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'''Bullsquids''' are bipedal, highly aggressive alien creatures that appears throughout the Black Mesa Research Facility due to the dimensional rift caused by the Resonance Cascade. They're able to survive, if not thrive, in environments that are unfriendly or even toxic to humans, including sewers and pools of radioactive, chemical, or biological waste. On Xen, Bullsquids are found drinking from Healing Pools. They're introduced in ''Half-Life''’s third chapter, ''Unforeseen Consequences''.

FileC1a0e pool.jpg|left|thumb|200px|Two Bullsquids drinking on Xen, as seen during the Resonance Cascade, with a Protozoan orbiting behind.

The body of a Bullsquid is vaguely similar in appearance to that of a small WikipediaTheropoda|Theropod, with two short, muscular legs and a thick tail that tapers to a point, and with the head reminiscent to that of a WikipediaSquid|squid, particularly the WikipediaSepioteuthis|reef squid. The thorax abruptly joins the creature's head with no neck or other visible separation. A typical specimen stands roughly one meter tall and about two meters in length. Two slit-pupiled, white-beige and glossy eyes are mounted on either side of its head. The tail had a hooked claw at its tip, which explains the large amount of damage caused by the Bullsquid's spin attack.

The Bullsquid's most striking feature, however, is the collection of bright red, WikipediaCthulhu|Cthulhu-esque, tentacle-like protrusions surrounding its mouth and allowing it to grasp prey. The Bullsquid can also charge an opponent with surprising speed and force; these two attributes are manifestly the cause of its portmanteau name, made of the words "WikipediaBull|bull" + "squid".

The Bullsquid's overall coloration is roughly comparable to that of a spotted cat its skin is sandy brown and its upper surfaces has dark spots. The creature's skin appears to be slimy, similar to that of a terrestrial WikipediaAmphibian|amphibian such as the WikipediaFrog|frog.

Like most of the creatures found on Xen, Bullsquids are studied in Black Mesa's Sector E.

==Behavior and skills==
The Bullsquid has an array of offensive capabilities. They display a very territorial disposition, as they have often been seen attacking other creatures and even members of their own species. They viciously attack Headcrabs, not stopping until all Headcrabs in their sight are eliminated, while they do not harm Houndeyes. They however do not attack, even when attacked themselves, when encountered during the Resonance Cascade in ''Half-Life'' and in the same map in ''Opposing Force''. They are drinking from a Healing Pool both times, however, so it is likely that they are simply not aggressive while feeding or drinking or that they cannot see the player somehow.

At close range, a hostile Bullsquid will either maul its victim with its teeth, or suddenly spin around, delivering a powerful strike with its tail, often causing a gibbing. At long range, the Bullsquid is able to spit a toxic, bile-colored substance from its mouth, like the Antlion Worker. While not particularly accurate or fast, it causes moderate damage, even at very long range.

Eli Vance's leg was lost when he was attacked by a Bullsquid while helping Isaac Kleiner climb over a barrier to get into a Combine city.''Half-Life 2 Prima Official Game Guide''

==Behind the scenes==
| quote  = Ted remembers constructing one moster in particular "That was actually back when I was talking with Gabe for the first time." Ted's legendary interview actually yielded in-game results "I showed Gabe a picture before I even knew of the game at all, he just suggested that he wanted to do a game that was kind of like Stephen King's The Mist. So I read it, and there were some tentacle monsters in there, so I tried to think of anatomical structures that were intresting and notions that were interesting, and put together something that hadn't been seen before. So, I showed it to him and he said, 'Yes, let's buld it.' So it went into the game like that, and I think the geometry that went in was first-shot geometry and was never revised. I built it over the course of a couple of days and it went straightaway. This was something that just kind of appeared magically on its own the bullsquid."
| source = ''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' (Half-Life_2_Raising_the_Bar proof), page 30}}
FileBullsquid alpha.png|right|thumb|200px|The yellow version.

The Bullsquid is reminiscent of a creature created by Chuck Jones during the time when the game's codename was ''Quiver'', the "Land Squid." Before being given its final name, it was also called the "Bullchicken"; it is still referred to under that name in the game files.

The first known Bullsquid model was beige-colored, similar to chicken, with black eyes. Its second iteration was bright yellow, with tiger/insect-like patterns, and red eyes.{{efn|''Game Design Secrets of the Sages'' by Marc Saltzman (1999). '''Ted Backman''' When creating the skin for the Bullsquid, I looked at many things for inspiration. I looked at the markings on sea slugs, the patterns on jungle cats, and many other unusual sources. When you create an image, you're communicating in a visual language; the vocabulary of that language is the shared set of images and experiences that all people know. So if you neglect to include pieces of our shared visual experience, you really aren't communicating at all. In the case of the Bullsquid, the coloration should cue most people that this is a poisonous animal. Yellow and black markings are nature's way of saying "stay away."}} Both had a less detailed mouth than that of the retail version, and more pointy tentacles.

In Online Gaming Review's early ''Half-Life'' Monster of the Week Feature preview, the Bullsquid was given the WikipediaTaxonomy (biology)|taxonomic designation "Gastropolypus toxophlegmata." It was described as a 1.8 meters (5.9 feet) tall and 3.6 meters (11.8 feet) long supreme predator, with its natural range and habitat remaining uncertain. Although the creature was said to bear signs of aquatic specialization, it was suggested that it had adapted to a terrestrial environment, as evidenced by its powerful limbs and characteristic neurotoxic (and reportedly psychoactive) spit. Of significance would be the Bullsquid's ferocious appetite (necessary to support its immense bulk) and an overwhelming libido. As a result, the creature would attempt to eat or mate with almost anything that crosses its path, without regard for species or any apparent reproductive necessity. The Bullsquid was said to be hermaphroditic, as indicated by dissection. Moreover, the toxic phlegm, lethal to terrestrial mammalian creatures, had been speculated to have aphrodisiac qualities to fauna of the Bullsquid's native environment.{{IA|19980208040159/http//ogr.com/specials/monsters/bullsquid.shtml|''Half-Life'' - Monster of the Week feature|Online Gaming Review (1997)}}

===''Half-Life 2''===
The Bullsquid was originally to appear in ''Half-Life 2''. There are two versions of the creature known to exist.

In the first one, the Bullsquid has a deep maroon skin, yellow eyes with amphibian-like black pupils, and its toxic spit is green. Like the Houndeye, also cut from ''Half-Life 2'', it was to be glimpsed during the original train ride to City 17 and appear in the Canals. Many can be found in the map "d1_canals_02" in the playable leak, swimming underwater or attacking Headcrabs, with the http//developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sprite sprite of the toxic spit does not showing properly.WC mappackDevelopment of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak

According to Ted Backman, who designed the creature, when the developers first thought of the Bullsquid, they "had it running around the land and it wasn't very interesting. You saw it really far off, this big thing lumbering at you." It had proven not to be a consequential foe as it "was really easy to put your target on it and unload. Eventually, when it got close enough, you just dodged it." As a result, the developers decided to draw inspiration from nature, especially the "lunging predators that sit and wait, then leap out and grab at whatever they eat." By implementing a similar behavior, the Bullsquid took a more interesting form and the second version was born; it now sat in pools of water with most of its body covered up - only the eyes poked above the surface of the water. Resembling a 12 feet long crocodile, it was to wait for the player to get close, and then jump out and pull them in to devour them; it would also be able to swim and walk.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' (Half-Life_2_Raising_the_Bar proof), page 259

Besides the files for the red version, the Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak features an unused texture sheet for a green Bullsquid, signed by Ted Backman and dated 2003, in his stylized signature.

In an early version of the game, a slideshow revealing the events between ''Half-Life'' and ''Half-Life 2'' was to be shown to Gordon at Eli's lab. In one of the images, Bullsquids were to be seen chasing a family from a suburban house.

According to series' writer Marc Laidlaw, they still exist in the ''Half-Life 2'' continuity, being "around here somewhere".http//www.valvetime.net/threads/1298/page-21 Info received from Valve on the ValveTime.net Forums (September 6, 2005) Bullsquids are mentioned by the Fisherman in ''Half-Life 2 Lost Coast|Lost Coast'', set in a St. Olga|level cut from the final game.


FileQuiver Land Squid.jpg|Land Squid concept art.
FileBullsquid concept.jpg|Concept art.
FileBullchicken white.jpg|The white version.
FileBullchicken white scientist run.jpg|Ditto.
FileBullchicken white close-up.jpg|Ditto.
FileBullsquid alpha.png|Yellow version from Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha.
FileEarly bullsquid.jpg|Picture from the Raising the Bar.
FileBullsquid yellow hq.jpg|High-res render.
FileQuake13.jpg|Battle with yellow Bullsquids.
FileQuake15.jpg|Ditto, after a grenade explosion.
FileEarly houndeye bullsquids.jpg|Houndeye and yellow Bullsquids in the early Black Mesa. 
FileBullchicken swim.jpg|Swimming yellow Bullsquids. 
FileBullchicken underwater.jpg|Ditto.
FileBullsquid swimming aiming.jpg|Ditto.
FileBullsquid swimming closeup.jpg|Ditto.
FileBullsquid half submerged.jpg|Ditto.
FileYellow Bullsquid cornered.jpg|Yellow Bullsquid.
FileYellow Bullsquid spitting.jpg|Ditto.
FileBullsquid guard.jpg|Ditto.
FileHLPF 13.png|Ditto.
FileBullchicken eating scientist.jpg|Early retail version.
FileEarly Bullsquids freezer.jpg|Ditto.
FileSpit model.jpg|Model used for the spit effect, which was replaced with a sprite.


FileBullsquid early yellow model.jpg|Hi-res render.
FileBullsquid hl.png|''Half-Life'' model.
FileBullsquid hldc.png|Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|Dreamcast version.
FileBullsquid hd.png|Half-Life High Definition Pack|High Definition version.
FileBullsquid hlpsx.png|Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|PlayStation 2 version.
FileBullsquid first.jpg|Bullsquid in Black Mesa.
FileBullsquid headcrab attack2.jpg|Bullsquid spitting on a Headcrab.
FileBullsquid headcrab attack3.jpg|Bullsquid about to kill a Headcrab.
FileBullsquid Xen Op4.jpg|Bullsquid drinking on Xen in ''Opposing Force'', in the same map as in ''Half-Life''.
FileOf bullsquid pond.jpg|Ditto, larger view.
FileOf4a2 cages.jpg|Bullsquid being studied in the Biodome Complex.
FileHt11 bullsquid.jpg

===''Half-Life 2'' leak===

FileBullsquid leak.jpg|Bullsquid model.
FileBullsquids canals.jpg|Red Bullsquids in the map "d1_canals_02". 
FileD1 canals bullsquid broken.jpg|Bullsquids attacking the player in the map "d1_canals_02". , with the toxic spit sprite not showing properly. 
FileD1 canals bullsquid headcrabs.jpg|Bullsquid attacking Headcrabs in the map "d1_canals_02".
FileCanals 02 11 bullsquid.jpg|Bullsquid in the map "canals_02_11".
FileWasteland bridge05 02.jpg|Bullsquids in the prefab Wasteland map "wasteland_bridge05".
FileBullsquid body signed.png|Texture for the red Bullsquid model, signed by Ted Backman.
FileNewBullsquidSheet.png|Unused skin, signed by Ted Backman.


FileHalf card06.jpg|Unpublished trading card.

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*''Half-Life Decay''
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

*http//youtube.com/watch?v=s1JupoC4-EI ''Half-Life'' 1997 Teaser {{1st}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life Day One''
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''



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