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This article describes what is known about the '''cut missions from ''Half-Life Decay'''''. Originally, ''Decay'' was going to feature twelve campaign missions.{{IA|20011005161246/http//,10869,2761914,00.html|E3 2001 Hands-on ''Half-Life''|GameSpot (May 17, 2001)}} However, the game shipped with only nine, leaving three to have been cut from the final product.

== Mission 6 ''Central Transit Hub'' ==
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Originally set to be the sixth mission, ''Central Transit Hub'' (map name ht06hub) directly follows up on the events of the previous mission, ''Half-Life Decay storyline 5 Domestic Violence|Domestic Violence''. It involved Gina Cross|Gina and Colette Green|Colette traveling through the Black Mesa Transit System|transit system's center hub to acquire the All-Clear code that would allow Gordon Freeman to launch the Black Mesa satellite|satellite delivery rocket, a device the Black Mesa Science Team|science team needs in orbit to help close the alien dimensional breach.

== Mission 8 ''Hangar'' ==

Filedecaycut ht08hangar scientist.ogg|thumb|right|link=|Reconstructed ''Hangar'' scientist dialog.

Originally set to be the eighth mission, the events in ''Hangar'' (map name ht08hangar) were to have been set up in the previous mission, ''Half-Life Decay storyline 6 Code Green|Code Green''. In lines that were cut from the final game, Gina and Colette would overhear a soldier remarking that tracking systems were in place and that they were successfully following Gordon's movement. However, the military still did not know who the other two individuals in HEV suits were. After successfully uploading the All-Clear signal, the two would have entered the hangars at the air field to begin the next mission.

Shortly after entering ''Hangar'', they find a scientist being interrogated by soldiers looking for Gina's and Colette's suit ID numbers so they can track those two as well, though he only knows the ID number of Gordon's suit. They rescue the scientist, and he informs them that they need to destroy the military's tracking devices before they can capture Gordon. They move on and find a wounded scientist hiding in a ceiling hatch. He tells them to take the weaponry in the room to destroy the Osprey Heliplane|Osprey outside in order to cut off the military's reinforcements. After ''Hangar'' was cut, this encounter with the Osprey was ultimately moved to the previous mission.

In the game files, the scientist model possesses two unused animations intended for use in ''Hangar'' interogation1 and interogation2 (''sic'') in which the first encountered scientist cowers as he's being interrogated by soldiers.

=== Gallery ===

FileOther1_cut.jpg|A dismantled Osprey sits inside a hangar at the air field.
FileOsprey hangar.png|Unused Osprey hangar_idle animation.
FileDecaycut scientist interogation.png|Unused scientist interogation1 animation.
FileScientist clutch.png

== Mission 9 ==

Filedecaycut ht09 hgrunt.ogg|thumb|right|link=|Reconstructed soldier dialog.

Very little information is available about what was originally intended to be the ninth mission as no media demonstrating it has ever been released and few remnants of the level remain in the game files. It would have directly followed the events of ''Hangar''. In an interview, Gearbox Software|Gearbox designer and writer Randy Pitchford described a mission in which Gina and Colette would manage to save Gordon from being killed after he is captured by the military.

{{QuoteRefInline|There's also an instance in the original game where you're knocked unconscious by soldiers, who then begin dragging you somewhere, muttering about how they're going to kill you. You wake up later in a trash compactor wondering what happened. In Decay, you find out that these two scientists are the ones who save you--because you, yourself, have to save Gordon from the soldiers in Decay.|E3 2001 Preview}}

Unused dialog in ''Decay'' portrays two soldiers, both voiced by Brice Armstrong, celebrating the capture of Gordon and describing how they intend to shoot him before dropping his body into the trash compactor, a location seen from Gordon's perspective in ''Half-Life''. Several animations exist depicting Gordon's attempted execution. The human grunt model includes cap_gordon_idle and cap_gordon animations showing a soldier preparing to and successfully killing an unconscious Gordon if the players fail to intervene in time. Gordon's model includes the accompanying capped_idle and capped_fall animations showing him being propped up by the soldier and subsequently falling down into the trash compactor. The trash compactor map was updated in the port seemingly to reflect the changes for the mission.

=== Gallery ===

FileTent smash01.png
FileTent smash02.png
FileDecaycut hgrunt capgordon.png|Unused soldier cap_gordon_idle animation.
FileDecaycut gordon capped.png|Unused Gordon capped_idle animation.
FileGordon execution.png|Reconstruction of the scene.


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