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The '''Black Mesa truck''' is a vehicle used by the Black Mesa Research Facility Transport Division. Used to transport Xen crystals, it is only seen in ''Half-Life Decay''’s bonus chapter ''Xen Attacks'', in the underground parking lot located under Sector E's Sector E Storage Facility|Ordinance Storage Facility.


The truck is apparently an WikipediaNon-military armored vehicles|armored truck, as it is to transport goods that require special care (that includes Xen crystals or other special items such as scientific devices or hazardous materials). Its windshield is protected by metal bars, preventing anything from getting in if the windshield is destroyed. The vehicle's storage area is also armored. The crate containing the crystals has "Danger" written on it.

A rare sight in the Black Mesa Research Facility, it is presumably used to carry hazardous or classified materials throughout the facility. One of these shipments was transporting a Xen crystal|Xen crystal sample through the Sector E Storage Facility|Ordinance Storage Facility's parking area, during the Black Mesa Incident. It was intercepted by Hazardous Environment Combat Unit troops, who then set up a defense around the immediate area (most likely to keep the crystal sample safe before it was transported out). However, the Vortigaunts X-8973 and R-4913, sent by the Nihilanth, managed to break through the military's defenses, reached the transport truck, and retrieved the crystal.


FileBlack Mesa logo truck.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on the truck, both sides.
FileBMRF transport.svg|The Black Mesa Research Facility Transport Division logo as seen on the truck, both sides.
FileDy alien0029.jpg|Back of the Black Mesa truck. A Xen crystal can be seen inside.
FileDy alien0030.jpg|Closer look at the Xen crystal, marked as a danger.
FileDy alien0027.jpg|Front of the car.

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