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{{Quote|Welcome to City 17. It's safer here.|Wallace Breen|Half-Life 2|Breencast/Quotes#Dr. Breen welcoming Citizens to City 17}}

A '''Breencast''' is a regular broadcast made by Dr. Wallace Breen, delivered to the populace of City 17 through a CategoryPublic address systems|public address system. Its name is an obvious portmanteau of the words "Breen" and "broadcast".


At several points during the game, Dr. Breen uses these ''Breencasts'' to deliver propaganda announcements and messages to the Citizens of City 17, the soldiers of the Combine Overwatch and, later in the game, to address Gordon Freeman himself. They can be seen and heard via private televisions and, more commonly, large video monitors, comprised of several holographic layers, mounted on walls in public places such as town squares and railway stations. 

The G-Man can sometimes be seen on the large rectangular monitors used for Breencasts; in these instances, they will flicker a ghostly version of his image. This can be seen in the ''Half-Life 2'' chapters ''Half-Life_2_storyline Hazard'' and ''Half-Life_2_storyline One''. Moreover, the mysterious man can also be spotted in a boxcar near Station 1, where he is seen on a television screen operated by a Vortigaunt.

In ''Half-Life 2 Episode One'', Breen's place is taken by Isaac Kleiner who presents the Citizens of City 17 the current situation via his previously recorded and looping "Kleinercast".''Half-Life 2 Episode One'' commentary

==Behind the scenes==
FileBreencast c17 04.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Concept art for the early device on the Trainstation Plaza.

Just like Wallace Breen himself, the Breencast device went through different aspects before its final version. Two early versions, designed by Dhabih Eng, show the device hanging above the ground, covered with screens, and attached to the surrounding buildings from its top. As a concept it was meant to be located on the City 17 Trainstation|Trainstation Plaza early on, but other locations were tested, as seen in the maps found in the leak's WC mappack.

One version was designed in cluster-like compound eyes, with the FileCity 17 logo leak poster.svg|old City 17 logo in each screen when idle, and bearing some similarities with the screen moving around the Consul's chair in the early version of Citadel version|his office in the Citadel. 

Another version featured many screens from different sizes, showing the Consul making his speeches in a noisy, sepia image. Its mapped version is found farther in the game's journey, between the Trainstation and Kleiner's Lab, in the WC mappack map "c17_04" and variants, near a "Metropolice" station in the Manhack Arcade neighborhood. In the map, the stream was apparently to consist of a very basic animation made with three different images of the Consul speaking, mostly a FileConsul bust.jpg|concept art image with changes made to his eyes and mouth from one image to the other. This design resembles WikipediaSteampunk|steampunk films such as WikipediaNineteen Eighty-Four (film)|1984 (and its original novel) or WikipediaBrazil (1985 film)|Brazil. Indeed, Breencasts bring to mind the image of WikipediaBig Brother|Big Brother himself in that they reflect a figure meant for purposes of propaganda and absolute control. 

Breencast/Quotes 2 leak|Sound clips for these early "Consulcasts" (unofficial name) exist in the Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak sound files, all starting with "The true Citizen...", with a foreign language heard behind.Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak files

FileBreencast bust.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The top of Breen's body in the out-of-map room in the first ''Half-Life 2'' map, accessed with the "noclip" code.

Typically, both Breencasts and Kleinercasts use a separate model of Breen and Kleiner respectively, featuring only the top half of their bodies (as well as Lamarr in the second case) standing in mid-air, although sometimes the standard, full model is used, sitting on an invisible chair. They are located in a distant, inaccessible, out-of-map room. This system was addressed by Doug Wood in the developer commentary of ''Episode One'', in which he explains that such scenes aren't pre-rendered video but actually unfold live and are projected onto the monitor screens, through the entity "https// point_camera" filming Breen's model in real-time, and the entity "https// func_monitor" serving as the screen. Indeed, any player intervention in the inaccessible room through console codes (placing objects, spawning NPCs or leaving bullet holes) will be seen on the monitors. Breen and Kleiner can also be "killed", definitively ending the speech for the remainder of the player's presence in the map. This process is used again in ''Portal 2'', for the video broadcasts of the Aperture Science Announcement System.

According to Marc Laidlaw, the lead writer for the ''Half-Life 2'' series, one thing the developers try to do when they are integrating storytelling and gameplay, something that has become a hallmark of theirs, is to include non-linear bits of narrative - things that action-oriented players don't have to sit through, but that are available to players who want to learn more about the background of the story. Kleiner's broadcasts on the public address monitors are a good example of this method. Apart from the strong visual image of Dr. Kleiner replacing his former boss on the giant screens, his speech conveys a lot of dense information about the state of the world and how things have changed due to the events of ''Half-Life 2''. The location of the first Kleinercast seen by Gordon and Alyx when they leave the City 17 Underground was chosen as one of the few logical places where players can watch it in peace or move on to the next encounter. Laidlaw states that "it's essentially a footnote embedded in the world. Which makes this a footnote on a footnote.".


FileBreencast compound eyes.jpg|Concept art for the Breencast device variant with cluster-like compound eyes.
FileConsulcast arcade.jpg|Screenshot of the other variant in WC mappack map.
FileTv screen consul 1.png|Up close picture of the original Breencast image.
FileTv screen consul 2.png|Ditto.
FileTv screen consul 3.png|Ditto.
FileCheckpoint beta.jpg|2003 screenshot of the Breencast of the checkpoint between the waiting hall, the Trainstation Plaza, the Nova Prospekt platforms and the interrogation rooms. 


FileClaw + cmb.svg|Combine logo as seen behind Breen in his studio.
FilePaperposter003a.png|Common Combine poster, green with a crowd, used for the Breencast's "screensaver" when not broadcasting.
FileWallace Breen breencast bust.jpg|Breen during the first Breencast seen by Gordon, in his recording booth / office.
FileFood hall breen.jpg|Breencast in the City 17 Trainstation's food hall.
FileHalfLife2 City17 TrainStationSquare.jpg|Breencast on the Trainstation Plaza.
FileBreencast telly.jpg|Breencast on a TV monitor.
FileD1 trainstation 030011.jpg|Ditto, with Citizens monitoring Civil Protection activity on the street below.
FileG-Man Vort TV.jpg|Vortigaunt operating a television where the G-Man can be seen replacing Breen.
FileD1 canals 070003.jpg|Breencast seen in the APC garage in the Canals.
FileG-man breencast canals.jpg|The G-Man, seen in the chapter ''Water Hazard''.
FileG-man breencast animated.gif|Ditto (detail of the image).
FileTrainstation plaza breencast uprising.jpg|Rebels taking down the Trainstation Plaza Breencast device during the City's uprising.
FileAlyx kleinercast.jpg|Alyx listening to the Kleinercast.
FileLamarr breencast.jpg|Lamarr appearing during the Kleinercast.
FileRebel and Kleinercast.jpg|Rebel watching the Kleinercast in Barney's outpost located near the Hospital.
FileKleinercast bust.jpg|The top of Kleiner's body with Lamarr's model in the dark in the out-of-map room in 'Episode One'', accessed with the "noclip" code.

==List of appearances==

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