Black Mesa Air Control

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|name=Black Mesa Air Control
|destroyed=200-, during the Black Mesa Incident
|location=Black Mesa Research Facility
|era=Black Mesa Incident
|affiliation=Black Mesa
The '''Black Mesa Air Control''' is a Black Mesa Research Facility location featured in ''Half-Life Decay''.


The Air Control building is adjacent to a large airstrip, and is used to monitor and direct activity in the airspace above Black Mesa. Special clearance codes have to be entered at this building before any rocket launch can take place in any other area.

==Behind the scenes==
As seen in an early screenshot, the players were to enter the blue hangar in front of which the HECU Marines are offloaded by an Osprey. There a dismantled Osprey was to be found. Eventually, Cut missions from Half-Life Decay 8 Hangar|this mission was cut.


FileOther1 cut.jpg|Dismantled Osprey in the blue hangar in an early ''Decay'' screenshot.
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==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Decay'' {{1st}}

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|after=Gamma Labs
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