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'''Betty''', also known as the '''Gyroscopic Liability Absolver and Disc Operating System''',http// Creating a Sequel to a Game That Doesn't Need One (GDC 2012) on GDC Vault was a Aperture Science Personality Construct|Personality Core cut from ''Portal 2''. It was to assist the game's protagonist, Mel, in brief appearances prior to each test.

== Overview ==
During the Directed Design Experiments experiment F-STOP|''F-STOP''-stage of ''Portal 2''`s development, when the game featured Mel as the player character and Cave Johnson as the main antagonist, Betty was slated to be Cave Johnson's assistant during the experiment. Her placeholder model consisted of the Aperture Science Personality Construct Core|Morality Core attached to a lamp prop from ''Half-Life 2'' on wheels. Once Cave Johnson explained a test to Mel, Betty's role would be to pop into the room and deliver a short speech of legalese that absolved Aperture Science of any responsibility for the injuries that may occur in the test chambers. Chet Faliszek|Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw|Wolpaw mentioned that the dual dialogue of Cave saying one thing and Betty saying another was inspired by how commercials for medicine often featured imagery of puppies while a stern voice warned about side effects such as "rectal bleeding." Betty's technical name, GLAaDOS, was to be the only cameo reference to GLaDOS in the sequel.

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