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|designer=Dario Casali{{IA|20040805103005/http//|Interview with Dario Casali|Planet Half-Life (July 15, 2004)}}



'''''Crossfire''''' is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life''. It was added to the game in patch version

The map consists of several buildings not unlike the ones in Boot Camp (multiplayer map)|Boot Camp, an underground garage, and a "Satellite Operations" building. The Satellite Operations building consists of
*two turrets accessible by ladders from the outside, connected by chutes to sniper nests below
*a large garage-like area with 4 Charger|Chargers
*two sniper nests with Crossbow (Half-Life)|Crossbow ammo
*two rooms full of ammunition for various weaponry
*a computer room with a button that closes the windows in the sniper nests + the "garage" door and then creates an explosion that kills everyone outside Satellite Operations and imparts enough force to blind the hiding personnel for ~half a second
The rest of the map consists of (apart from the aforementioned buildings) a large gate connected to a wide road heading into a spacious two-storey empty room divided by the road, the upper storeys being accessed by ladders. Under the road-to-the-gate is a wide section with sparsely placed ammo/health packs.
==Behind the scenes==
*Valve Corporation|Valve has stated that Crossfire is their favorite teamplay map.http// Exclusive New ''Half-Life'' Level on IGN (January 13, 1999)
*Dario Casali's signature can be found in the map using the noclip mode.
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' version of the map was released on December 6, 1999.{{IA|20000817085230/http//|'Tis the Season New Op For Maps|Official ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' website (December 6, 1999)}}


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