Black Mesa Uplink

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|name=''Black Mesa Uplink''
|developer=http// Michael "Hezus" Jansen
|date=December 17, 2012
|genre=WikipediaFirst-person shooter|First-person shooter, WikipediaAction-adventure|action-adventure, WikipediaScience Fiction|science fiction
|platform=WikipediaMicrosoft Windows|Windows, WikipediaLinux|Linux
|input=WikipediaKeyboard (computing)|Keyboard and WikipediaMouse (computing)|mouse
'''''Black Mesa Uplink''''' is a third-party remake of the original ''Half-Life Uplink'', one of the demo versions of ''Half-Life''.

''Black Mesa Uplink'' requires the free Source SDK Base 2007 to work, as well as the free version of ''Black Mesa (video game)|Black Mesa'', and is available at no charge. Built using textures and models from the modification, as well as dialogues from the original demo, it tells the story of Gordon Freeman moving through areas populated with Xen fauna and stationing Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU soldiers, eventually arriving at a building containing a radio antenna, and sending a message to the WikipediaNuclear Regulatory Commission|United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


FileBMUplink1.jpg|The Lambda Reactor Complex.
FileBMUplink2.jpg|The crowbar room.
FileBMUplink3.jpg|The 9mm Pistol (Half-Life)|pistol room.
FileBMUplink4.jpg|The Complex's hangar.
FileBMUplink5.jpg|A Hazardous Environment Combat Unit camp.
FileBMUplink6.jpg|The entrance to the radio antenna building.
FileBMUplink8.jpg|The base of the radio antenna.
FileBMUplink7.jpg|The radio antenna.
FileBMUplink9.jpg|The freight elevator used by Gordon Freeman.

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