assaults a Combine Power Generator|power generator during the City 17 uprising. Overwatch Soldiers shoot flares along the Coast to summon a Gunship and to light cell block D8 in Nova Prospekt after turning off the lights.

==Behind the scenes==
Each time a flare is shot, the shooter is invariably out of the player's reach to prevent them from seeing any flare gun. When looking closely, it appears that no flare gun model is used, nor is in the game files (the Metrocop in the Canals for instance merely uses its standard pistol). An unused HUD icon for the flare gun can be found in the ''Half-Life 2'' files.

The weapon was originally to be used by the player to ignite targets. It can be found and used only on the test maps in the Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak. When shot, the flare sticks to the player when approached and can damage their health.Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak It was likely to be found only in the Arctic levels, and at least on the ''Borealis (cut ship)|Borealis'' and in Kraken Base, always stored in "pyrotechnic lockers". There is an unused model version of the locker intended to be used by the player in the files. Disposable emergency flares were also originally to appear in ''Half-Life'', and were finally introduced in ''Episode One''.

===Half-Life 2 leak|''Half-Life 2'' leak===

FileFlare Gun.png|Worldmodel.
FileFlaregun l.png|Viewmodel.
FileFlaregun icon.png|HUD icon.
FileFlameammo l.png|Flare model.
Proto deep002b pyro.jpg|"Pyrotechnic locker" in Kraken Base.
FilePyrotechnic locker.png|"Pyrotechnic locker" door texture.
FileOrion flare gun.jpg|Real world version.
FileRightarm.png|Texture for Gordon's right arm holding a red flare gun found in the flare gun texture folder of the ''Half-Life 2'' leak. It also features the early leather HEV Suit.
FileSide.png|Red flare gun side found in the same folder.


FileFlare HL2.jpg|Flare model, different from the leak version.
FileEmergency flare ep1.jpg|Emergency flare model from ''Episode One''.

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*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}

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*Incendiary Rifle


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