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'''''{{PAGENAME}}''''' is the sixth chapter of ''Half-Life''. The main goal is to kill the Tentacles by activating a rocket engine. It takes place in Silo D, a large abandoned Cold War era missile silo that was used as rocket test labs.

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In the previous chapter, a scientist tells Gordon Freeman|Gordon that the science team at the Lambda Complex might be able to end the catastrophe. He can reach there by going through the decommissioned rail system beyond the silo complex. According to the strategy guide, the Marines haven't located this area yet, which explains the lack of human enemies in the chapter.''Half-Life Prima Guide''

The chapter starts in an abandoned rail tunnel that leads to the silo. Inside the silo, there are huge Tentacle creatures, who act as WikipediaBoss (video gaming)|boss characters. Here, there is a dying scientist tells Gordon to fire the rocket engine to kill the Tentacle creatures before they grow any larger. In order to fire the rocket engine, the player must restore the power, oxygen, and fuel; which requires the player to get into the inner chamber of the silo to reach other areas, while avoiding the Tentacles.

The Tentacles rely on sound to locate the player. The player can either crawl (to minimize their movement noise) to sneak past, or use the grenades to distract them. It is impossible to kill them using regular weapons. Restoring the resources, and activating the rocket engine kills the Tentacles, and reveals a set of tunnels, which leads to a hub used for Materials Transport in Sector E.

===Half-Life Alpha|Alpha===
The silo is known as Silo D-002 in this version. It is located at the center of a large warehouse complex. The entrance to the silo is seen at the beginning of the chapter ''The Security Complex'', but is inaccessible. The actual chapter is not included in the game. The silo itself is only seen in a technology demonstration (map silodemo) used for showcasing the Tentacles.

There appears to be a FileSilodemo 02.jpg|hidden room under the Tentacles, that can be only reached by using the noclip mode. The entire area is textured in a pure black color, making it impossible to see under normal circumstances. The player was most likely had to kill the Tentacles to access the room. Furthermore, the brush work in the room matches an area shown with a group of Houndeyes in one of the early FileHoundeyes under.jpg|screenshots.

===Half-Life ports|Ports===
The levels were slightly updated for the console ports. The area with the lift that takes the player up to the silo is much more detailed in the Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|PlayStation 2 version. The storage room under the pipe that collapses (when the player walks through it) is flooded in the Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|Dreamcast version. The level code for the chapter is "Safe And Sound" in the Dreamcast version. The security guard who yells and shoots at the Tentacles is not present in the console ports.

==Behind the scenes==
{{QuoteRefInline|There was a silo and there was a plan that there was going to be a monster, some form of a tentacle that was going to grab a security guard or scientist and kill them. And it was just a simple thing where you went in there and pushed these buttons on the console and fired the rocket launcher and part of the engine burned it to a crisp. This just seemed to simple. So when we started to take it apart on paper, we had all these extra paths. Let's basically put all these obstacles here; let's break these down into components. Let's create all these rooms you've got to go through and all these puzzles you have to solve. They all feed back to the main puzzle so that when you finally push those three buttons you've done so many other things leading up to that moment, it's going to be a lot more significant at that moment.|Marc Laidlaw''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' (Half-Life_2_Raising_the_Bar proof), page 43}}

The chapter went through many changes during its development. The FileSilodemo 01.jpg|early version of the silo was used as the FileC2a3 silo.jpg|abandoned flooded silo in the chapter ''Apprehension''. The FileSubtransit train01.png|yellow train from the multiplayer map ''Subtransit'' was originally created for the abandoned rail system section of this chapter, but was replaced.FileWorldcraft-fullsize4.png The original chapter title was ''Screams and Whispers''.''Half-Life Day One'' (titles.txt) Unused Black Mesa Announcement System Black Mesa Announcement System/Quotes D Experimental Propulsion Labs (unused)|lines for the chapter can be found in the sentences file used for the speech system. The name of the chapter is "Experimental Propulsion Labs, Silo D" in the document.

The player was to come across two security guards in the old decommissioned rail system. There is a FileWorldcraft-fullsize4.png|screenshot showing a possible location for the scene. The first guard was to be in an observation tower, looking down at other guard who was on the tracks, inspecting something. When the first guard sees the player's out-of-control train, he was to warn his friend, and then the player by waving at him. The guard was to pull a lever (the purpose of this lever is unknown), but break it, and fall down on his back; while the other guard was to climb on the sidewalk, and escape from the train. The animations for this scene can be found in ''Day One''.{{abbr3|i|The files are kibbitz_idle (idle animation), c1a4_top (action animation) and inspect_floor (idle animation), c1a4_bottom (action animation).}}

While the FileTentacle silo concept.jpg|Cabal version (named Tentacle Silo) of the chapter is close to the final version, there were several differences. The chapter was to start in the control room of the silo. In order to get the rocket engine to test fire, the player had to turn on the safety hatch next to the engine. The only access to the silo was through an elevator, which was to take the player to the ground level. From here, the player could climb up, while avoiding falling platforms, to reach the oxygen and fuel tanks, and the power generator through tunnels used for pipes/cables on top.

In the vertical shaft (wind tunnel), the player was to push explosive canisters into the massive fan to make them fly up, and destroy the obstructions on the ceiling. The generator was located in a room populated with Stukabats, beyond Automatic Machine Shop, an area with mechanical robotic arms. Like in the final game, killing the Tentacles was to reveal a room (named Tentacle's Lair) with piles of collected junk, dead bodies, a Vending machine|coke machine, and a Colt Python. Nodes (used as landing spots) for Stukabats can be found in the maps c1a4b and c1a4f.

===Half-Life Alpha|Alpha===

FileAlpha c1a3 02.jpg|The entrance to the silo.
FileAlpha c1a3 03.jpg|Behind the door.
FileSilodemo 01.jpg|The silo in a tech demo.
FileSilodemo 02.jpg|The room under the silo.{{abbr3|i|As seen in silodemo. See the Alpha section of the article for more information.}}


FileHoundeye pack small.jpg|The entrance to the silo.
FileSilo video01.png|The silo.
FileSilo video02.png|Ditto.
FileHLPF 30.png|The version with red walls.
FileTentacle ogr01.png|Ditto.
FileSilo lights.jpg|Updated version.
FileSilo lights02.jpg|Ditto.
FileSilo headcrab.jpg
FileTentacle video01.png
FileSilo spot01.png
FileSilo spot02.png
FileSilo satchel01.jpg
FileMagazine silo01.jpg
FileSilo satchel02.jpg
FileSilo satchel03.jpg
FileTentacle video02.png
FileMagazine silo02.jpg
FileTentacle video03.png
FileSilo satchel04.jpg
FileTentacle video04.png
FileMagazine silo04.jpg
FileMagazine silo05.jpg
FileSilo early01.jpg
FileSilo early02.jpg
FileSilo satchel05.jpg
FileMagazine silo03.jpg
FileSilo editor.jpg|The version with yellow walls.


FileC1a3 silo.jpg|The entrance to Silo D.
FileC1a4 barricade.jpg|Barricade.
FileC1a4 elevator.jpg|Freight elevator.
FileC1a4 tunnel.jpg|Abandoned rail system.
FileC1a4 waste.jpg|Radioactive waste.
FileC1a4k outside.jpg
FileC1a4b squid.jpg
FileC1a4b bridge.jpg
FileC1a4i attack01.jpg|Tentacle attacking a scientist.
FileC1a4i attack02.jpg|Ditto, grabbing the scientist.
FileSilo tentacle01.jpg|The control room.
FileBarney Tentacles pwnd.jpg
FileC1a4e fan.jpg|Massive fan.
FileC1a4d fuel.jpg|The fuel room.
FileC1a4f generator.jpg|The power generator.
FileSilo tentacle02.jpg|The control room, after restoring the resources.
FileSilo tentacle03.jpg|After activating the rocket engine.
FileC1a4g0000.jpg|The tunnel beneath the silo.
FileC1a4g0001.jpg|The base of the Tentacles.
FileC1a4g waterfall.jpg|Radioactive river.

===Half-Life ports|Ports===

FileC1a4k room03.jpg|PlayStation 2 version.
FileC1a4k room04.jpg|Ditto.
FileC1a4j room01.jpg|Dreamcast version.
FileC1a4j room02.jpg|Ditto.


FileTentacle silo concept.jpg|The Cabal for ''Blast Pit''.
FileHoundeyes under.jpg|The hidden room.{{Abbr3|i|It can be found under the silo in the map silodemo in Half-Life Alpha. Please see the development section for more information.}}
FileBullchicken white.jpg|Ditto.
FileSilo room01.jpg|Ditto.
FileBullchicken white02.jpg|Ditto.
FileSilo room02.jpg|Ditto.
FileHLPF 15.png|The old version of the silo.{{Abbr3|i|Please see the behind the scenes section for more information.}}
FileHLPF 15 other.jpg|Ditto.
FileHl early hud.png|Ditto.
FileC2a3 silo.jpg|In the final game.
FileQuake13.jpg|Possible cut location.{{Abbr3|i|The choice of textures indicate that this may be a cut location from the chapter.}}
FileGordon tentacles.jpg|Promotional artwork for the Dreamcast version.
FileHls background07.jpg|Background map in ''Half-Life Source''.
FileC1a4 train01.png|The rail cart.
FileC1a4 train02.png|From front.
FileSubtransit train01.png|Early version.{{Abbr3|i|Please see the behind the scenes section for more information.}}
FileSubtransit train02.png|From back.
FileSubtransit texture.png|Unused part of the train.
FileC1a4 top.jpg|{{IconPlusLinkCorner|2/27/C1a4_top.webm}}Cut scripted sequence.{{abbr3|i|As seen in Day One files. The filename is c1a4_top. Please see the behind the scenes section for more information.}}
FileC1a4 bottom.jpg|{{IconPlusLinkCorner|f/f7/C1a4_bottom.webm}}Cut scripted sequence.{{abbr3|i|As seen in Day One files. The filename is c1a4_bottom. Please see the behind the scenes section for more information.}}
FilePlaceholder noimage.svg|Cut scripted sequence.{{Abbr3|i|As seen in Day One files. The filename is c1a4_barney_flung. Tentacle killing a security guard.}}
FilePlaceholder noimage.svg|Cut scripted sequence.{{Abbr3|i|As seen in the SDK. The filename is TENT2_Engine_Idle1.}}
FilePlaceholder noimage.svg|Cut scripted sequence.{{Abbr3|i|As seen in the SDK. The filename is TENT2_Floor_Fidget(Pissed)1.}}

==Associated media==
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*{{YouTube|url=_ucyTSp8edY|text=''Half-Life'' (pre-release) - Trailer (hl-tentacle.mpeg) (E3 1998)}}


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