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| usedby=*Alyx Vance
*Judith Mossman
*Isaac Kleiner
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The '''EMP Tool''' is an WikipediaElectromagnetic pulse|electromagnetic pulse''Half-Life 2 Prima Guide'' multitool mainly used by Alyx Vance for several purposes.

FileD3 breen 010120.JPG|Mossman freeing Gordon from his Prisoner Pod with Alyx's EMP Tool in Breen's office.|left|thumb|200px

*The device is always attached to Alyx's belt, and she regularly uses it to bypass Combine security systems or open Combine lock|locked doors. It can also be used to gain access to Combine interface|Combine computers and information they store, giving the Resistance pivotal information on the Combine.

*In ''Episode One'', Alyx also uses it to re-program Rollermines to attack Combine troops, Zombies, Overwatch Snipers and Stalkers, allowing Gordon and her to proceed further towards the Citadel Core|core. This function may be done in a similar way that it is used to hack the Combine computers.

*All of the previous functions are done by an electric pulse tunneling from the EMP Tool to the nearest electric conductor. The Combine's somewhat superfluous use of technology to manage and control the City 17|City makes this function highly useful.

*The tool can also be used to store information, much like an WikipediaUSB flash drive|USB key of sorts. Alyx uses it to store Judith Mossman's message and encrypted files about the ''Borealis (Aperture Science ship)|Borealis'', which she delivers to Isaac Kleiner for analyzing at White Forest. To download or upload data, it is simply a matter of plugging it into a computer and copying the required data. 

*At the end of ''Half-Life 2'', Judith Mossman threatens Breen with it, hinting that the tool can be used as a weapon against living objects, possibly to electrocute or stun them. However, it may be that it simply looks threatening. After scaring off Breen, Mossman uses it to free Gordon Freeman from his Combine Prisoner Pod, possibly via a similar method used to open locked doors.

==Behind the scenes==

*While it is never named in-game, its name is given by its texture file, named "emptool_sheet", and its model, named "alyx_EmpTool_prop".

*The cut Roller Wand may be a predecessor to the EMP Tool.

*The Stungun, a melee weapon featured in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor'', is a recolored EMP Tool.


FileEMP Tool early.jpg|Untextured model, used as the model's image preview in the Source SDK.
FileEli-alyx-vance.jpg|Alyx with her EMP Tool at Black Mesa East. 
FileD3 breen 010108.JPG|Mossman threatens Breen with the EMP Tool in Breen's office.
FileD3 breen 010118.JPG|Mossman about to free Gordon with Alyx's EMP Tool in Breen's office.
FileD3 breen 010124.JPG|Mossman giving Alyx her EMP Tool back. 
FileEp1 citadel alyx stalkers.jpg|Alyx about to reprogram Rollermines against Stalkers in the Citadel.
FileEp2 outland 110045.jpg|Kleiner holding Alyx's EMP Tool. 
FileEp2 outland 11b0057.JPG|The EMP Tool plugged in to deliver Mossman's message.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One''
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''

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