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'''''Azure Sheep''''' is a single-player mods|modification for ''Half-Life'', developed by Davide Cintrao and several contributors. It was released on August 25, 2001''Azure Sheep'' after being in development for more than a year. It is set in the Half-Life universe|''Half-Life'' universe, taking place alongside the events of the main game.

In ''Azure Sheep'', the player takes the role of one of the generic security guards dubbed "Just Barney". When the Black Mesa incident strikes, Barney realizes that his colleague and love interest Kate, codenamed "Azure Sheep", is in danger, and he must venture into the facility to rescue her. Eventually, the two join up and work together to escape the danger. Kate, voiced by Guzel Allaire, can help the player battle enemies and open doors. She is stronger than regular security guards and can perform melee attacks. She can be healed using a special Medkit|medical kit item.

The mod features new weapons, allies, and enemies. The most notable new enemies are the special forces who work for the G-Man. At first, the player has no armor protection and is much more vulnerable to damage, but eventually a blue HEV Suit used by the security guards is acquired.

==Behind the scenes==
''Azure Sheep'' features many familiar locations from both ''Half-Life'' and ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. The player also meets and interacts with Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard briefly on several occasions. In the "Going for a walk" mode, the player can explore the facility before the incident, meet Kate, and thwart a group of terrorists who attack the facility, or go through the Hazard Course for training. Like many fan creations, the mod implements cut materials from ''Half-Life'', ranging from models to animations. Some sections of the game appear to be inspired by Cintrao's previous work. While the entire game is seen from the player's perspective, there are number of cutscenes to show the key parts of the storyline.

The FileAzure06.jpg|lab with a floating Alien Craft under examination is based on the design of the WikipediaArea 51|Area 51 hangar from the movie ''WikipediaIndependence Day (1996 film)|Independence Day'', where an extraterrestrial vehicle recovered from the WikipediaRoswell UFO incident|Roswell incident of 1947 is housed. There is also a FileAzure04.jpg|large room with metal detectors and destructible columns that resembles the lobby scene from the movie ''WikipediaThe Matrix|The Matrix''.{{IA|20020211033450/http//|Interview with Davide Cintrao and Andrea Butti|Portugual Arena (December 9, 2001)}}

According to Cintrao, Andrea Butti, one of the other developers, wanted to the player to briefly transform into a Vortigaunt and then return to his original form again during the course of the story. Cintrao didn't like the idea as the project was already becoming complicated enough. This led to creation of ''Point of View'',{{IA|20030619043017/http//{{=}}99837300|Interview with Davide Cintrao|OzCounterStrike (May 13, 2003)}} a semi-sequel developed by the same team that features many familiar characters and locations from ''Azure Sheep''. On January 4, 2005, Cintrao announced that he was working on ''Azure Stand'', a planned sequel to ''Azure Sheep'' and ''Point of View'' for ''Half-Life 2''. The player was to be able to play as Barney, Kate, and Xonxt during the Seven Hour War.


FileAzure barney.png|Just Barney.
FileAzure kate.png|Kate.
FileAzure gordon.png|Gordon Freeman.
FileAzure adrian.png|Adrian Shephard.
FileAzure01.jpg|Barney's workplace.
FileAzure05.jpg|Barney healing Kate.

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