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The '''Black Mesa Science Team''' is the overwhelming majority of Black Mesa Research Facility|Black Mesa's population. With the Black Mesa Security Force, it is one of the most important bodies of the Black Mesa personnel.http// ''Half-Life'' Audio Script

Each scientist is granted a different security clearance specific to his or her duty, with an average clearance of Level 5. Like other employees, scientists have an assigned uniform, consisting of a blue shirt, white lab coat, red striped tie and white (or beige) slacks. In ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'', a cleansuit-wearing variation of the normal scientist appears in limited areas. Some scientists are trained in the use of the Submachine Gun (Half-Life)|Submachine Gun as part of Hazard Course training, but most have little or no combat skills or experience.

Although cowardly and clumsy at times, scientists can assist the player with certain tasks such as using retinal scanners to open doors, but they also tend to be physically weak, dying within a few shots, as well as having no combat capabilities. Scientists have some first aid skills and will administer a 25-point medicine boost to a wounded player with a health level under 50. Cleansuit scientists do not have this ability.

*'''Research and Development''' - The largest portion of the scientists are assigned to research and development positions, where they conduct experiments and create new technologies. The research conducted ranges in focus from particle physics to biological study to space travel. Most R&D scientists have a limited knowledge of first aid, and can heal some wounds.

*'''Research Associate''' - Research Associates work alongside R&D scientists, but with a lower status in the employment hierarchy. They are usually required to conduct the more mundane or less desirable portions of a given experiment. Dr. Gordon Freeman and Dr. Colette Green are notable research associates.

*'''Hazardous Environment Supervisor''' - Supervisors act in a similar role to research associates in that they assist in experiments, but they are primarily concerned with maintaining a safe work environment. Dr. Gina Cross works in this position.

*'''Instructor''' - Scientists will often take on additional work training employees and conducting simulations in the Sector A, as themselves or their hologram counterparts.

*'''Survey Team''' - Survey Teams were organized soon after the first teleportation labs were constructed in Black Mesa. Their assignment is the most dangerous, as they are tasked with entering the borderworld Xen to collect samples and conduct experiments. Because of the danger, Survey Team members are highly trained in the use of the HEV Suit and a variety of weapons. Many Survey Team scientists have died on Xen.

==Notable members==
FileFreeman bust.jpg|right|Gordon Freeman.|thumb|200px

*Gordon Freeman
*Richard Keller
*Gina Cross
*Colette Green
*Wallace Breen (Administrator)
*Isaac Kleiner
*Eli Vance
*Arne Magnusson
*CategoryBlack Mesa Science Team|Complete list

==Behind the scenes==
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Originally, the four original scientist types were simply named from 01 to 04 in the ''Half-Life'' textures files. When the ''Half-Life High Definition Pack'' was released, they were given actual names. "Scientist 01" was named "Walter", a nod to ''http// Walter's World'', a popular fan fiction set in the ''Half-Life'' universe created by Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen on ''Planet Half-Life''. It had been previously nodded to in ''Opposing Force'', when a scientist using the same model, Walter Bennet, was mentioned, before appearing at the end of ''Blue Shift''. "Scientist 02" was named "Einstein", for his likeliness to WikipediaAlbert Einstein|Albert Einstein. "Scientist 03" was named "Luther", probably a nod to WikipediaMartin Luther King|Martin Luther King. "Scientist 04" was named "Slick", referring to his slicked back hair.

===Female scientists===
FileRtb 058.jpg|right|thumb|200px|The Female Scientist.

*In the ''Half-Life'' introduction, Black Mesa is said to be an equal opportunity employer, while no women other than the Holographic Assistant are seen during the game. Marc Laidlaw stated they all stayed at home that day; they knew there was something going on. This may be a tongue-in-cheek comment, as the real reason is that while the ''Half-Life'' team wanted the game to feature a wider range of characters, such as female scientists that would be found scarcely along the journey, they simply didn't have the needed texture read memory. The texture files for the female scientist model can be found in the folder "f_science" in the ''Half-Life Source'' texture folder, but not in that of the original ''Half-Life''. 

*Gearbox fixed the "equal opportunity employer" issue in ''Decay'' by introducing the first female scientists as Gina Cross and Colette Green and a disabled scientist as Richard Keller (although Cross gave her likeness to the Holographic Assistant and is mentioned in a Black Mesa Announcement System message at the start of ''Half-Life'').

*In ''Half-Life 2'', Valve was able to finally introduce a female scientist the way they wanted to in ''Half-Life'' (in a chapter called ''Communications Center''), as Judith Mossman. The whole relationship with her in ''Half-Life 2'' is a scene they tried to do in ''Half-Life'' they had done a lot for this scene where there was a betrayal by a woman scientist; at that point in the story Freeman was being hunted and the player would think that the scientists were all friends, so this scientist would say she is going to get help and would tell Gordon to stay in the room he was in - and then she would call the guards. They were unable to do that properly in ''Half-Life'' - they didn't really have characters on that level, and ''Half-Life 2'' was a good opportunity to finally implement the traitor female scientist concept.http// PC Interview Marc Laidlaw - Valve Software's plot man and the guy who puts story in front of the crowbar on ComputerAndVideoGames.comhttp// Old ''Half-Life'' section on GameSpot

*''Half-Life 2'' also features another yet unidentified female scientist, seen in the FileFrame001a.png|photograph in Kleiner's Lab.

Through a security camera in the ''Blue Shift'' chapter ''Insecurity'' can be seen a scientist briefly dancing to himself, while another is watching, skeptical. The dancing animation was originally in the Gonome model, under the name "veryhappy" in the original model, and "sohappy" in the Steam version. In the original scientist model, it is named "sohappy", and "hambone" in the Steam version.

===''Half-Life'' Alpha===

FileAlpha c1a1 01.jpg
FileAlpha c1a2 02.jpg
FileAlpha c2a4b 04.jpg
FileAlpha c2a4b 05.jpg
FileAlpha c2a4c 03.jpg
FileC3a1 control room.jpg


File0047-experiment1.JPG|Scientist near a blue Panther Eye in The Portal Device
FileBullchicken white.jpg|White Bullsquid about to attack a scientist.
FileBullsquid guard.jpg|Early Bullsquid eating Black Mesa employees.
FileHECU scientist beatup.jpg|HECU soldiers beating up a scientist.
FileIchthyosaur early scientist.jpg|Ichthyosaur attacking a scientist in an early version of the CenCom Reservoir. There are no scientists there in the final version.
FilePanther eye-scientist.jpg|Panther Eye about to eat a scientist.
File0015-scientists crates.jpg|Scientists and crates.
FileIronic injury sign.jpg|Ironic sign and killed scientist in the same room.
FileBullchicken white scientist run.jpg
File0089-stealing food.jpg
FileBigmomma wallpaper.jpg
File0081-sci mirror.JPG
FileHLPF 13.png
File0003-sci lab early.jpg
FileWeird sci2.jpg|Scientist buying a soda.
FileWeird sci.jpg|Ditto, with a test model.
FileEarly sci laboratory.jpg


FileC1a0 lobby.jpg|Scientist and security guard in the Sector C|Anomalous Materials lobby.
FileC1a0 computer.jpg|Scientists in Sector C.
FileC1a0 office01.jpg|Scientist and the G-Man discussing behind a window.
FileC1a0b control.jpg|Scientists in the upper Anti-Mass Spectrometer Control Room.
FileScientist revive.jpg|Scientist performing CPR.
FileEli help.jpg|Eli Vance helping a wounded scientist up after the Resonance Cascade.
FileHL BMRF OfficeComplex.jpg|A Headcrab and a dead scientist in the Black Mesa Office Complex. 
FileC1a4i attack02.jpg|Tentacle taking away a scientist in Silo D.
FileShotgun scientist HL.jpg|The shotgun scientist and a security guard, FileKleiner shotgun.jpg|mirrored in ''Half-Life 2''.
FileSurvey member dead weapon box Xen.jpg|Dead Survey Team member in Gonarch's Lair.

====''Half-Life Uplink''====

FileUplink hldemo1 01.jpg
FileUplink scientists firing squad.jpg|HECU soldiers killing scientists. 

====''Half-Life Opposing Force''====

FileOf1a10004.jpg|Examining a Headcrab.
FileOf1a5b trooper.jpg|Shock Trooper grabbing a scientist and teleporting away.
FileWe Are Pulling Out4.jpg|A scientist fears for his life at the hands of the HECU.
FileOf4a3 holo.jpg|Holographic scientist.
FileCrush Depth2.jpg|Rescued scientist.
FileBlack Mesa clean suit.svg|Cleansuit Black Mesa logo.

====''Half-Life Blue Shift''====

FileLiving Quarters Outbound2.jpg|Scientist hindering Barney's ride to work.
FileBS scientists lab.jpg|Scientists in a laboratory along the Transit System.
FilePrax1.jpg|Security guard and scientist playing ''Half-Life Blue Shift storyline 1 Living Quarters Outbound|Prax Wars 2 Dante's Revenge'' in a laundromat along the Transit System.
FileLaundromat waiting.jpg|Scientist in civilian clothes reading ''The Mesa Times'' while waiting for his laundry in a laundromat along the Transit System.
FileInsecurity.jpg|Threatening a guard.
FileMaint computer.jpg|Scientist working on a malfunctioning computer. 
FileMesa times scientist.jpg|Reading ''The Mesa Times''.
FileSuv magnum2.jpg|Black Mesa SUV, with a dead scientist and security guard. 
FileDead HEV scientist on Xen.jpg|Dead Survey Team member on Xen. 
FileBa xen50001.jpg|Survey team equipment on Xen. 
FileBa xen50002.jpg|Ditto, with Xen crystal|crystal being studied.

====''Half-Life 2''====

FilePhoto group001a2.png|The Sector C Labs and Control Facilities|Anomalous Materials team posing in the Black Mesa Anomalous Materials lobby before the Black Mesa Incident, as seen in Kleiner's Lab.


FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN6.png|Black Mesa advertisement.
FileBa propaganda2.png|Ditto.
FilePropaganda 02.png|Ditto.

==List of appearances==
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