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|birth=September 1, 1978
|birthplace=Southern California
|occupation=Conceptual artist
'''Eric Simon Kirchmer'''http// Blogger profile is a conceptual artist who has worked for Valve since 2002.http// Company People on Valve's official website He is currently living in Seattle.http// Blogger profile

On the previous version of Valve's official website, his function was described as follows ''"Eric came to Valve after graduation from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2001. Originally from San Diego, Eric was a freelance illustrator who left the sun to work on more of a healthy monitor complexion. As part of the HL2 team, Eric is responsible for the game's visual density, by modeling everything from cars to broken concrete and debris. In the other few hours of Eric's life he can be found sculpting, raising bansai and working in his sketchbook."''http// about the valve team on Valve's official website

On the current version of Valve's official website, his function is described as follows ''"Eric has been an artist with Valve since 2002, in that time he has helped with the visual design on projects such as Half Life2, Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat and most recently Left 4 Dead 2. Originally from Southern California, after 10 years and a few thousand coffees, Eric now calls the Pacific Northwest home."''http// Company People on Valve's official website

He was also among other Valve employees to give his likeness to Gordon Freeman, as well as the stripped Overwatch Soldier and the Citizen List of Citizen models|Male 4, "Eric".

Most of his work for ''Half-Life 2'' consisted in rough sketches often made to help mappers build their maps.

==Work for ''Half-Life 2''==

*The "e3_terminal" Citadel''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
*City 17 (with Viktor Antonov and Damarcus Holbrook)''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
*The Coast (with Viktor Antonov)
*The Combine Smart Barrier (with Viktor Antonov)
*The CategoryCombine technology|Combine technology (with Viktor Antonov and Dhabih Eng)
*Human props, cars, debris and buildingshttp// about the valve team on Valve's official website
*Several schematics for Nova Prospekt / the Depot, as well as the Gunship Bays
*Kleiner's Lab (with Dhabih Eng)
*Nova Prospekt (with Dhabih Eng and Viktor Antonov)
*Ravenholm (with Viktor Antonov and http//,38926/ Horia Dociu)
*The Ravenholm traps (with Horia Dociu)

===''Half-Life 2''===

FileEric kirchmer.jpg|Kirchmer's image used for Freeman, the stripped Overwatch Soldier and Citizen Male 4.
FileEric tex cylmap evil2.png|Stripped Overwatch Soldier face texture.
FileMale04.jpg|Citizen Male 4.

====Concept art====

FileHL 2 Eric Kirchmer.jpg
FileAntlion through wall.jpg
FileBuilding ruins.jpg
FileCanals garbage.jpg
FileCar concept art.jpg
FileCars colors.jpg
FileCars small.jpg
FileCellblock wires.jpg
FileCitadel skyscrapers view.jpg
FileCity rubble.jpg
FileCity skyscraper and dome.jpg
FileCoast crap.jpg
FileDepot cafeteria.jpg
FileDepot cellblock 1.jpg
FileDepot cellblock 2.jpg
FileDepot cellblock 3.jpg
FileDepot lavatory plan.jpg
FileDepot showers guard.jpg
FileDepot yard plan.jpg
FileGunship bays concept.jpg
FileIdle port.jpg
FileLab polisher.jpg
FileLab power props.jpg
FileLab props desk.jpg
FileLab stuff2.jpg
FileMobile wall citadel houses van.jpg
FileMounted connection devices1.jpg
FileMounted connection devices2.jpg
FileNp coast props.jpg
FileRavenholm overview1.jpg
FileRavenholm overview2.jpg
FileTraps concept nb.jpg
FileWires - generators.jpg
FileWires celllblock.jpg
FileWires corridor.jpg

===''Portal 2''===

FilePotato 59.jpg
FileASSketch ek.jpg
FileThe Basement.jpg
FilePotato 32.jpg
FilePotato 39.jpg
FileF-Stop concepts.jpg

==Selected gameography==
*''Half-Life Source'' (2004)
*''Half-Life 2'' (2004)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One'' (2006)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' (2007)
*''Portal'' (2007)
*''Portal 2'' (2011)

==See also==
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''


==External links==
*https// Personal website (Archive)
*http// Blogger profile

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