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|image=FileBlack Mesa logo documents.svg|250px
|name=Black Mesa
|type=Research corporation 
|defacto=*WikipediaFederal government of the United States|Federal government of the United States
*Wallace Breen
|types=* Black Mesa personnel
* Black Mesa Security Force 
* Black Mesa Science Team
|capital=Black Mesa, New Mexico, USA (Black Mesa Research Facility)
|motto=''Working to make a better tomorrow for all mankind''''Half-Life Blue Shift'' instruction manual
|weapons=See CategoryBlack Mesa weapons|Black Mesa weapons
|equipment=See CategoryBlack Mesa technology|Black Mesa technology
|vehicles=*Black Mesa SUV|SUVs
*Black Mesa truck|Trucks
*Black Mesa Transit System|Trams
|era=Black Mesa Incident
|fragmented=after the Black Mesa Incident
{{Quote|Do you have a friend or relative who would make a valuable addition to the Black Mesa team? Immediate openings are available in the areas of Materials Handling and Low-Clearance Security. Please contact Black Mesa Personnel for further information. If you have an associate with a background in the areas of theoretical physics, biotechnology or other high tech disciplines, please contact our Civilian Recruitment Division. The Black Mesa Research Facility is an equal opportunity employer.|Black Mesa Transit System|Half-Life|FileC0a0 tr jobs.ogg}}

'''Black Mesa''' is an American research corporation whose headquarters are located in the Black Mesa Research Facility, in the WikipediaNew Mexico|New Mexico desert.''Half-Life'' instruction manual

Black Mesa is apparently helmed by the WikipediaFederal government of the United States|United States government, as the WikipediaGreat Seal of the United States|Great Seal can be seen on the ground of several lobbies of the Black Mesa Research Facility, and the WikipediaNuclear Regulatory Commission|United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as seen on several comlink status screens.

==Fields array==
Black Mesa undertakes research in various fields from standard scientific research to radiation, rocketry, theoretical physics, lasers, experimental propulsion, hydraulics, robotics, hydroelectricity, genetics, zoology, applied mathematics and a very wide spectrum of research into chemistry and all manner of physics research. The research is mostly conducted in the Black Mesa Research Facility and includes both pure research and applied science. 

In addition to this legitimate research, several secret projects are also carried out at Black Mesa, which are deliberately left vague. A large amount of classified research is carried out, including the development of high-tech weapons and defense systems, research into extra-dimensional travel, teleportation, and the study of Xen. During the tram ride into the Black Mesa Facility that opens ''Half-Life'', an announcement on the public address system states that the facility is seeking employees with backgrounds in theoretical physics, biotechnology, and various other high-tech scientific disciplines.The ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Half-Life storyline Mesa Inbound|Black Mesa Inbound'' It is also said that jobs in low-clearance security and materials handling are available. Black Mesa, as the same announcement states, is an equal opportunity employer.

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Black Mesa employs in its facility two main groups of civilian employees Black Mesa Science Team|science personnel and Black Mesa Security Force|security personnel, along with various other inhabitants including administrative personnel, service personnel and occasionally the employees' families. The base also keeps a small military presence.

{{Quote|Black Mesa can eat my bankrupt—|Cave Johnson, founder and CEO of Aperture Science|Portal 2|FileSeventies intro16.ogg}}

Little is known about Black Mesa's competitors. It is known that Aperture Science was competing with Black Mesa on various government contracts, including the development of teleportation|portal technology. In addition, according to potentially biased information from Aperture Science, Black Mesa received a much larger percentage of contracts than average. The effect that the Xen invasion had on Aperture Science or any of Black Mesa's unnamed competitors is unknown as of now.

==Behind the scenes==
FileRtb laidlaw note.jpg|199px|left|thumb|Marc Laidlaw's brainstorm note from ''Raising the Bar''.

*Series' writer Marc Laidlaw coined the name "Black Mesa Research Facility". He came up with other names during his brainstorming, including "Black Butte, Nuclear Missile Base" (located in Montana instead of New Mexico), "Sand Basin", "Diablo Mesa", "Mesa Diablo", "Diablo Plains", or "Fertile Plains". He states it is great fun for Valve to invent names for their creations, and then see them go out into the world and take on lives of their own. He also states he is very glad he decided to go with "Black Mesa Research Facility" rather than "Black Butte".''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

*As with Aperture Science, the Black Mesa logo is directly based on the company's name, appearing as a stylized WikipediaMesa|mesa mountain against the sky.

*In the ending song of ''Portal'', "Still Alive", GLaDOS mentions Black Mesa, asking Chell who she thinks will help her deal with situations ''Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.'' / ''Maybe Black Mesa...'' / ''THAT WAS A JOKE. HA HA. FAT CHANCE.''

*''Portal'' series' writers Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw sees the rivalry between Aperture Science and Black Mesa as "snobs versus slobs", Black Mesa being the snobs and Aperture Science "the slobs, the loveable goofballs".http// "How Valve Opened Up Portal 2" on

==Artwork gallery==

FileBlack Mesa logo documents.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on CategoryDocument images|documents.
FileBlack Mesa logo documents + text.svg|Ditto, with text. It uses the Arial font.
FileBlack Mesa logo original.svg|The original logo.
FileBlack Mesa container logo blue1.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on blue containers.
FileBlack Mesa container logo blue + text.svg|Ditto, with name.
FileBlack Mesa container logo red1.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on red containers.
FileBlack Mesa container logo red + text.svg|Ditto, with name.
FileBlack Mesa logo SUV.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on the Black Mesa SUV|SUVs, different from the common logo.
FileBlack Mesa clean suit.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on the scientists' cleansuits.
FileBlack Mesa orange flag.svg|Black Mesa flag as seen above the personnel entrance in ''Blue Shift'', featuring a less schematic mesa.
FileBlack Mesa logo Alyx sweater Beta.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on Alyx's sweater, leak version.
FileBlack Mesa logo Alyx sweater.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on Alyx's sweater, retail version.
FileLobby map full.png|The Black Mesa name and logo on a world map seen in the Anomalous Materials Laboratory lobby. 
FileC1a0 lobby.jpg|Ditto, in situ.
FileLobby map Ep2.png|The Black Mesa name and logo on a world map seen in a Black Mesa lobby during G-Man's ''Episode Two'''s monologue at Black Mesa. The only difference with the one seen in documents is that it uses the Helvetica font instead of Arial.
FileBM logo Ep2.svg|Vector version.
FileEp2 outland 020014.JPG|G-Man's ''Episode Two'''s monologue at Black Mesa, with the logo and world map behind him.
FileStill Alive black mesa.png|The Black Mesa logo featured in the ''Portal'' end credits, appearing when mentioned in the "Still Alive" lyrics.
FileBlack Mesa logo G-Man briefcase.svg|The Black Mesa logo on G-Man's briefcase in the GoldSrc models.
FileBlack Mesa logo truck.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on the ''Decay'' truck.
FileBMRF transport.svg|The Black Mesa Research Facility Transport Division logo as seen on the ''Decay'' truck.
FileBlack Mesa logo barney.svg|The Black Mesa logo as seen on the security guard's chest.
FileBlack Mesa badge header.svg|Black Mesa header seen on personnel badges.
FileSecurity.svg|"Security" logo as seen on the security guard's back. 
FileSecurity hd.svg|Ditto, HD version. 
FileGlados screens blackmesa001.png|The Black Mesa logo as seen on GLaDOS' screens at the end of ''Portal''.
FileBMTattoo.png|Black Mesa tattoo as seen during the "http// Portal is Free" video.
FileC2a4e logo.png|Logo seen on the ground of the Alien Research Labs lobby, featuring the Latin words "Superbus Via Inscientiæ", and a DNA double helix in the middle. The best translation would be "Proud by way of ignorance", although the phrasing is not common. 


FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN6.png|Black Mesa Science Team advertisement.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN4.png|Black Mesa Security Force advertisement.
FileBa propaganda2.png|Black Mesa Science Team advertisement.
FileBa propaganda1.png|Shooting Range advertisement.
FilePropaganda 02.png|Cleansuit advertisement.
FilePropaganda 01.png|Safety advertisement.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN1.png|Apache advertisement.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN2.png|Hydro-electric dam advertisement.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN5.png|Black Mesa Transit System advertisement.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN7.png|Safety advertisement.
FileBa propaganda3.png|Advertisement about the future.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN8.png|Advertisement of the surroundings of the facility.


FileBlue Marble calendar 2.png|Calendar set on December, with the "FileThe Blue Marble.jpg|Blue Marble" photo (http// original image).
FilePOSTER17.png|Ditto (unused texture) (http// original image).
FileAperture Slide 1.png|Title card of the slideshow where Aperture Science compares itself with Black Mesa, as seen in ''Portal''.
FileAperture Slide 2.png|Second card of the slideshow.
FileAperture Slide 3.png|Third card of the slideshow.
FileAperture Slide 4.png|Fourth and last card of the slideshow.
FileDollars and sense.jpg|The slideshow in situ.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Uplink''
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''
*''Half-Life Decay''
*''Half-Life 2'' {{Mo}} {{Flash}} {{Po}}
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One'' {{Mo}}
*''Portal'' {{Po}} {{C|Mentioned in ''Still Alive''}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' {{Mo}} {{Flash}}
*''Portal 2'' {{Mo}}


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