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The '''Combine interface''',Model names also known as the '''Combine Mainframe Access Command Module''',As seen on the small screens of console models 1 and 3 or simply '''computer terminal''',''Half-Life 2 Prima Guide'' is the typical Combine computer, made of several monitors and one to several consoles. Notably, these interfaces are featured throughout City 17, Nova Prospekt, the Citadel or any Combine-occupied area. They are used to control many aspects of Combine technology.


FileD1 trainstation 010004.jpg|thumb|left|Barney covertly using the interface to inform Kleiner of Gordon's arrival

*Interfaces found in City 17 are often used to open and close Combine Heavy Door|gates or Combine lock|locks, as seen during the uprising. Interfaces can also manage Force Fields along with standard buttons, such as Bridge Point's Force Fields located on the bridge, referred to in this context as "Bridge Access Field". In this case the interface's monitor, blue, shows if the Force Field is active. When deactivated, it blinks from blue to red.

*They may also be used for communication, as seen when Barney Calhoun contacts Isaac Kleiner from the City 17 Trainstation, when Judith Mossman contacts Wallace Breen from Nova Prospekt, or when Breen contacts a Combine Advisor from the Citadel. The conversation partner will typically be displayed on the central monitor (such as Kleiner with Barney) or through larger "holomonitors" (such as Combine Advisors).

*In Nova Prospekt, the majority of command panels found are used to work the systems around the facility – such as gaining access to surveillance cameras or transporting prisoner pods. They are also used to work the teleport that Judith Mossman helped build for the Combine. An interface is also used to operate a camera in the Victory Mine, allowing to spot the Muscle Car at the end of bridge.

*The command panels in the Citadel are only seen conveying Breencasts, while they probably possess other functions as well. While the Gravity Gun has no effect on panels, the Citadel is the only area in which they can be torn from their support when the gun turns into its Dark Energy-powered version.

*Interfaces often control other devices through Combine Power Generators that often need to be disabled by the player to proceed.

*Ordinarily, command panels can only be operated by Combine personnel. However, Alyx can use her EMP Tool to hijack them, like the Combine locks. Barney has a limited Civil Protection clearance, which allows him to operate some, but not all of the panels.

*When an interface is idle, its monitors are blue. In alert mode, they will turn red.

*An interface also controls the life support system of the Barn Advisor found in the Outlands.



FileCombine interface 001.png|Console variant 1.
FileCombine interface 002.png|Console variant 2.
FileCombine interface 003.png|Console variant 3.
FileCombine interface monitor 001.png|Monitor variant 1, used with a single console.
FileCombine interface monitor 003.png|Monitor variant 3, used with a single console. Variant 2 does not exist.
FileCombine monitor bay.png|Monitor bay variant, used with several consoles.
FileCombine interface wall unit.png|Monitor wall support.
FileMaster interface.png|Large console from Breen's office.
FileBreen console.png|Console controlling the Combine Prisoner Pods in Breen's office.


FileCombine interface logo.svg|Combine logo found on some of the consoles.
FileBreen fakemonitor.png|Temporary monitor texture featuring Breen.
FileCombinedisplay dump.png|Temporary monitor texture featuring a circuit board and a https// chart of the human skeletal system.
FileCombinedisplay eli.png|Temporary monitor texture featuring Eli.
FileCombinedisplay gna.png|Temporary monitor texture featuring Alyx and Gordon.
FileCombinedisplay mossman1.png|Temporary monitor texture featuring Mossman and Gordon.
FileCombinedisplay mossmanrec.png|Temporary monitor texture featuring Mossman.

===''Half-Life 2''===

FileInterface station NP.jpg|Interface on the Nova Prosepkt platforms at the City 17 Trainstation.
FileInterface barney izzy.jpg|Barney and Kleiner discussing Gordon's situation at the City 17 Trainstation.
FileBreen desk.jpg|Interface at Breen's office during Gordon's first day.
FileInterface apc garage.jpg|Breen addressing Gordon through an interface monitor in the APC garage.
FileCop interface apc garage.jpg|Metro Cop launching Manhacks through an interface in the APC garage.
FileBridge access active.jpg|The interface controlling the Force Field located on the Bridge Point bridge, showing the field is active, with schematics of the bridge.
FileBridge access inactive.jpg|After killing the guards and deactivating the Force Field protecting the interface and blocking the bridge.
FileStripped soldier NP.jpg|Interfaces monitoring a stripped Overwatch Soldier at Nova Prospekt.
FileAlyx interface NP.jpg|Alyx trapping Mossman through an interface at Nova Prospekt.
FileAlyx mossman NP.jpg|Alyx and Mossman near a large interface at Nova Prospekt.
FileD3 c17 070009.JPG|Alyx operating a Combine interface during the City 17 uprising.
FileBarney keyboard.jpg|Barney using an interface in the Overwatch Nexus.
FileD3 c17 10b0022.jpg|Power Generator interface in the Overwatch Nexus.
FileD3 citadel 030125.JPG|Breen addressing Freeman through interfaces.
FileD3 citadel 030133.JPG|Ditto.
FileD3 citadel 040264.JPG|Ditto.
FileD3 citadel 030126.JPG|Ditto.
FileD3 citadel 030126 end.JPG|The same monitor after the end of the broadcast.
FileD3 citadel 030126 idle.JPG|The same monitor a few seconds later, idle.
FileAdvisor screen.jpg|Breen bargaining with an Advisor broadcast through a holoscreen at an interface located on top of the Citadel's Dark Fusion Reactor.
FileD3 breen 010048.JPG|The same interface after Alyx has revealed the reactor.

===''Half-Life 2 Episode One''===

FileEp1 citadel 000000.jpg|Breen's face on an Interface during the ''Episode One'' introduction.
FileEp1 citadel 010001.jpg|An interface in the Citadel after having its screen torn from its support with the Gravity Gun.
FileEp1 citadel 010003.jpg|An interface being operated by a Stalker.
FileEp1 citadel 010004.jpg|Variant without monitor.
FileEp1 citadel 010007.jpg|Breen's recording appearing when Alyx tries to operate the interface.
FileEp1 citadel advisors room breen record.jpg|Ditto.
FileInterface advisor core.jpg|Advisor broadcast through a holoscreen at an interface located at the Citadel Core.
FileInterface core 1.jpg|Interfaces in alert mode.
FileInterface core 2.jpg|Ditto.
FileInterface core 2 torn.jpg|The same interfaces after being torn from their support.

===''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''===

FileMusclecar screen.jpg|The Muscle Car as seen on the Victory Mine interface's monitor.
FileBarn idle.jpg|Inside the Barn Advisor's barn, with its life support system's interface and covered generator.
FileBarn Advisor life support destroyed.jpg|The interface controlling the Barn Advisor's life support system burning during its attack.

===''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch''===

FileUnderpass combinestairs.jpg|Interface in the map ''Underpass''.
FileRunoff controlpanel.jpg|Interface in the map ''Run Off''.

==List of appearances==

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*''Half-Life 2 Episode One''
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