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|image=FileTrainstation facade.jpg|250px
|name=City 17 Trainstation
|destroyed=During Combine occupation of Earth
|location=City 17
|builder=N/A, later refurbished by the Combine
|era=Combine occupation of Earth|Combine occupation
|designer=*Viktor Antonov (appearance)''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
*Aaron Barber (level design)WC mappack
*Laura Dubuk (interrogation chair model){{YouTube|gqSMuPlwAzE|Half a life Laura Dubuk on her 12 years at Valve}}
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The '''City 17 Trainstation''' is the first location visited by Gordon Freeman in ''Half-Life 2''. It is primarily a passenger train station converted by the Combine for use in transit between other cities and Nova Prospekt. It appears in the chapters ''Point Insertion'', ''"A Red Letter Day"'' and ''Anticitizen One''.

FileFood hall breen.jpg|thumb|200px|left|The food hall inside the trainstation.

Under the main glass roof, several platforms receive Citizens from other cities and locations coming in old, battered and reused trains. Upon arrival, Wallace Breen Breencast/Quotes#Dr. Breen welcoming Citizens to City 17|welcomes them in one of his Breencast speeches. Citizens are instructed by Metrocops to leave their luggage after getting off the train. City Scanners are flying around. After a turnstile follows a corridor leading to the waiting room where the schedules are displayed (which list other number cities, such as City 16, 15, 13, ''et al''). After that follows a security checkpoint, with Metrocops guarding entrances. From there, three paths are possible one leads to the Trainstation Plaza, the second leads to interrogation rooms where Gordon Freeman reunited with Barney Calhoun and Isaac Kleiner, and the third leads to the platform where Razor Trains leave to Nova Prospekt. The Plaza path leads to a corridor that then leads to the former main hall of the station, transformed into a food hall, where Citizens queue for their food packages at a ration dispenser. There, Breencast/Quotes#Dr. Breen on instinct|another Breencast discussing the concept of instinct is also broadcast. Another corridor leads to the Trainstation Plaza, where the same Breencast is broadcast on a screen attached to an obelisk, facing the trainstation main facade. Each road is blocked by Combine Barricade checkpoints, leading to different precincts and watched by Combine Camera|cameras. A Combine Watchtower is also attached to one of the buildings. By the time of the City 17 uprising, the main trainstation entrance is sealed by Combine technologyFileTrainstation plaza war entrance.jpg and the whole area is heavily damaged, with Combine Smart Barriers having destroyed most of the surrounding buildings. At this point, a Breencast/Quotes#Dr. Breen on collaboration|Breencast about collaborating with the Combine is broadcast.FileTrainstation plaza breencast uprising.jpg

==Related Achievements==
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|''Hit the trashcan cop with the can.''

==Behind the scenes==

===Facade evolution===

The WC mappack contains several maps showing the evolution of the trainstation facade and the plaza, most of them last edited in 2002, after which the trainstation was remade almost from scratch. The trainstation main entrance was never to be used since the player was to access the plaza from a tunnel coming from the Combine Factories area, the first City 17 area visited right after the trainstation. It is unknown what were the plans for the trainstation itself at this point of development, since the only known WC mappack maps of the trainstation's interior are from the same era that the ones used in the Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak, which are almost identical to the final version; no maps of the early interior seen in the concept art by Viktor Antonov can be found in the WC mappack, only the maps it was derived from, i.e. the Combine Factories stenographer's chasm|stenographer's chasm building in the adjacent Combine Factories area.FileTrainstation 2.jpgFileTrainstation5.jpgFileTrainstation7 high.jpg The old City 17 originally contained several plazas (the trainstation one, the Breen/Consul statue one, the Breen/Consulcast one, etc.) which were eventually merged into a single plaza.

 first known version shows the trainstation located along a road near the Combine Factories area. The facade is made of bricks and features three pediments and three arches on the main building. As seen in concept art, the platforms are located behind, in a large hangar with a glass roof (derived from the stenographer's chasm building), black and white tiles on the floors and a deep chasm in the middle, reaching down into the rock. Two tracks are parallel to the trainstation's main facade and connect to the Combine Factories area on one side and other parts of the city on the other side. Many other tracks go in several directions above and the main tracks, deep into the chasm. The exterior is filled with Metrocops and Combots. A http// brush APC is parked nearby while Citizens are queuing.c17_01_15
 road is enlarged to become a plaza, the building is opened, some prototype Combine technology is added inside (not shown). The brick textures are replaced by stone textures and the building is emptied. The glass-roofed building is completely remade and features more stone ornaments. Two stone columns are added on the plaza.train_depot06, train_depot10 The nearby Combine Factories are moved to another map, while the improved glass-roofed building can be found in some subsequent versions.c17_01_74
 building with pediments is replaced by another smaller stone building, also with three arches on the main building. The plaza gets even larger.c17_plaza06
 new stone building is modified, more columns are added, and it features a lift and a cable car that crosses the plaza. The stone columns are replaced by actual models, each one with a horse on its top (one exemplar of the column appears at the end of the ''Half-Life 2'' chapter ''"Follow Freeman!"''). The APC is also replaced by the first APC model. The Citizens queuing, the Metrocops and the Scanners are still there. The Combine Factories are now completely separated from the map (they are present in "e3_industrial", which is based on the directly preceding map). This is the map "e3_terminal" (a modified version of "d1_terminal_01"), which was to be shown at E3 2002 and involve a battle between Rebels and Combine forces, including a Combine Guard (Synth)|Combine Guard. It is also featured in the https// ''Half-Life 2'' E3 2002 Trailer. The next version, remade almost from scratch, is the current seen in ''Half-Life 2''.


FileD1 c17 01 old-textured-station0014.jpg|1.
FileTrain depot10 fixed00.jpg|2.
FileC17 plaza06 fixed00.jpg|3.
FileE3 terminal station.jpg|4.

FileBudapest West Station.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Budapest Western railway station.

*The City 17 Trainstation was designed by Viktor Antonov. In ''Raising the Bar'', he states that the first version of the Trainstation was much more fantasist and very close to a trainstation located at WikipediaBudapest|Budapest and designed by WikipediaGustave Eiffel|Gustave Eiffel, designer of the WikipediaEiffel Tower|Eiffel Tower. He adds that the final version was more closely based on a train station near where he used to live in Paris. However he might refer only to the inside of the trainstation (thus the halls and corridors), as the final version of the main facade and the platforms in the back are still reminiscent of that Budapest trainstation, that appears to be the WikipediaBudapest-Nyugati Railway Terminal|Budapest-Western Railway Terminal ("Budapest Nyugati pályaudvar" in Hungarian). Simplifying the facade clearly reveals the ''Half-Life 2'' trainstation.

*The player's path through the trainstation was meant to play a role similar to that of the Black Mesa Transit System|tram Black Mesa Inbound|ride in ''Half-Life'', i.e. reveal the story setting to the player. In ''Half-Life 2'', the story would unfold at the player's own speed, rather than on a fixed rail, and come about through interaction with the characters naturally found in that setting.

*The Trainstation Plaza was originally called "Terminal Square", then "Terminal Plaza", which constitutes most of the E3 map "Terminal". The "Terminal Hotel" seen on the plaza in the retail version is a reminiscence of this old name.

*The scene where Barney calls Kleiner in his lab to tell him Gordon has returned is a bit longer in the Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak. Most of the sentences were kept but rerecorded, while others, revealing more plot and setting information to the player, have been cut.Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak

*Early ''Half-Life 2'' screenshots and the leak show that the Citadel originally appeared in the first map, and was to be seen from the tracks behind the platforms, where the game starts. As Gordon does not go to that location after the teleportation failure in Kleiner's Lab, as he was not to discover the Citadel before the plaza and as the area beyond the glass roof cannot be seen in the final game, it was deemed irrelevant and was removed.

*Strangely enough, Kleiner's Lab is extremely close to the City 17 Trainstation. Obvious security precautions would have rather placed the lab very far from a very crowded and security-enforced place like a train station. An explanation for this choice is that several levels originally set between the train station and the lab were cut from the final version, such as the Manhack Arcade and the Combine Factories. Therefore the original lab was originally much farther from the train station than it is now.


===Concept art===

FileTrainstation 2.jpg|Concept art of the inside, made on a modified version of the Combine Factories|stenographer's chasm building.
FileTrainstation1 cracks.jpg|Ditto, seen through the broken glass roof.
FileTrainstation7 high.jpg|Ditto.
FileTrainstation4.jpg|Another inside view, with Razor Trains and people.
FileTrainstation shelter.jpg|Shelter on the Trainstation Plaza.



FileD1 garage 010008.JPG|The back/side of the trainstation seen from the Combine Factories area, in "d1_garage_01". 
FileD1 c17 01 old-textured-station0015.jpg|Other view of the first facade version in "c17_01". 
FileD1 c17 01f 010004.jpg|In front of the first version in "c17_01".
FileTerminal pendulum.jpg|Pendulum in a building left of the City 17 Trainstation in "d1_terminal_01". 
FileE3 terminal.jpg|The Terminal Plaza, known today as the Trainstation Plaza, in one of the earliest ''Half-Life 2'' screenshots, in "e3_terminal", showing the Metrocops and Citizens old skins. This image is still on the ''Half-Life 2'' cover art as of today, even if that map and the NPCs' skins were cut from the retail version. The first ''Half-Life 2'' trailer features other signs on the building on the left.
FileE3 Terminal plaza.jpg|The Terminal Plaza in the same map.
FileE3 terminal rebels.jpg|Rebels near the Terminal Plaza, in the same map.
FileSigns Plaza trailer.jpg|Temporary American textures and Combot in an earlier version of the same map, as seen in the http// first ''Half-Life 2'' trailer.
FileCombot Plaza trailer.jpg|Combots in an earlier version of the same map, as seen in the first ''Half-Life 2'' trailer.
FileEarly plaza APC trailer.jpg|The first known APC model and Metrocops beating Citizens in the same map, as seen in the first ''Half-Life 2'' trailer.
FileD1 trainstation leaktrain.jpg|Very basic brush train bringing Gordon to the trainstation in an older version of "d1_trainstation_01".
FileD3 c17 hall.jpg|The food hall with direct access to the plaza in the same map.
FileLate early tracks.jpg|The tracks behind the trainstation, with the Citadel visible in the same map.
FileCheckpoint beta.jpg|Metrocops at the checkpoint between the waiting hall, the Trainstation Plaza, the Nova Prospekt platforms and the interrogation rooms in the same map.


FileTrainstation tunnels.jpg|Railway opposite the trainstation.
FileTrainstation back1.jpg|Main platforms from far. As seen in early screenshots and the leak, the Citadel originally appeared in the background.
FileTrainstation back2.jpg|Ditto.
FileTrain start.jpg|Citizens on a train on its way to the trainstation. This is the first real world thing Gordon sees when he wakes up.
FileScanner welcome.jpg|City Scanner welcoming Gordon to a brand new dystopian world. 
FileBreencast first full.jpg|The first Breencast seen by Freeman. 
FileTrainstation engines platforms.jpg|Stationed locomotives in the trainstation.
FileSweeping Vort.jpg|Sweepy sweeping.
FileTrainstation hall 2.jpg|The waiting hall. 
FileSign TrainSchedule01a.png|Schedule found in the waiting hall. It also appears in ''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead|Left 4 Dead'', in the ''wcleft4deadBlood Harvest|Blood Harvest'' campaign, where it can be found in the ''wcleft4deadThe Train Station|Train Station'' chapter.
FileCheckpoint.jpg|Metrocops at the checkpoint between the waiting hall, the Trainstation Plaza, the Nova Prospekt platforms and the interrogation rooms.
FileTrainstation razor trains.jpg|Razor Trains on the Nova Prospekt platforms. 
FileD1 trainstation 010001.jpg|Refugee having his relocation questioned in an interrogation room.
FileD1 trainstation 010009.jpg|Interrogation chair in an interrogation room.
FileD1 trainstation 010003.jpg|Barney reveals himself.
FileD1 trainstation 010004.jpg|Old friends reunite.
FileDispenser.jpg|A Combine ration dispenser in the trainstation food hall.
FileTrainstation columns.jpg|The main facade columns on the Trainstation Plaza.
FileScanner package.jpg|City Scanner following a Citizen.
FileTrainstation plaza citizen.jpg|A Citizen passing by on the Trainstation Plaza. 
FileD1 trainstation 0200010.jpg|The main facade as seen from the Trainstation Plaza.
FileD1 trainstation 0200040.jpg|Ditto.
FileD1 trainstation 0200100.jpg|Ditto.
FileHalfLife2 City17 TrainStationSquare.jpg|The Trainstation Plaza before the uprising.
FileD1 trainstation 060003.jpg|The back of the trainstation as seen at the start of Gordon's escape. 
FileD1 trainstation 060004.jpg|Metrocops shooting at Gordon Freeman at the back of the trainstation at the start of his escape.
FileTrainstation plaza breencast uprising.jpg|Rebels taking down the Trainstation Plaza Breencast device during the uprising.
FileSmart Barrier plaza.jpg|Combine Smart Barriers on the Trainstation Plaza.
FileTrainstation plaza war entrance.jpg|The sealed trainstation entrance on Trainstation Plaza during the uprising. 

==List of appearances==

*https// ''Half-Life 2'' - E3 2002 Trailer {{1st}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2''
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

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