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|usedby=Any player
|designer=*Stephen Bahl''Capture The Flag'' mode manual (op4ctf_manual.htm)
*Landon Montgomery
''Half-Life Opposing Force Capture The Flag'' includes five '''Power-Up''' items that give the owner extra enhancements or abilities.

When a player is the owner of a Power-Up, a large icon will appear on the middle left side of their HUD showing what Power-Up they currently possess.  In addition to this, all of the Power-Up items have audio cues that will play when the Power-Up is in use. These audio cues can be heard by all players, friend or foe, who are standing within earshot of the owner of the Power-Up.

To collect a Power-Up, a player has to simply touch it. If done so, the Power-Up will disappear from the ground and the HUD will update to display information about carrying the item. Only one Power-Up can be carried at a time.

If a player currently carrying a Power-Up runs across another one, and wants to pick it up, he may throw the current one and then pick up a new one. After having thrown a Power-Up, next ones are available after 5 seconds, unless they are picked up and thrown by another player. Once thrown, a Power-Up will remain at that spot for 30 second, after which tie it will disappear and reappear at a Power-Up spawn point, if not picked up. If a Power-Up is thrown or dropped into a skybrush or hostile enviroment, such as radioactive slime, it will reappear at a Power-Up spawn point in 5 second. 

Information about which players are carrying what Power-Up can be seen by bringing up the score screen - a colored icon showing a certain item will be displayed near the players nickname, or by positioning the crosshair over a target.

==Power-Up spawn points==
Power-Up spawn points may be "fixed", random, or "weighted". When fixed, the Power-Up will reappear at the same place every time it respawns; when random - in a different place. Power-Up spawn points may also be weighted.  Weighted spawn points are designed to help a team that may be doing worse than the other team and are more likely to reappear near a losing team's base.  If one team is 1 point (one flag capture) ahead of the other team, then any respawned Power-Up items will appear in either a common area, or closer to the losing team's base - they will never appear in spawn points near the winning team's base, unless a free spawn point is unavailable when the Power-Up is ready to reappear.  If one team is 2 or more flag captures ahead of the other team, then any respawned Power-Up items will only appear closer to the losing team's base.

==Power-Ups list==

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! World model !! HUD icon !! Name !! Description !! Sound effect
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup01.png|120px
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup01 hud.png|64px
|align=center width="10%"| Jump Pack
|align=center| Works the same as the Long Jump Module.
|align=center width="200px"| FileHw_alert.ogg
|colspan="6" bgcolor=""| 
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup02.png|120px
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup02 hud.png|64px
|align=center width="10%"| Shield
|align=center| Recharges the armor's battery by 1 unit every 0.5 second, and it will max out its power to 150 units instead of the standard 100. 

If the Power-Up is thrown away when the player's armor's energy is greater than 100 units, it will decrease over time at the same rate until the energy level is at 100 units.
|align=center width="200px"| FileHw_alert.ogg
|colspan="6" bgcolor=""| 
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup03.png|120px
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup03 hud.png|64px
|align=center width="10%"| Health
|align=center| Works the same as the previous Power-Up, except it regenerates health.
|align=center width="200px"| FileHw_alert.ogg
|colspan="6" bgcolor=""| 
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup04.png|120px
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup04 hud.png|64px
|align=center width="10%"| Accelerator (death)
|align=center| Increases all damage inflicted with any weapon used by the owner, including self-damage. 
|align=center width="200px"| FileHw_alert.ogg
|colspan="6" bgcolor=""| 
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup05.png|120px
|align=center width="120px"| FileCtf powerup05 hud.png|64px
|align=center width="10%"| Backpack (ammo)
|align=center| Gives a standard ammo box for every ammunition type in the game upon picking up; regenerates ammunition for the currently selected weapon at a rate of 1 bullet every 0.5 second (expect in the case of Submachine Gun (Half-Life)|Submachine Gun grenades where the rate is 1 grenade every 10 seconds); doubles the clip size of the currently active weapon as long as that weapon can regenerate ammo, or isn't a single shot weapon, such as the RPG. 

The Backpack Power-Up will not regenerate Satchel Charges, Laser Trip Mine (Half-Life)|Laser Trip Mines, or Snarks.
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==List of appearances==
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