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The following is a list of '''Barney Calhoun/Quotes|quotes from Barney Calhoun''', from ''Half-Life 2 Episode One''.
'''Location''' sound/vo/episode_1/c17 {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |ba_anothergroup |Okay, another group of citizens coming through. Keep an eye on them. |Fileba anothergroup.ogg |- |ba_areyoucrazy |Are you crazy? Er, well, don't answer that. |Fileba areyoucrazy.ogg |- |ba_areyousure |Hey now, are you sure? |Fileba areyousure.ogg |- |ba_asskicking |Fantastic ass-kicking, Doc! |Fileba asskicking.ogg |- |ba_beforeyougo01, ba_beforeyougo02 and ba_trynottolose |Hey, Gordon, before you go. I was getting tired of carrying this around. Listen, I don't have many more of these so...try not to lose this one, okay? |FileBa beforeyougo 01 to 02 and trynottolose.ogg |- |ba_bestthing01 |The best thing you can do is run defense. |Fileba bestthing01.ogg |- |ba_bestthing02 |Ammo's in short supply; a lot of the citizens are unarmed at this point. |Fileba bestthing02.ogg |- |ba_bestthing03 |Now, come here. Look over here. |Fileba bestthing03.ogg |- |ba_catchup |Good. Now, to catch up on those beating quotas. |Fileba catchup.ogg |- |ba_comeon01 |Come on! |Fileba comeon01.ogg |- |ba_deceiving01 |Yeah, well looks can be deceiving. |Fileba deceiving01.ogg |- |ba_deceiving02 |I'm sending folks out in groups. |Fileba deceiving02.ogg |- |ba_deceiving03 |Like I said before, if you can keep them safe and provide cover, we might actually stand a chance of reaching the escape trains. |Fileba deceiving03.ogg |- |ba_defendcitizens01 |Take care of the citizens, Gordon! |Fileba defendcitizens01.ogg |- |ba_defendcitizens02 |They're counting on you! |Fileba defendcitizens02.ogg |- |ba_defendcitizens03 |Gordon, defend the citizens! |Fileba defendcitizens03.ogg |- |ba_defendcitizens04 |These are our people! |Fileba defendcitizens04.ogg |- |ba_defendcitizens05 |Keep them safe! |Fileba defendcitizens05.ogg |- |ba_defendcitizens06 |Defend the citizens... |Fileba defendcitizens06.ogg |- |ba_defendcitizens07 |Get them to the trains! |Fileba defendcitizens07.ogg |- |ba_doingok |I'm doing okay, just going crazy trying to— |Fileba doingok.ogg |- |ba_dontletmedown |Don't let me down, Gordon. |Fileba dontletmedown.ogg |- |ba_donttakelong |Okay then...don't take too long about it, yeah? |Fileba donttakelong.ogg |- |ba_finefettle |Dr. K's in fine fettle, isn't he? |Fileba finefettle.ogg |- |ba_followed01 and
ba_followed02 |Oh hell, Gordon! Were you followed again? |Fileba followed01 02.ogg |- |ba_followfreeman |You, citizens! Follow Dr. Freeman! |Fileba followfreeman.ogg |- |ba_gettingaboard01 |They're getting aboard! Good work! |Fileba gettingaboard01.ogg |- |ba_gettingaboard02 |They're on! |Fileba gettingaboard02.ogg |- |ba_gettingaboard03 |That's it! |Fileba gettingaboard03.ogg |- |ba_gettingaboard04 |All aboard! |Fileba gettingaboard04.ogg |- |ba_goacross |Go on across, Gordon. She's waiting for you. You lucky dog you. |FileBa goacross sheswaiting luckydog.ogg |- |ba_goodjob |Good job, Gordon! |Fileba goodjob.ogg |- |ba_gordoniknow |Now that's the Gordon Freeman I know! |Fileba gordoniknow.ogg |- |ba_greeting01 to ba_greeting04 |Gordon? Alyx! I don't believe it! How the hell did you get out of the Citadel? |Fileba greeting 01 to 04.ogg |- |ba_groupready01 |Okay, run this group of citizens over to the train. |Fileba groupready01.ogg |- |ba_groupready02 |The next group is ready for you! |Fileba groupready02.ogg |- |ba_groupready03 |Take them to the train! |Fileba groupready03.ogg |- |ba_groupready04 |Take these folks to the train and keep 'em safe! |Fileba groupready04.ogg |- |ba_guardpoint |I'm gonna go ahead and guard this point and keep people moving toward the trains. |Fileba guardpoint.ogg |- |ba_gunshipkill |That's one less gunship in the world! |Fileba gunshipkill.ogg |- |ba_head4trains |Head for the trains, people! I'm putting you in the care of my old friend Gordon Freeman! |Fileba head4trains.ogg |- |ba_headfornext |Let's head for the next train! You guys go ahead, I'll bring the next batch of citizens around! |Fileba headfornext.ogg |- |ba_hellyeah |Hell yeah! |Fileba hellyeah.ogg |- |ba_herewego |Here we go. |Fileba herewego.ogg |- |ba_hightailstrider |Okay, where the hell did that strider come from? I thought they'd all hightailed it out of town by now. |Fileba hightailstrider.ogg |- |ba_hurrytrain |Hurry up, this train is leaving! |Fileba hurrytrain.ogg |- |ba_ifyousayso |Really? Well, if you say so. |Fileba ifyousayso.ogg |- |ba_justaboutfull |Train's just about full. |Fileba justaboutfull.ogg |- |ba_kiddingstrider |Oh, you're kidding me. A Strider? In here? |Fileba kiddingstrider.ogg |- |ba_killapc01 |Someone's gotta get rid of that APC. |Fileba killapc01.ogg |- |ba_killapc02 |Take out the APC. |Fileba killapc02.ogg |- |ba_killapc03 |Get rid of the APCs! |Fileba killapc03.ogg |- |ba_killgunship01 |We've gotta deal with that gunship before anyone else tries to get through. |Fileba killgunship01.ogg |- |ba_killgunship02 |Take down the gunship. |Fileba killgunship02.ogg |- |ba_killgunship03 |Take out that gunship, Doc! |Fileba killgunship03.ogg |- |ba_killgunship04 |Go for the gunship, Doc! |Fileba killgunship04.ogg |- |ba_killrpgsoldier01 |We've gotta take care of that guy with the rocket launcher first. |Fileba killrpgsoldier01.ogg |- |ba_killrpgsoldier02 |Get after that soldier with the rocket launcher! |Fileba killrpgsoldier02.ogg |- |ba_killrpgsoldier03 |We can't get through here 'til that soldier's out of the way. |Fileba killrpgsoldier03.ogg |- |ba_kneecapping |Good job kneecapping that strider! |Fileba kneecapping.ogg |- |ba_knowevac |You guys know about the evacuation trains, right? |Fileba knowevac.ogg |- |ba_laterseeyou |All right, you two! I'll see you out there! |Fileba laterseeyou.ogg |- |ba_makeapush01 and ba_makeapush02 |Yeah, well, we've been planning to make a push on the trainstation. Now it looks like we're gonna have to cut a path through every chickenshit metrocop who's having second thoughts about defending City 17. |FileBa makeapush01 02.ogg |- |ba_moveemout |Move 'em out! |Fileba moveemout.ogg |- |ba_nextyard |Okay, let's head for the next yard! |Fileba nextyard.ogg |- |ba_nicework |Nice work. |Fileba nicework.ogg |- |ba_notrophy |Oh well...I don't have a trophy room anyway. |Fileba notrophy.ogg |- |ba_ohmanapc |Oh man...APCs! |Fileba ohmanapc.ogg |- |ba_ohyeah01 |Oh yeah! |Fileba ohyeah01.ogg |- |ba_pressure |Well that puts the pressure on. We gotta get moving. |Fileba pressure.ogg |- |ba_runfortrains |Run for the trains! Dr. Freeman's gonna make sure you don't come to any harm! |Fileba runfortrains.ogg |- |ba_safepath01 to ba_safepath04 |Okay. Across this bridge, over the rooftops, is a safe path to the station. You two head that way. I'll hit the streets and round up everyone who's been waiting. We'll meet you there. |FileBa safepath01 to 04.ogg |- |ba_seeya |See ya when I see ya! |Fileba seeya.ogg |- |ba_seeyouatstation |See you at the station! |Fileba seeyouatstation.ogg |- |ba_seeyououtthere |Okay then. Take care of yourselves. I'll see you out there. |Fileba seeyououtthere.ogg |- |ba_soldierrpg |Oh hell, it looks like that soldier found himself a rocket launcher. |Fileba soldierrpg.ogg |- |ba_sorryguys |Sorry, guys! Take care! |Fileba sorryguys.ogg |- |ba_stayandpoint |I'll stay here and point people toward the train. |Fileba stayandpoint.ogg |- |ba_striderknees |Hey, see if you can bring that strider to its knees, buddy. |Fileba striderknees.ogg |- |ba_takedownstrider |Take down the strider. |Fileba takedownstrider.ogg |- |ba_takeitdown |Well, take it down, Gordon. |Fileba takeitdown.ogg |- |ba_takeoutapc |Okay, we've gotta take out that armored personnel carrier or no one will be able to get through. |Fileba takeoutapc.ogg |- |ba_tellemdoc |You tell 'em, Doc! |Fileba tellemdoc.ogg |- |ba_thereyouare01 |There you are! |Fileba thereyouare01.ogg |- |ba_thereyouare02 |I wondered if you were gonna make it in time. |Fileba thereyouare02.ogg |- |ba_tothetrains |To the trains, people! We'll make sure you get there safe and sound! |Fileba tothetrains.ogg |- |ba_trainaboutfull |The train's about full. Let's finish up here and start getting people onto another one! |Fileba trainaboutfull.ogg |- |ba_woo |Woo hoo! |Fileba woo.ogg |- |ba_wrinkleship |A gunship! Well this is one hell of a wrinkle. |Fileba wrinkleship.ogg |- |ba_yeah01 |He, he, yeah! |Fileba yeah01.ogg |- |ba_yougothim |You got him! |Fileba yougothim.ogg |- |ba_youguyscoming |You guys coming? |Fileba youguyscoming.ogg |- |} {{Quotes}} CategoryQuotes by character {{DEFAULTSORTCalhoun}}