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'''Conversion Gel''' is a CategoryAperture Science testing elements|testing element used in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center several decades before ''Portal'' and introduced in ''Portal 2''. It is one of four types of Mobility Gels.

FilePortal2 2011-05-28 23-21-32-87.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Conversion Gel spreading in Pump Station Gamma.
Conversion Gel is a white fluid that allows the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device|ASHPD to place teleportation|portals on non-portalable surfaces (typically metal). It was created during the 1980s and tested in Test Shaft 09 - 1986 Enrichment Sphere 06|Enrichment Sphere 06 in Test Shaft 09 from 1981 to 1986, and brought in there from Pump Station Gamma.

A main use of this gel is in the end of ''Portal 2'', where Chell used it to her advantage to defeat Wheatley. Several areas in Test Shaft 09 seem to indicate that the Conversion Gel was used to paint all further testing facilities, explaining how only white, painted walls were affected by the ASHPD.

According to a pre-recorded message from Cave Johnson, Conversion Gel is made up of ground-up Moon rocks as they are an excellent portal-conducting surface, although contributing to Cave's death due to being poisonous. By the time Johnson found out about the moon rock's portal-friendly nature, he was so far in debt that the company couldn't afford to buy 7 dollars worth of moon rocks, much less 70 million. Regardless, he made the purchase anyway.

Upon confronting Wheatley at the end of the game, Chell uses this information to her advantage where the only bit of Conversion Gel left in the core room was a small spot underneath Wheatley, but a hole had opened in the ceiling revealing the Moon. Chell fired one portal at the moon and another on the Conversion Gel puddle beneath Wheatley, causing a rapid decompression in the room, sucking him and the Aperture Science Personality Construct Core|Space Core out into the vast void.

==Related Achievements==
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!style="text-alignleft"|White Out (15G)
|''Master the Conversion Gel.''

==Behind the scenes==

* Conversion Gel is original to ''Portal 2'' and was not recycled from the three gels and the cleansing "water" featured in ''Tag The Power of Paint''.

* Despite apparently being poisonous, like with the Repulsion Gel, getting covered in Conversion Gel does not seem to adversely affect the player in any way.

* This type of Mobility Gel didn't appear in the Cooperative Testing Initiative until the addition of the ''Peer Review'' DLC package in October 2011.


FileGel flow white.png|"Gel Flow" direction sign.
FilePortal2 2011-05-28 23-40-48-29.jpg|View from inside a Conversion Gel dispenser in Test Shaft 09.
FilePortal2 2011-05-28 23-34-44-59.jpg|Being covered in Conversion Gel in Test Shaft 09.
FilePortal2 2011-06-22 18-29-41-17.jpg|Flowing Conversion Gel in Enrichment Sphere 06's sole Test Chamber.
FilePortal2 2011-05-28 23-33-25-81.jpg|Ditto.
FilePortal2 2011-05-28 23-45-52-07.jpg|Conversion Gel placed properly to complete Sphere 06.
FilePortal2 2011-06-08 00-51-20-93.jpg|Sphere 06 can be completely flooded with Conversion Gel.
FilePortal2 2011-06-22 21-16-10-54.jpg|Overall view of the Mobility Gel chamber, with the Gels placed properly by Chell with her portals.
FilePortal2 2011-05-29 13-05-10-00.jpg|Leaking Conversion Gel pipe.
FilePortal2 2011-05-29 13-11-16-90.jpg|The shaft leading to the Gel Pump Station after being covered with Conversion Gel.
FilePortal2 2011-05-29 13-12-14-59.jpg|Ditto.
FilePortal2 2011-05-29 13-12-24-51.jpg|Ditto, the end of the shaft.
FilePeti paintsplat portal.png|Conversion Gel icon in ''Perpetual Testing Initiative''.

==List of appearances==
*''Portal 2'' {{1st}}
*''Peer Review''
* ''Perpetual Testing Initiative''

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