Combine Launcher

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| name=Combine Launcher
| affiliation=Combine
| manufacturer=
| model=
| type=WikipediaMortar (weapon)|Mortar
| damage=
| magazine=
| maxammo=
| fire=
| ammotype=Rockets
| operation=
| rate of fire=
| recoil=
| spread=
| projectile speed=
| accuracy=
| range=
| usedby=
| counterpart=
| counterwep=
| entity=N/A (http// brush)
| designer=John GuthrieWC mappack
| hidep=
| hidet=yes
| hideu=yes
| hideg=
The '''Combine Launcher'''Its http// brush name is a 6 cannon mortar cut from ''Half-Life 2''.

The Combine Launcher can be found in the WC mappack demo maps "combine_launcher.vmf" and "combine_gallery_002.vmf", where it is nearby a Desert Launcher. It is unknown when and where it was to be used against the player, although it may be in the Wasteland, like the Desert Launcher. While the Launcher shoots rockets, the model is that of a Flare Gun|flare.


FileCombine Launcher full.jpg|The Combine Launcher, full view.
FileCombine Launcher fire.jpg|The Combine Launcher firing (note the flare models on the ground).


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*{{YouTube|url=iyjHzMc26zA|text=Combine Launcher test}}

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