Black Mesa desert

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|maps=*c2a5a, c2a5w, c2a5x (HL - ''Surface Tension'')
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*of6a1 (Op4 - ''"The Package"'')
*of7a0 (Op4 - ''Conclusion'')
|designer=*Karen Laurhttp// ''Half-Life'' section on Karen Laur's official website (HL textures)
*Brett Johnsonhttp// ''Half-Life'' section on Brett Johnson's official website (HL mapping)
*Dario Casali{{Wikipedia|Casali_brothers|Casali brothers}} (HL mapping)
The '''Black Mesa desert''' is an area featured within and outside the Black Mesa Research Facility compound, where it is seen among others between Sector G's Hydro-Electric Dam and the Topside Motorpool, and first seen in the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Half-Life storyline Tension|Surface Tension''.

The proper desert part includes several sandy areas with Land Mines, cacti and rocks, several small Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU camps, some Xen creatures such as Classic Headcrab|Headcrabs, Houndeyes, and a Tentacle, as well as terrestrial birds such as hawks and quails and some insects such as crickets, according to the sound file names. There, Gordon Freeman is chased by the AH-64 Apache that started attacking him at the dam.

FileCliffs HECU.jpg|View of the canyon from the cliff where a HECU soldier is waiting for Freeman.|left|thumb|200px

After a small sewer section, Freeman reaches a steep cliff in front of a large WikipediaMesa|mesa valley with a river, and sees a jet passing by. On the cliff are several HECU soldiers and a Sentry Gun. After reaching the other side of the cliff, the Apache reappears, and Freeman finally defeats it when first finding the Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life)|RPG in  small cave, at the climax of the chapter.

This canyon is seen again in the ''Opposing Force'' introduction, from the Osprey that passes by it. As the crash occurs shortly after, it is possible that the Black Mesa Medical Lab|Infirmary where Adrian Shephard wakes up is close to the canyon.

==Behind the scenes==
*Along the cliff are located two large pipes that are supposed to extend to the root of the cliff below, but stop before, due to the game limitations of that time. In ''Half-Life Source'', they have been extended to the bottom and finally the river below, for more realism.
*The cliff area is mirrored in ''Half-Life 2'', when ascending the Nova Prospekt cliff. Here the Headcrab waiting for Freeman at the entrance of the second pipe has been replaced by a Fast Zombie.
*The cliff area was again mirrored in ''Half-Life 2 Lost Coast'', in the ascension of the cliff leading to the monastery and the battle against the Hunter-Chopper at the end of the game.


FileSurface tension plan.jpg|The cabal of a large HECU camp in the area.
FileDesert choppers2.jpg|Two Apaches flying above the desert in an early screenshot.
FileDesert choppers.jpg|Ditto.
FileChopper desert 2.jpg|Ditto.
FileSurface D1 ordering.jpg|An Apache flying above the desert in an early screenshot.
FileEarly desert view.jpg|Early view of the desert.
FileEarly desert view2.jpg|Ditto.
FileEarly desert view3.jpg|Ditto, at night.
FileEarly desert view4.jpg|Ditto.
FileMine field.jpg|A mine field.
FileLand mine explode.jpg|A Land Mine exploding.
FileSky morning.png|Skybox texture "morning".
FileSky desert.png|Skybox texture "desert".
FileSky 2desert.png|Skybox texture "2desert".
FileSky dusk.png|Skybox texture "dusk".
FileSky night.png|Skybox texture "night".


FileApache cliffs.jpg|Early screenshot with the Apache and an early Tau Cannon viewmodel.
FileEarly cliffside chopper.jpg|The AH-64 Apache in an early screenshot. 
FileSurface tension scripted.jpg|Early screenshot featuring an Osprey, not present there in the final game.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN8.png|Retail ad featuring the skybox.
FileBlack Mesa valley goldsrc.jpg|View of the canyon from the cliff. 
FileBlack Mesa valley source.jpg|Ditto, in ''Half-Life Source''.
FilePs2 cliff.jpg|Ditto, in the PlayStation 2 port.
FileOpposing Force intro.jpg|Alien Crafts attacking the Ospreys above the canyons at the start of ''Opposing Force''. 
FileSky cliff.png|Skybox texture "cliff".

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Decay'' {{C|Ad only}}


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