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'''Chuck Jones''' is an artist who worked at Valve.

Jones has been in the video games industry since 1993.http// Chuck Jones' personal website He studied at WikipediaUniversity of North Texas|University of North Texas where he graduated with a degree in WikipediaBachelor of Fine Arts|Bachelor of Fine Arts. After college, he worked as a tattoo artist in Dallas, and tagged WikipediaJerry Cantrell|Jerry Cantrell of WikipediaAlice In Chains|Alice In Chains.{{IA|19980111062524/http//|Biography|Valve's official website (January 11, 1998)}} He had previously worked at Wikipedia3D Realms|3D Realms (along with Doug Wood) on video games such as ''WikipediaDuke Nukem 3D|Duke Nukem 3D'' and ''WikipediaShadow Warrior|Shadow Warrior''. In 1996, he was contacted by a recruiter, put on a plane, and flown to Seattle. He liked the opportunities he saw at Valve and joined the company.{{IA|1997/http//|Interview with Chuck Jones|Jaspur's Half-Life (December 23, 1997)}}

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Jones was responsible for concepts/designs of characters, animations, scripted sequences, and weapon models for ''Half-Life''. He created half of character content in game, provided test animations for scripted sequence development, illustrations for marketing assets, and was responsible for character and weapon rigging.http// Chuck Jones' personal website

Chuck's List of minor Black Mesa employees appears in ''Half-Life'' as an Easter egg in the Sector C|Anomalous Materials laboratory on a locker.

====Concept art====
FileAlien grunt concept2.jpg|Alien Grunt.
FileAlien grunt 3.jpg|Colored version.
FileAlien organic assault rifle con.jpg|Hornet Gun.
FileAlien Organic Chainsaw.jpg|Alien Organic Chainsaw.
FileVortigaunt artwork01.png|Vortigaunt.
FileAlien slave2.jpg|Colored version.
FileAlien slaves concept.jpg|Vortigaunt.
FileChumtoad concept.jpg|Chumtoad.
FileCia assassin.jpg|CIA Assassin.
FileCia brainboy.jpg|CIA Psionic Soldier.
FileCia butcher.jpg|CIA Soldier.
FileCia female soldier.jpg|CIA Female Soldier.
FileGarg concepts.jpg|Gargantua.
FileEarly scientist concept.jpg|Scientist.
FileGordon concept.jpg|Gordon Freeman.
FileInfantry grunt1.jpg|Infantry Grunt.
FileInfantry grunt2.jpg|Another version.
FileHuman Sarge.jpg|Human Sargeant.
FilePanther eye concept.jpg|Panther Eye.
FileQuiver Land Squid.jpg|Land Squid.
FileQuiver creature 2.jpg|Unknown creature.
FileSpore missile launcher.jpg|Spore Missile Launcher.
FileSqueak grenade.jpg|Squeak Grenade.
FileBlack hole gun.jpg|Black Hole Gun.
FileTentacle concept.jpg|Tentacle.
FileGargantua versions.jpg|Gargantua skin variations.


FileAln cntrlr pose2.jpg|Alien Controller.
FileArcher pose2.jpg|Archer.
FileDiablopanther1.jpg|Panther Eye.
FileI alien1.jpg|Alien Grunt.
FileI slave1.jpg|Vortigaunt.
FileStukabat display1.jpg|Stukabat.
FileZombie render.jpg|Zombie.
FileTentacle render.jpg|Tentacle.
FileRtb 058.jpg|Female scientist.
FileHivehand render.jpg|Hornet Gun.


FileCHB Skin1.png|Chumtoad skin variations.
FileCHB Skin2.png|Ditto.
FileCHB Skin3.png|Ditto.
FileCHB Skin4.png|Ditto.

==Selected gameography==
*''Half-Life'' (1998)
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (1999)
*Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|''Half-Life'' (Dreamcast port) (2001)
*Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|''Half-Life'' (PlayStation 2 port) (2001)
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' (2001)

==Official biographies==
{{CollapsedBio|19980111062524/http//|January 11, 1998|Chuck Jones - Illustrator/3D Artist|Chuck joins Valve from Apogee/3D Realms where he was an artist and animator for Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior and, most recently, the Duke Nukem Plutonium Pack. Formerly a tattoo artist, Chuck tagged Jerry Cantrell of rock group Alice In Chains long before he created the space aliens who invaded Los Angeles.}}


==External links==
*http// Chuck Jones' personal website

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