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''Half-Life Source'' files (f_science/pspbrwse.jbf) |hideb=yes |hidef=yes |hidep= |hidec= |hideg=yes |hidev=yes }} The '''Female Scientist'''''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' (Half-Life_2_Raising_the_Bar proof), page 69 is a character that was cut from ''Half-Life''.{{IA|20110303035301/http//computerandvideogames.com/152674/interviews/marc-laidlaw|Interview with Marc Laidlaw|Computer and Video Games (December 23, 2006)}} ==Overview== An early concept in ''Half-Life'' was to feature a female member of the Black Mesa Science Team|science team who would end up betraying the player. Her character was to be encountered during the chapter ''Communications Center'', acting as the center's head scientist.Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha Walkthrough (WalkThru.doc) (September 4, 1997) She would give the player the goal of aligning a satellite dish located elsewhere in the facility for her. When he returned, her ulterior motives would be revealed as she awaited with a squad of Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|Marines. However, when it came to implementing this concept, Valve didn't consider the current technology at the time to be capable of telling this story the way they wanted. This led the team to cut the scene early on.{{IA|20020618053528/http//gamitopia.com/features/interviews/v/valve|Interview with Marc Laidlaw|Gamitopia (November 12, 2001)}} The idea was brought back in ''Half-Life 2'' for the character of Judith Mossman. {{QuoteRefInline|The whole relationship with Dr Mossman in HL2 was a scene that we tried to do in Half-Life. We'd done a whole bunch of stuff for this scene where there was a betrayal by a woman scientist; at that point in the story Freeman was being hunted and you think that the scientists are all your friends, so this scientist says she's going to get you help and tells you to stay in the room you're in - and then she calls the guards. We couldn't do that in Half-Life - we didn't really have characters on that level - so it was cool in HL2 when we had characters who were far enough along...|Marc Laidlaw}} While the only publicly released assets of the female scientist are her textures found in ''Half-Life Source'', her original model can be seen in the uncorrected proof of ''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''. The head scientist in ''Communications Center'' can be found in the ''Half-Life Alpha'' using a normal scientist model as a placeholder. ==Gallery== FileRtb 069.jpg|Model render with Chuck Jones' alien characters. FileF science.png|Texture files. FileC3a1 control room.jpg|The head scientist in ''Communications Center''. ==References== {{reflist}} {{Characters}} {{Black Mesa}} CategoryHalf-Life CategoryBlack Mesa Science Team CategoryFemales CategoryCut characters CategoryChuck Jones designs