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Apart from the CategoryXen creatures|Xen, CategoryRace X creatures|Race X and CategorySynths|Synth creatures, Antlions or Combine Advisors, the Half-Life and Portal universe|''Half-Life'' and ''Portal'' series feature '''Earth creatures''' as well. They are either heard, mentioned, or appear as actual NPCs.

==''Half-Life'' and its expansions==

Birds can be heard outside of Black Mesa. Sound file names suggest they consist of hawks and quails.

The ''Capture The Flag'' mode of ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'' features Penguins with Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life)|grenades strapped to their back. They act like Snarks.

FilePenguin worldmodel.png|Penguin.
FilePenguin viewmodel.png|Viewmodel.

Insects can be heard in the exterior maps and some inside maps. Sound file names suggest they consist of flies, bees, and crickets.


The Cockroach (monster_cockroach) is seen crawling in many places across the Black Mesa Research Facility. His AI was made by Steve Bond.{{IA|20001026063458/http//|''Half-Life'' What about the baddies?|Online Gaming Review (February 25, 1998)}} Its health is very low, since walking on it will kill it instantly.

FileCockroach model.jpg|''Half-Life'' cockroach model.
FileCockroach Decay.jpg|PlayStation 2 version.


A fly model was originally to appear in ''Half-Life'', but it was ultimately cut, being just heard in the outdoor areas. The texture can be found in the ''Half-Life Source'' files.

FileFly texture.png|Unused fly texture.


Rats (monster_rat) can be seen walking slowly and standing on their hind legs in the Black Mesa Half-Life storyline Course (optional)|Hazard Course. There, they do not react to the player's actions, and can only be killed using Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life)|grenades.

They also appear in ''Half-Life'' concept art and early test maps.

FileEarly scientist concept.jpg|Concept art for a Black Mesa scientist with a rat.
FileBig rat.jpg|''Half-Life'' rat model.
FileRat Chumtoad test map.jpg|The Rat with a Chumtoad in an early test map.
FileRat Hazard Course.jpg|One of the Hazard Course rats.

==''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes==


With the humans, birds are the only Earth creatures seen during the Combine occupation. No explanation of this particular survival is given in-game.  As most NPCs, birds can be killed. Civil Protection officers and Overwatch Snipers can be seen shooting them from time to time, and Xen creatures attack them occasionally as well.

There are three known types of birds in ''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes the pigeon, the crow and the seagull, although many other types of birds (such as woodpeckers or miscellaneous birds of prey) can be heard in the Outlands. Other unidentified birds (simply named "coast bird" in the sound files) can also be heard along the Coast.


Crows (npc_crow) are found in City 17, Ravenholm and the Outlands. They are sometimes seen feasting on corpses.

During the Teleportation 2 and its episodes|teleportation mishap in the ''Half-Life 2'' chapter ''Half-Life 2 storyline#"A Red Letter Day"|"A Red Letter Day"'', Gordon is first sent into the Wasteland, which is filled with crows, one of which gets caught in midair by Lamarr. Immediately afterward, when Gordon temporarily reappears in Kleiner's Lab, it appears that a crow came back with him, as one can be seen at his feet.

In the ''Half-Life 2'' chapter ''Half-Life 2 storyline Kanal|Route Kanal'', the player can see a crow quickly take off, only to be eaten by a Barnacle. In the chapter ''Half-Life 2 storyline One|Anticitizen One'', an unplugged television on a pile of rubble blocking the doorway leading outside shows an image of the G-Man standing in a wooden boat with a crow on his shoulder. A similar surreal scene can be seen in the WC mappack map "Ichthyosaur the scenes|ickypop", involving the G-Man being held in mid-air by a flying crow.WC mappack

At White Forest, false alarms are often triggered in the secondary silo by nesting crows.

FileCrow.jpg|''Half-Life 2'' crow model.
FileWasteland crows lamarr.jpg|The Wasteland as first seen in ''Half-Life 2'', with Lamarr and crows.
FileWasteland crows lamarr jump.jpg|Lamarr jumping to catch one of the crows.
FileCrow teleport.jpg|The crow that came back to Kleiner's Lab with Gordon.
FileD3 c17 020018.jpg|The G-Man seen on a television with a crow on his shoulder. 
FileD3 c17 020017.JPG|The G-Man as seen on the television. 
FileIckypop gman crow.jpg|The G-Man being held by a crow in the map "ickypop".
FileSniper crows.jpg|Crows being targeted by Overwatch Snipers. 


Although no dove is seen in-game, one is featured on one of the Combine propaganda posters scattered around City 17, above Combine imagery|Combine logos, as an ironic symbol of peace. What appears to be a dove is also featured on a beheaded statue seen in Ravenholm's churchyard.

FilePaperposter001a.png|Propaganda poster featuring a dove.
FileGravestone statue.jpg|Gravestone statue.
FileGravestone statue detail.jpg|Ditto, detail.


Pigeons (npc_pigeon) are found in the City 17 area and the Canals.

FilePigeon.jpg|''Half-Life 2'' pigeon model.
FilePigeon roof.jpg|Pigeon on a City 17 roof.
FilePigeons roof.jpg|Flock of pigeons on a City 17 roof.
FileGordonalyx2.jpg|Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance surrounded by Antlions in City 17, with pigeons flying on the left.


Seagulls (npc_seagull) are found along the Coast and over City 17.

The Fisherman from ''Half-Life 2 Lost Coast|Lost Coast'' is very defensive of what remains of Earth's original species. His comments on these species gives the player more knowledge on the effects of Xen lifeforms and the Combine on Earth's natural environment. If the player shoots a seagull, the Fisherman will show he disagrees, saying, in that order and at each seagull killed, "''Filefish shootgull01.ogg|Hey, now! We've lost enough species already!''", "''Filefish shootgull02.ogg|What'd that gull ever do to you?''", "''Filefish shootgull03.ogg|Don't shoot the gulls! They keep down the leech population!''" and finally "''Filefish shootgull04.ogg|Well, suit yourself. I can't stop you.''", after which no more seagulls can be seen.

In the ''Half-Life 2'' chapter ''Highway 17'', a seagull can perch on and befoul the Scout Car if Gordon leaves the vehicle unattended for a period of time. The seagull will fly away when the player approaches.

FileSeagull.jpg|''Half-Life 2'' seagull model.
FileLostCoast.jpg|Seagulls flying above St. Olga's beach.



WikipediaBarnacle|Barnacles (or Cirripedia, not to be mistaken with the Xen Barnacles) can be found on the rocks and the seafloor at the very start of ''Half-Life 2 Lost Coast''.

FileBarnacles LC real1.jpg|Real world barnacles on St. Olga's rocky beach. 
FileBarnacles LC real2.jpg|Ditto.


In ''Lost Coast'', if the player grabs a crab pot with the Gravity Gun, the Fisherman says that most of the crabs have been eaten by Leeches.

FileCrab pot.jpg|Crab pot model.


Worms can be seen on the chest of the List of Citizen models Citizen corpse model.

Insects can be heard but not seen in the Canals, in the Outlands, and along the Coast. Flies can also often be heard near corpses.


FileHl2 break miniteleporter.png|The "What Cat"? achievement icon|200px|right|thumb
Although not a single cat is seen in ''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes, one is mentioned at the start of ''Half-Life 2'' Isaac Kleiner|Kleiner apparently tested his resurrected teleport on a cat, aided by Barney Calhoun|Barney, and the experiment went bad enough to give Barney nightmares about it. When Calhoun learns the teleport is fixed, he replies "You mean it's working? For real this time? Because... I still have nightmares about that cat." Alyx is puzzled and asks several times "What cat?" but does not get an answer. Before being teleported, Alyx asks again "About that cat..." but again is not answered. Later in the game, Barney mistakes a distant Strider roar to a cat meow, saying "Did you hear a cat just now? That damn thing haunts me."

An The Orange Box Achievements|Orange Box Achievement, "What cat?", requires to break a mini teleport in Kleiner's Lab.

In the Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak sound files, Barney states "''I had to turn the cat right side out again, Gordon, to make sure it was a cat.''".


A bronze horse statue can be seen on a column at the end of the chapter ''"Follow Freeman!"'', in the map "d3_c17_13". It was originally featured in WC mappack maps such as "e3_terminal", "c17_assault2", as two horses, each on a column, or in the museum in Palace. It can also be found alone on a column in "d4_streetwar_01", the first street map following Palace. The prefab map "prefab_government" also contains two horse statues.

During the City 17 uprising, a Citizen says he could "eat a horse, hooves and all".

FileHorse statue.png|Horse statue model.
FileE3 Terminal plaza.jpg|Horse statues in "e3_terminal".
FileE3 terminal rebels.jpg|Ditto.
FileCombot Plaza trailer.jpg|Ditto, as glimpsed in the first ''Half-Life 2'' trailer.
FileD4 streetwar01 10.jpg|In "d4_streetwar_01".
FilePrefab government1.jpg|Horse statues in "prefab_government".
FileD3 c17 13 citadel horse.jpg|The horse statue in "d3_c17_13".
FileEnd horse.png|''Half-Life 2'' leak texture based on a screenshot of the horse statue on its column, used in the E3 2003 video "http// Psyche" and the ending sequences of the WC mappack maps "e3_end" and "hazard01".
FileCossack transition.png|Unused "cossack transport" logo depicting a man riding a horse, found in the ''Episode Two'' texture files.

Rats can be heard in Ravenholm and the City 17 Underground, but are not seen. 

An incomplete rat model can be found in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak files.Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak files

FileRat leak model.jpg|Rat model cut from ''Half-Life 2''.

Along the Coast in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak only, whale sounds can be heard underwater. As seen in the sound files, however, they actually are Ichthyosaur sounds, named "ping1" and "ping2".

The seafloor was originally to be full of beached ships and whale bones,''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' recalling the real world WikipediaAral Sea|Aral Sea.


Frogs can be heard but not seen in the Canals.

==''Portal'' series==


Birds can be heard outside at the very end of ''Portal''. Some birds such as a goose, a crow or a sparrow can also be seen on GLaDOS' screens at the end of ''Portal''.

FileGlados screens bird001.png|A sparrow seen on the GLaDOS' screens at the end of ''Portal''.
FileGlados screens bird002.png|A pigeon.
FileGlados screens bird003.png|A goose.
FileGlados screens bird004.png|A duck.


As seen on a clipboard found in the Enrichment Center in ''Portal'', Test Subject 042|Test Subject  was apparently a chicken that failed the tests it took.

A rooster is among the 9 animals to be chosen from at the start of the Cooperative Testing Courses Course|Calibration Course of the Cooperative Testing Initiative. All the other animals are Earth creatures 3|mammals.

''Portal 2'' concept art revealed during the PotatoFoolsDay ARG|''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG shows Aperture Science producing and growing giant chickens, and that one of them escaped at some point in administration areas.

A case of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center the scenes|diorama exhibit sequence cut from ''Portal 2'' was to contain at least one life sized statue of a chicken.''The Final Hours of Portal 2''

FileAperture clipboard 042.png|Clipboard sheet, featuring a chicken schematic.
FileSubject-042.jpg|The clipboard in situ.
FilePotato 57.jpg|Aperture Science ad featuring chickens.
FilePotato 59.jpg|Chicken running through cubicles.
FileAperture diorama2.jpg|Chicken glimpsed in a case of the cut diorama exhibit sequence.


In ''Portal 2'', Wheatley is attacked by a crow after stealing her eggs. The same crow then catches GLaDOS|PotatOS and puts her in a nest in Test Shaft 09 after pecking her.

In ''Peer Review'', the crow appears to have laid three eggs in an old GLaDOS prototype chassis. At the end of the DLC, ATLAS and P-body enter the chassis room on GLaDOS' order, and drive off the bird. GLaDOS then orders them to smash the eggs, but changes her mind in time. Instead, she places them in a small Relaxation Vault-like box, where the chicks are raised with GLaDOS as their new mother. One day, while she is mocking them about their beaks, the one she called "Mr. Chubby Beak" smashes the glass of the vault, making GLaDOS realize that they are actually "little killing machines". She then asks them to go to sleep, telling them that she has got a "big day" for them the next day.

FileGlados screens bird005.png|A crow seen on the GLaDOS' screens at the end of ''Portal''.
FileBirdbirdbird.jpg|Model of the ''Portal 2'' crow.
FileChicks2.jpg|The three chicks under GLaDOS' care.


In GLaDOS' testing track (Portal 2) Chamber 09|Test Chamber 09 in ''Portal 2'', GLaDOS teases Chell about her weight. Upon completion of the test, GLaDOS ironically compliments her "''Look at you. Sailing through the air majestically. Like an eagle. Piloting a blimp.''"

A fish civilization exists on Perpetual Testing Initiative-5912228339 and Earth-5912228341.{{YouTube|m06qmgDElR4|''Perpetual Testing Initiative'' promotional video}}


In ''Portal 2'', many insects can be heard in the ruined Enrichment Center. Additionally, some of them can be also found in the Multiverse.


An ant civilization exists on Earth-5912228343.


In a Portal ARG resource list|memo by Cave Johnson revealed during the Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG, he states that the "bean counters", a higher authority than himself, told him it was against regulations to practice beekeeping in his office. Johnson ignored this, and his bees' honey won first place in the state finals.


Crickets can be heard outside at the very end of ''Portal'', and are named as such in the captions.


The injection of a praying mantis DNA was the subject of an Experiment made by Aperture Science, eventually leading to creation of Mantis Man|Mantis Men. Additionally, mantises are present in 8th and 15th Universe, featured in ''Perpetual Testing Initiative''.

====Sea animals====

An octopus civilization exists on Earth-5912228342.

Two depictions of jellyfish can be seen in the maintenance areas of Aperture Science Enrichment Center, both drawn with a pencil on a wall. The Nice Little Jellyfish is located in a small office room overlooking GLaDOS' testing track (Portal) Chamber 09|Test Chamber 09 while the Big Bad Jellyfish can be found among abandoned offices, near the first Rocket Turret encountered by Chell.

FileNice little jellyfish.jpg|The Nice Little Jellyfish.
FileThe Big Bad Jellyfish.jpg|The Big Bad Jellyfish.


Some mammals can be seen on GLaDOS/Screen images|GLaDOS' screens at the end of ''Portal''. They include cows, a horse, a black bear cub, a rabbit, goats, sheep, and the skull of a cow.

One animal can be chosen among the nine featured in a table at the start of ''Portal 2''’s Cooperative Testing Courses Course|Calibration Course of the Cooperative Testing Initiative. The table includes 8 mammals, such as a horse, a deer, an elephant, a wolf, a moose, a baboon, a porcupine, and a rhinoceros.

FileGlados screens black bear cub.png|A black bear cub seen on the GLaDOS' screens at the end of ''Portal''.
FileGlados screens cow001.png|A cow.
FileGlados screens goat001.png|A goat.
FileGlados screens goat002.png|Ditto.
FileGlados screens horse001.png|A horse.
FileGlados screens horse002.png|Ditto.
FileGlados screens pig001.png|A pig.
FileGlados screens rabbit001.png|A rabbit.
FileGlados screens sheep1.png|A sheep.
FileGlados screens sign skull.png|The skull of a cow.
FileCoop animals.png|The animal shapes used for calibration.


In both ''Portal 2 Lab Rat'' and ''Portal 2'', there is a running reference to the WikipediaSchrödinger's cat|Schrödinger's cat experiment.


In ''Portal 2'', GLaDOS mentions to Chell and ATLAS and P-body that she sometimes sees deer outside the facility. She then attempts to lure Chell into the "trap" chamber during her escape, telling her a deer can be found there.

A deer is among the 9 animals to be chosen from at the start of ''Portal 2''’s Calibration Course of the Cooperative Testing Initiative.


In Test Shaft 09, Cave Johnson states in one of his pre-recorded messages that the Enrichment Spheres are made out of asbestos to keep out the rats.

FileMotel mural night.png|200px|right|thumb|The mural with the howling wolf.

A howling wolf can be seen replacing the person on the beach in the mural featured in Chell's room in the Extended Relaxation Center.

A wolf is among the 9 animals to be chosen from at the start of ''Portal 2''’s Calibration Course of the Cooperative Testing Initiative.


Enrichment Center Test Subject Application Process 21|Form 21 of the Enrichment Center Test Subject Application Process found on contains a list of 1345 items mostly consisting of animals, taken from an index found at the website http// AnimalPicturesArchives.

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