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The '''Chumtoad''' is a small, purple alien creature resembling a toad. It was originally cut from ''Half-Life'' but later resurrected in the expansions ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' and ''Half-Life Blue Shift''.

Chumtoads are small, amphibious creatures found on Xen similar in morphology to Earth|Earth's toads. They're notable for their bright purple skin, their single red, catlike eye, their spiked backs, and their long, blue tongues. Chumtoads maneuver with short, quick hops similar to that of a terrestrial toad. They also have the ability to swim and to leap to great heights when startled. They may sometimes feign death by rolling over onto their backs and twitching violently, most likely to deceive their predators.

FileChumtoad lair.jpg|left|thumb|200px|''Chumtoad's Lair''.

Their appearance in the games are primarily relegated to Easter eggs|Easter egg occurrences. A Chumtoad appears in ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' at the start of the chapter ''We Are Not Alone'' (map of3a1). If the player shoots a vent cover opposite the blast doors leading to the Sector F Portal Device|Lambda Complex's portal room 25 times using any weapon, an adjacent vent will break and drop one of the creatures.

They are also seen in ''Half-Life Blue Shift'' twice. A Chumtoad can be found during the chapter ''Insecurity'' (map ba_security2) hidden in a cardboard box in Barney Calhoun's locker. If the box is shot 68 times with the 9mm Pistol (Half-Life)|9mm Pistol (using all of the ammo that can possibly be acquired by the player at this point), it will break and reveal a Chumtoad. In the chapter ''Focal Point'' (map ba_xen2), there is an extremely deep pool in Xen that leads to a small cave. When the player enters this area, the title "Chumtoad's Lair" appears on the screen. In the lair, three Chumtoads sit amongst Xen Trees and Snark|Snark nests, illuminated by Crystal (Xen)|Xen crystals. The creatures teleport away when approached.

== Behind the scenes ==
Chumtoads were originally developed as a bait weapon. They were described as being very low on the Xen food chain, serving as the favorite prey of many Xen creatures.{{IA|20021224085014/http//|''Half-Life'' Preview|GameSpot (October 1997)}} In reference to these traits, their name is a compound of "chum" (i.e. shark bait) and "toad." In particular, Chumtoads have been said to be among the preferred diets of Bullsquids{{IA|19980208040159/http//|''Half-Life'' - Monster of the Week Bullsquid| (1997)}} and specifically Alien Grunts.{{IA|19980210182841/http//|''Half-Life'' - Monster of the Week Alien Grunt| (1997)}} In the latter case, Alien Grunts were described as subsisting almost entirely on them. Hence, prior to the arrival of the Alien Grunts in foreign worlds, Chumtoads would be first seeded into these locations as an ongoing edible resource as they were capable of reaching parasitic proportions in any environment they entered.{{IA|19980704031739/http//|''Half-Life'' Preview|Hyper@ctive 2.0 (June 23, 1998)}} Vortigaunts, however, in keeping with their subservient nature, would not dine on Chumtoads, instead always offering the fare to their Alien Grunt masters.{{IA|19980210182924/http//|''Half-Life'' - Monster of the Week Alien Slave| (1997)}}

In the game, the player was intended to pick up and use Chumtoads as bait by dropping them like Snarks to lure hungry monsters away or distract other enemies such as turrets, diverting gunfire elsewhere. When the player held a Chumtoad, it had the possibility of croaking which would alert nearby enemies to their presence.http// Chuck Jones' personal website This bait gameplay aspect was ultimately never developed.

Before settling on the name "Chumtoad", various other names were considered including "Chubtoad" and "http// Choad". The source files for the Chumtoad are included in the Half-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK where it is referred to as a "Chubtoad". Present in these files are a number of different texture variations for the creature including a version with six eyes in varying skin colors.

==In modding==
Although cut from the main game, the Chumtoad remains a fan favorite in the Mods|modding community and is frequently appropriated by various unofficial ''Half-Life'' modifications.
*In ''USS Darkstar'', when the player returns after the disaster to the room where a scientist and guard were studying two airborne creatures (Boids), a Chumtoad is seen standing on top of one of the light fixtures. 
*In ''Sven Co-op'', a heroic Chumtoad (dubbed "Chubby the Chumtoad") appears in various maps. The 4.07 patch added the ability for donators to acquire their own Chumtoad helper which attacks by releasing a cloud of poisonous gas.
*In ''Poke646'', the Chumtoad is called the "explod-a-toad". It secretes a purple pool, marking its territory. If the player, or anything else, wanders into this fluid, the toad will explode. 
*In ''Point of View'' and ''Azure Sheep'', both of which share resources, the Chumtoad is used as a replacement for the Snark.
*In ''Heart of Evil'', a Chumtoad navigates the player through a maze.


FileChumtoad concept.jpg|Concept art.
FileChumtoad weapon.jpg|The Chumtoad being held by the player.
FileViewport chub.png|Ditto, with its original origin values.
FileCHB Skin1.png|One of the various cut skins for a six-eyed Chumtoad.
FileCHB Skin1.jpg|Ditto, on the model.
FileCHB Skin2.png|Ditto. Apart from the eyes and darker stripes, this variant is identical to the final version.
FileCHB Skin2.jpg|Ditto, on the model.
FileCHB Skin3.png|Ditto.
FileCHB Skin3.jpg|Ditto, on the model.
FileCHB Skin4.png|Ditto.
FileCHB Skin4.jpg|Ditto, on the model.
FileChumtoad render.jpg|High-res model render.
FileRat Chumtoad test map.jpg|The Chumtoad with a rat in a zoo map.


FileOf3a1 chumtoad01.jpg|The vent hiding a Chumtoad in the Sector F|Lambda Complex.
FileOf3a1 chumtoad02.jpg|The vent breaking, revealing the Chumtoad.
FileOf3a1 chumtoad03.jpg|The Chumtoad after landing.
FileBa security20011.jpg|Chumtoad in Barney's locker.
FileChumtoad teleport.jpg|Chumtoads teleporting out of their lair.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}} {{Gf}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''


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