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The '''Construction''' (model filename) is an unused character from ''Half-Life'' that can be found in the game files. It appears to be a generic construction or maintenance worker. He wears a yellow jumpsuit with orange stripes, a computer screen on his back, and a gray helmet. It is a reskinned early Black Mesa Security Force|security guard model. Although unrelated, he is often confused with Gus, the forklift operator.

According to Steve Theodore, the character may have been one of the scripted sequences that was cut after playtesting, or a filler for the tram ride at the beginning of the game. Its animations suggest it was to be seen in an early version of the chapter ''Blast Pit'' (in the map c1a4), inspecting something on the tracks, then climbing on the sidewalk to escape from the player's train. This may have been a leftover from the original model.


FileBarney alpha.png|Early security guard model.

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