Energy Cannon

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|image=FileXen floor turret brush.jpg|250px
|name=Energy Cannon
|type=Autonomous gun platform
|ammotype=Electric discharges
|rate of fire=Fast
|projectile speed=
|counterpart=Other CategorySentry weapons|sentry weapons
|entity=N/A (func_tanklaser + func_breakable http// brushes)

The '''Energy Cannon'''''Half-Life Prima Guide'' is a large alien energy weapon featured in ''Half-Life''.

The Energy Cannon is encountered only once between the Mechanized Infantry Repair Bay and the entrance to the Lambda Reactor Complex in Sector F set up there by Alien Grunts to guard the entrance to the Reactor Complex. Unlike most of Xen's bio-technology, the Energy Cannon appears to be made of some kind of metallic substance, consisting of four long prongs connected to a stationary base, able to pivot in a forward-facing direction. It's capable of firing a powerful blue energy beam at enemies.

==Behind the scenes==
The Energy Cannon is made of http// brushes tied to the entities "func_tanklaser" and "func_breakable". When it is destroyed, it crumbles in the same way a concrete wall would. 

The cannon is not present in the console ports of 'the game. In both the Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|PlayStation 2 and unreleased Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|Dreamcast versions, it was replaced by a pile of crates.


FileC3a1b cannon.jpg|The cannon.
FileHldc c3a1b cannon.jpg|The same area in the Dreamcast version.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}


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