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'''Canisters''', also known as '''syringes''', are a set of health items cut from ''Half-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK.html">Half-Life''.Half-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK

The canisters were to be picked up by the player and stored in one's inventory, automatically being administered by the Hazardous Environment Suit|HEV Suit at the appropriate time. When used, the suit was to provide a voice message notification. Each canister was a single-use item. There were three planned variants.

The adrenaline canister was to revive the player three seconds after his death. It would not work if the player was WikipediaGib (video gaming)|gibbed. The player was only able to carry one at a time.

The antidote canister, also known as the anti-toxin syringe, was to cure the player from the effects of blood poisoning and nerve gas. Although unused, it was largely implemented and can be spawned and used in the final game.FileHl early hud.png|Early screenshot

The radiation canister or syringe was to treat and make the player immune to the effects of radiation for an unknown amount of time.

==Behind the scenes==
The canister models can be found in the files in the final game. Poison Headcrabs were to appear in ''Half-Life'' and possibly inject the player with their venom, forcing one to find an antidote to counteract the lingering damage effects.''Half-Life 2 Raising The Bar'' The Crossbow (Half-Life)|Crossbow's arrows were also poisonous at some point and were to be used by the Black Ops|Female Assassins. A single antidote canister item can be found in the multiplayer map ''Datacore''.

In the cut chapter ''Reactor Lab'', there were radiation showers that acted similar to the radiation canister, immediately neutralizing radiation damage in addition to acid, chemical, and fire damage.


FileAdrenaline.jpg|Adrenaline canister.
FileAntidote.jpg|Antidote canister.
FileRad.jpg|Radiation canister.
FileHl early hud.png|Early HUD featuring icons (Antidote (2), Radiation (1) and Adrenaline).

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