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'''''Datacore''''' is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life'' and ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It was included with both games on their releases.

==Behind the scenes==
The name of the map is hldm6 in the leaked ''Half-Life Source'' map pack (hl-wc-maps). This may be the original title of the map.


FileMagazine reception.png|The reception area.
FileTeaser reception.PNG|Ditto.
FileBarnacle eating2.jpg|Black Mesa Security Force|Guard being eaten by a Barnacle at the entrance.
FileBarnacle eating.png|Ditto.
File0080-sci dead.JPG|Dead Black Mesa Science Team|scientist in the south hall.
FileEarly Agrunt and scientists.jpg|Alien Grunt in the south hall.
FileDatacore stairs.png|The south hall stairs.
FileOld smg shooting glass.jpg|The data room.


FileDatacore reception.jpg|The reception area.
FileDatacore entrance.jpg|The entrance, near the south hall.
FileDatacore south hall.jpg|The south hall.
FileDatacore north hall.jpg|The north hall.
FileDatacore maintenance.jpg|The maintenance hall.
FileDatacore data room.jpg|The data room.
FileDatacore windows.jpg|Ditto.


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