Censored versions of Half-Life

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Due to the content restrictions in WikipediaGermany|Germany, many changes had to be made to '''''Half-Life''''' and Half-Life expansions (disambiguation)|its expansions in order for them to be released in the country, resulting in special '''censored versions'''. According to Gabe Newell, these design changes were done in conjunction with the Sierra product group responsible for the German market in order to comply with Germany's laws concerning violence.{{IA|19990127132325/http//linkmag.de/bda/nat/link/special/interview_e.html|Interview with Gabe Newell|Link (1998)}}

FileHg alert0 de.ogg|thumb|right|link=|Example Robot Grunt dialog when spotting Gordon Freeman|Gordon.
FileHg gren4 de.ogg|thumb|link=|Example Robot Grunt alert when warning of a Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life)|grenade.

A majority of the censorship edits dealt with removing the violence and gore in the games. Characters no longer bleed when injured, and they fade away when blown up rather than WikipediaGib (video gaming)|gib. The scientists and security guards do not collapse upon death. Instead, they calmly sit down on the floor and shake their head in disappointment when killed. The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|Marines were replaced with Robot Grunts and have their own unique lines delivered with robotic modulation. The death animation of the Black Ops|female assassin was altered so that her eyes remain covered by her night vision goggles rather than become visible after the goggles slide off. The assassin's breasts also do not bounce while walking. Barnacles vomit mechanical parts such as springs and cogs when killed due to the original human body part gibs being replaced. In the Half-Life (multiplayer)|multiplayer portion of the game, the only available player model is Helmet. Despite all of these changes, corpses and blood decals already placed in the levels can be still be found throughout the campaign.

An alternate violence mode with different settings is also present. In this mode, human characters produce yellow blood splats and leave red blood decals behind. Gibbing is present, but human characters generate mechanical pieces due to the gibs replacement.

===Expansions and ports===
The expansions were censored in Germany in a similar manner. In ''Half-Life Opposing Force'', most human characters sit down after they are killed, including the Marines, the Black Ops soldiers, and the Drill Instructors. They produce red blood in the second violence mode. The male Black Ops assassins only use the night vision goggles-wearing head type so that the head variations with exposed eyes are never seen. The multiplayer portion is likewise modified. In the Capture The Flag mode, rather than Black Mesa civilians battling the Opposing Force military, multi-colored versions of the Helmet and Robo models face off against one another. ''Half-Life Blue Shift'' uses the same censoring from ''Half-Life'', but the robots speak in a normal human voice during scripted scenes as opposed to robotic speech. This oddity also occurs with the robotic grunts who speak in ''Half-Life Decay''. The model for the Robot Grunts was updated in ''Blue Shift'' to reflect the new Half-Life High Definition Pack|High Definition Pack animations, although its appearance was not changed.

The Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|PlayStation 2 port of ''Half-Life'' is also censored, using the same German language localization from the PC version. While the censorship encountered here is largely identical to its PC counterpart, the Classic Headcrab|headcrabbed scientist in the map "c1a1" was removed, and Barnacles now puke normal human gibs as the mechanical gibs replacement was not included. The model for the Robot Grunts was updated this time to be consistent with the port's visual upgrades. However, the Half-Life (multiplayer) (PlayStation 2 port)|Head-to-Head multiplayer mode still features Half-Life (multiplayer) for PlayStation 2 3|human models.


FileBarney sitdown.jpg|{{IconPlusLinkCorner|f/f2/Barney_sitdown.webm}}Censored death animation on the security guard model.|link=http//combineoverwiki.net/images/f/f2/Barney_sitdown.webm
FileCensor bounce.jpg|{{IconPlusLinkCorner|f/fb/Censored_bounce.webm}}Comparison of the Assassin's breast bounce.|link=http//combineoverwiki.net/images/f/fb/Censored_bounce.webm
FileRobot grunt01.png|Robot Grunt replacement for the human soldiers.
FileDm helmet.png|Helmet, multiplayer model.
FileGerman gibs.png|The mechanical gib models.

===''Half-Life Opposing Force Capture The Flag''===
{{See also|Half-Life (multiplayer) Opposing Force Capture The Flag, German version}}

FileDm otis.png|Example Black Mesa Security Force|Otis model for comparison.
FileDm otis preview.png|Preview image.
FileDm otis de.png|The censored Otis model, a recolored Helmet.
FileDm otis de preview.png|Preview image.
FileDm tower.png|Example Tower model for comparison.
FileDm tower preview.png|Preview image.
FileDm tower de.png|The censored Tower model, a recolored Robo.
FileDm tower de preview.png|Preview image.