Cloaking field

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The '''cloaking field'''''Half-Life Prima Guide'' is a device used by the female Black Ops assassins in ''Half-Life'' and ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It is only present on Hard difficulty.


If playing on Hard difficulty, female Black Ops will possess a cloaking field which grants them near total invisibility. While in an idle state and unaware of any threats, they appear fully opaque. Upon acquiring a target, their form will begin to fade out once they attack, making them difficult to see and defeat in combat. The cloaking field only works when an assassin remains still and/or uses a weapon; it deactivates itself whenever they are moving.


FileBo cloak duo.jpg|Two female Black Ops with their cloaking fields in different stages of activation.
FileBo cloak grenade.jpg|Another female Black Ops throwing a grenade while her cloaking field activates.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life'' {{1st}} {{C|Hard difficulty only}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{C|Hard difficulty only}}


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