Combine Bunker

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The '''Combine Bunker''' is a building used as outlying protection on Combine bases, most notably Nova Prospekt, where they protect from infiltration along the Coast. They protect gunners within them whilst allowing them to shoot at any enemies within range.


*Seen mostly lining the coast to Nova Prospekt, Combine Bunkers house Overwatch Soldiers and supplies. 

*Provided mainly for defense against Antlions and other intruders, Combine Bunkers are virtually bulletproof, with one to three Emplacement Guns protected by Force Fields. 

*A small entry/exit door, the Bunker's one weakness, is located at the rear of the building; the easiest way to take out whoever is in a Bunker would be use of a grenade. Bunkers also house alarm switches. 

*Two bunkers may also be connected to make a larger one.

*Some of the bunkers on the Nova Prospekt perimeter are connected to older, pre-Combine fortifications, recognizable by their concrete construction.


===''Half-Life 2''===

Bunkers feature prominently in the second half of the ''Sandtraps'' chapter of ''Half-Life 2'', in which Gordon Freeman must overcome the bunker-bound defenders with the help of the swarms of Antlions under his control, all the while disabling the Thumpers that impede the Antlions' progress. 


FileCombine bunker top.jpg|Roof model.
FileNP bunkers.jpg|Coastline bunkers.
FileEmplacement Gun NP bunker fire.jpg|Using an Emplacement Gun within the bunker.
FileEmplacement Guns NP bunker fire.jpg|Under fire from the Emplacement Guns.
FileEmplacement Gun NP bunker idle 1.jpg|Internal view.
FileEmplacement Gun NP bunker idle 2.jpg|External view.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}

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