Energy Injection

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The '''Energy Injection''', also known as the '''E-Injection''', is a Survivor Gold|purchasable weapon in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor''. It is available to the Medic (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Medic for 20,000 SG.

The Energy Injection has two modes. If the weapon is aimed at a teammate who is within its range, the primary attack can be used to shoot a projectile at that player. This projectile uses 50 points of the weapon's internal charge, and can in turn charge the targeted player's Hazardous Environment Suit|suit for up to 50%. If it is not aimed at a player of the same team or the player is too far, the attack will fail and no ammo will be used, however when aimed at a teammate it fill fire even if that player's suit is already fully charged, thus only wasting weapon's charge.

If the weapon is aimed at an enemy who is within its range, the secondary attack becomes available. With it the player is able to drain the enemy's suit power and charge the weapon. If the weapon's internal charge reaches the maximum amount of 300 points, the secondary attack becomes unusable before the player uses some of the charge on primary attack.

*The Energy Injection has 150 charge points available at the start of each game.
*The availability of each mode is indicated by a blue-colored animated effect to the crosshair. The player will also see the suit charge levels of all the other players when this weapon is equipped.
*Unlike the Recovery Injection, the player is only able to use it on other players and can not charge or discharge his own suit.
*Because of that, this weapon is of limited use in the single mode, as there is no bots in the player's team, and after draining 150 of the enemy suit charge the player will find himself unable to use it.
*This weapon's maximal working distance is longer than that of the Recovery Injection.


FileEnergy Injection HUD.png|HUD icon.
FileHL2S EInjection.png|Loadout icon.
FileEnergy Injection.png|Worldmodel.
FileEnergy Injection Viewmodel Red.jpg|Viewmodel (red team).
FileEnergy Injection Crosshair.jpg|In-game view while not aiming at any player..
FileEnergy Injection Teammate.jpg|Ditto, aiming at a teammate. Also showing the maximum working distance.
FileEnergy Injection Enemy.jpg|Ditto, aiming at an enemy.
FileEnergy Injection Primary.jpg|Primary attack.
FileEnergy Injection Secondary.jpg|Secondary attack.

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