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The '''Black Mesa Announcement System''', also referred to as '''Vox''' ("Voice" in Latin) and '''Base Computer''' in the game files, is the CategoryPublic address systems|public address system used throughout the Black Mesa Research Facility, relaying audible messages and announcements across the facility with a male voice through unseen intercoms, most of the time starting with notification sounds. Often it is operated by actual people, depending on the needs of the personnel, and can act on its own as a basic A.I. Additionally, a similar but automatic announcement system is mounted on the Black Mesa Transit System trams.

==Behind the scenes==
While referred to several times as the "Black Mesa Announcement System", it was originally known as "Automatic Diagnostic and Announcement System", as heard in an unused sound file, "FileVox login.ogg|vox_login.wav". An older version of the system, with a more robotic voice, can be found in the unofficial desktop theme for ''Half-Life''. The sound files were provided by Valve.FileTheme authorized.ogg|Sound fileFileTheme unauthorized.ogg|Sound file

Many Black Mesa Announcement System/Quotes|announcements were cut from ''Half-Life'', only to be found in the file "sentences.txt" located in the game's sound folder. They include area-related announcements, such as Sector D's Sector D Center|Administration Center, the Alien Research Labs|Advanced Biological Research Lab or Sector F's Sector F Command and Communication Center|Central Command and Communication Center. Out of the 11 series of area-related announcements created for the game, only 4 are used. Cut announcements also include door-related messages, various warnings and danger notices or turret activity warnings.

The system's robotic voice was achieved through a WikipediaVocoder|vocoder, not an actual voice actor.Marc Laidlaw on ReferencesMarc_Laidlaw_emails#On the Black Mesa Announcement System's voice|the Black Mesa Announcement System's voice (December 26, 2015) Foreign language versions of ''Half-Life'' use fully recorded sentences instead of combined words. In French and German, the announcements appear to be spoken by an actual human being, while the Italian, Spanish, Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and Korean versions use a robotic voice similar to the English release. In French, the door-related messages are delivered by a female voice.

The Black Mesa Announcement System is the informal predecessor to the Breencast and Overwatch Voice introduced in ''Half-Life 2'' and the Aperture Science Announcement System introduced in ''Portal''.

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