Fire Extinguisher

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The '''Fire Extinguisher''' is an item (used as a weapon game-wise) cut from ''Half-Life 2''. It can be found in the playable Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak.

The fire extinguisher was to be used at least on the ''Borealis (cut ship)|Borealis'' to extinguish fires that stood in the way of the player, allowing further progression.WC mappack

==Behind the scenes==
In the ''Half-Life 2'' files, several texture files for HUD weapon icons can be found, most of which still containing the icons for almost all of the cut weapons. The Fire Extinguisher is among them.


FileFireext icon.png|HUD icon.
FileFire Extinguisher w.png|Worldmodel.
FileFire l.png|Viewmodel.
FileFire ex borealis.jpg|Fire extinguisher being used on the ''Borealis''.
FileDecal signfire002a.png|Fire extinguisher sign used on the ''Borealis''.
FileDecal signfire007a.png|Ditto.
FileDecalshipsign007a.png|Fire extinguisher stencil used on the ''Borealis''.

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*''Half-Life 2'' {{Gf}} {{Nc}}


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