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'''Bugs'''Entity name are mysterious flying moth-like creatures seen on Xen in ''Half-Life''.

Unknown in origin and indistinct in appearance, Bugs are described as "flickering specks of light"''Half-Life Prima Guide'' resembling WikipediaFirefly|fireflies.''Versus Books Official Half-Life Perfect Guide'' They only appear in a cave area inside a floating island, first trapped inside an organic web cage. Present in this cave are three small pedestals each holding a claw-like mechanism. Gordon Freeman|Gordon must use these mechanisms to open the claws and free the bugs from the cage by breaking it. The Bugs will fly and land on the pedestals, powering up the teleport in the center of the room.

==In modding==
Bugs play a central role on the storyline of the mod ''Redemption''. Here, they are given the name "Telnorps". Following the events of ''Half-Life'', Gordon is tasked by the The G-Man|G-Man of finding and returning three Telnorps, the same ones he had originally freed in Xen which have since been brought to Earth and dispersed around the world.


FileC4a1 bug01.jpg|Bugs trapped in an organic web cage.
FileC4a1 bug02.jpg|Bugs powering the teleport.

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