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|image=FileCaptain vance1.png|181px
|health=100''Half-Life'' leak, skill level settings (skill2.cfg and skill3.cfg)
|weapons=*OICW''Half-Life 2'' leak, Gama Data file (halflife2.fgd)
*Combine SPAS-12|Shotgun
*Stun Baton
*Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life 2)|GrenadesDevelopment of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak files
|equipment=*WikipediaFlak jacket|Flak jacket
*WikipediaCanteen (bottle)|Canteen
|entity=npc_conscriptWC mappack
|designer=Dhabih Eng''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
{{Quote|You want me? You want some of me? Get it! Get it! |Animal|Development of Half-Life 2|FileConscript animal05.ogg}}

The '''Conscripts''' are a human Combine unit cut from ''Half-Life 2''. They were to be the remains of the former Earth forces requisitioned and unwillingly reincorporated (according to the definition of WikipediaConscription|Conscription) into the Combine units as low rank human Combine soldiers. They were to be headed by Captain Vance.WC mappack

They were to use OICWs, MP5Ks, Combine SPAS-12|Shotguns, Stun Batons, Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life 2)|grenades, Armored Personnel Carrier the scenes|APCs,WC mappack and Bradleys. They were to be protected by WikipediaFlak jacket|flak jackets. Unused canteen and helmet textures can also be found in the Conscript model textures.

There are only two known Conscript models. The head of the generic one, based on Ted Backman's head, was used for Citizen List of Citizen models|Male 2, but it is likely that Conscripts were to come with the several different Citizen heads, sometimes with helmets, as seen in one piece of concept artFileCaptain vance1.png and a texture from the ''Half-Life 2'' leak files.FileHelmet cl.png The other, sharing the same body, was Captain Vance's model, whose head was reused for the Citizen List of Citizen models|Male 8.

==Known storyline elements==
FileConscript idle.png|Conscript model.|150px|thumb|right

===The early Resistance===
While heading this unit, Captain Vance, stationed at the Air Exchange,WC mappack was to secretly organize the Resistance. When Freeman was to destroy the Air Exchange's reactor core, Vance was to rally his Conscripts and other Citizens and start to turn against the Combine to launch the City 17 uprising. Similar to the rebels in the final game, Conscripts were to launch an attack on the Weather Control and fight on the City 17 streets,WC mappack having some advantage on the rebels from the final game in their use of their tanks and other weaponry originally provided to them by the Combine.

===The Weather control assault===
{{Main|Weather Control}}

A massive attack was to be launched on the Weather Control, in the Arctic regions. Gordon and Alyx were to fight alongside Vance and his Conscripts, before going back to City 17 and take part into the ongoing uprising.

===The sniper scene===
According to {{Abbr|sound files|Dated May 2001.}} in "vo/sniper" folder, and a map named "{{Abbr|sniper|john/sniper_029.vmf, last edited on May 24, 2001.}}", it seems that the ''Half-Life 2'' level where Barney Calhoun is pinned down by an Overwatch Sniper was originally to involve a platoon of Conscripts pinned down in a long street by a Overwatch Sniper|sniper equipped with a Sniper Rifle (cut weapon)|bolt action rifle while trying to reach Vance Headquarters|Captain Vance's headquarters.WC mappack

Apparently after the map "rooftops" ("sniper" appears to be roughly the same map, only that "rooftops" is located on building rooftops and that "sniper" on the street level, and also reinforced by the fact there's a fire escape ladder at the player's start), Gordon was to arrive on the street level, where a huge battle was to be taking place. Big fires here and there were to be blazing with damaged Conscripts APCs all over the place, buildings in ruins, and Zombies lurking in several buildings. At one end was to be a Conscript laying down wounded in an APC, who would interact with Gordon.

Gordon would join the platoon and be ordered by the leading officer to cover another Conscript, named Manwich (also known as Animal), while the latter would take care of the sniper right behind the APC with the wounded soldier in it. Manwich is a quite nervous, jumpy soldier, in the vein of Pvt. Hudson in the film ''WikipediaAliens (film)|Aliens'', would lose his patience and want to take over the situation himself. It is possible that he was to be shot as well, and that Gordon would finally kill the sniper himself.

"sniper_029.vmf" was last edited in May 2001, making it a very early street war map, likely to be set somewhere after the rooftop maps and the Skyscraper (Vertigo version), and before the map "VanceHQ.vmf", dating from the same period of development.WC mappack

==Behind the scenes==
It appears that the AI of the Black Mesa Security Force|security guard featured in ''Half-Life'' was reused for the Conscripts, until they were made unspawnable.Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak source code


FileAlyx and conscripts full.jpg|Complete version of the image featured in the infobox, with Alyx in front of the Conscripts.
FileCaptain Vance model bust.jpg|Captain Vance.
FileConscript armed.png|Conscript standing with an OICW.
FileConscript run.png|Conscript running.
FileConscript wounded.png|Wounded Conscript in the APC.
FileAnimal wall.png|Animal standing against a wall.
FileAnimal blindfire.png|Animal blind firing.
FileConscript textures.png|Comparison of face textures. 
FileHelmet cl.png|Unused helmet texture.
FileBayonet texture Conscripts.png|Unused bayonet texture.
FileApc brush2.jpg|VAB APC variant.
FileDeep 01 011 01.jpg|In Kraken Base.
FileDeep 01 011 11.jpg|Ditto.

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*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' {{1st}} {{Nc}}

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