Fire Grenade

{{TranslatedName|WikipediaJapanese language|Japanese|ファイヤーグレネード}}
{{Weapon Infobox
| image=FileFire Grenade.png|250px
| name=Fire Grenade
| affiliation=Combine
| type=WikipediaIncendiary device|Incendiary weapon
| damage=0-87
| maxammo=*6 (Ranger (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Ranger)
*4 (Soldier (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Soldier, Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer)
| operation=Throw
| ammotype= Self
| rate of fire= Slow
| accuracy= N/A (thrown)
| range=Medium
| usedby=*Combine Ranger (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Ranger ({{SCU}})
*Combine Soldier (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Soldier ({{SCU}})
*Combine Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer ({{SCU}})
| entity=*weapon_fgr_mp
(weapon entity) *grenade_fire (thrown) }} The '''Fire Grenade''', also known as the '''F-Grenade''', is an unlockable weapon in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor''. It can be Battle Points|unlocked for Combine Ranger (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Ranger by reaching A-Class, Combine Soldier (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Soldier by reaching AA-Class and Combine Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer by reaching B-Class. Resistance characters use the S.L.A.M instead. ==Overview== As most other grenades, the Fire Grenade can be thrown over medium distances by using the primary attack, and can also be dropped near the player with the secondary attack. In most cases, the grenade will immediately explode upon contact with any non-vertical surface, but may also bounce off if the angle of impact is sharp enough. The explosion does not produce any sound and may cause up to 3 points of burn damage. After explosion, the Fire Grenade will ignite a small area of the impact surface. The fire consists of 6 separate smaller fires, each dealing 14 points of damage,battle.cfg this way the damage dealt to a player will depend on how many of the fires he is touching, reaching 84 if he happens to touch all 6. The damage is dealt every second, and usually not immediately upon touching the fire, thus it is sometimes possible for players to run through without taking any damage at all. The fire lasts for 30 seconds. ==Tactics== It is difficult to effectively use the Fire Grenade in open areas, but it is extremely useful for blocking narrow passages, preventing enemies from gaining access to certain areas and cutting off their ways of retreat. ==Behind the scenes== The Fire Grenade appears to be based on the Molotov Cocktail cut from the ''Half-Life 2'' and available in the Development of Half-Life 2 game|playable leak. The same Molotov can also be obtained with cheats in ''Survivor'''s Story Mode, where it uses the Fire Grenade's ammo icon. ==Trivia== The Fire Grenade will not work under water, and even the explosion will not deal any damage, although it will still create water splashes and burn decals. ==Gallery== FileFire Grenade HUD.png|HUD icon. FileHL2S FGrenade.png|Loadout icon. FileFire Grenade.png|Worldmodel. FileFire Grenade Viewmodel Blue.jpg|Viewmodel (blue team). FileFire Grenade Flame.jpg|Viewmodel and the fire. ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life 2 Survivor'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== *{{IA|20100106203638/http//|Fire Grenade|the official ''Survivor'' website}} *http// Fire Grenade on the ''Survivor'' wiki {{Multiplayer}} CategoryWeapons CategoryGrenades CategoryHalf-Life 2 Survivor